Productive sleeping Productive sleeping

Ahoy! Did you just think, you could be productive while you are dozing off, mouth wide open, with the one – whom you’re most committed to, ‘Your Bed’?
Well, then the answer is YES.
No, not that fairy tale of keeping your books under your pillow, so you wake up wise & learned. But through some simple tact’s, Let’s check some practices out:

1. Think Creative


Did you always think, why your brain just wanted you to do some random research on those polar penguins? That overactive brain of yours did not let you sleep and drove you from one webpage to another, constantly for hours in mindless directions. You are free from day’s workload (usually); which kind off clears off the activities left for the brain to do.
Rather take up something interesting & personally intriguing, the puzzle that you left last night, the problem you couldn’t solve or that joke that your friend made you didn’t understand. You’re more likely to get it through, if you sleep with it.

2. Set Back Your Circadian Clock


Your body also has its own clock called the Circadian system. It sets the time you wake up and sleep every day. Modern day life has made, either excessive or deprived sleep cases more common among youth. This disturbs the natural body clock and hence you have erratic times of sleeping & waking up. Check out on your sleep debt, catch up soon and gradually practice correct time mechanism. You would not like being an owl one day, and sleeping at your workplace the other, would you?

3. No Need to Wait!


If you are usually the impatient one, in every task you do. Sleep. It’s the best way to let yourself calm your senses; and when you wake up it’s done. It could be resting that dough or slow cooking the food, that you cannot await or that call you want to make to somebody at a specified time. Bake yourself your favourite food, while you take a nap, and aha, you wake up to the output moment.

4. Turn Yourself into a Reminder App

Reminder got

Train your body by reminding the time you wish to wake up or that important fact you wish to remember, by saying it aloud to yourself several times, before you sleep. If you are serious about that appointment or the fact, chances are quite high, that this trick will work.
Again the Circadian clock plays a role here.

5. Dream, Infact Lucid Dream


Emphasize on what you wish to dream about. While trying to sleep, concentrate and try to remember that you’re dreaming. Keep repeating till you affirm yourself that you are awake & dreaming. And, well there’s no better entertainment than watching yourself live a dream (like a movie)
Popcorn & Cola, anyone?

Chandler sleeping

Or, guess what? Forget this aside. Just Sleep. Nothing is more productive than a refreshed and an energetic body after a full night’s rest. Leave that productivity for the day!

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