Savage instagram captions for your posts Savage instagram captions for your posts

Have you ever felt so impressed by the savage posts from your favorite celebrities and also think of having to post something similar?

Well, if you want your next posts or selfies to be flashier, then these are the savage Instagram captions you need. These are some of the best captions you can add to appear more confident and savage, as you want to. 

If this is for your badass selfie, a quote, a group picture with your friends, or anything, when you want your posts to look badass, try these savage captions to make it a perfect post in the end.

Savage Instagram Captions For Girls

Savage instagram captions for girls

Let’s first begin this post with the savage captions for girls only. If you want to give some secret message to your haters, these are the captions to add to your posts.

  1. You could change the world or keep scrolling forever. 
  2. If you’re being jealous, I don’t complain. 
  3. Before you judge me or anyone else, you need to judge yourself, too.
  4. I never lose my cool. But, when I do, I am a whole different person. 
  5. Just sit there and enjoy the show. 
  6. It’s not for everyone, but my haters only!
  7. I already know that I’m not perfect. You don’t have to prove anything. 
  8. Nothing to prove to others. I’m whatever I am. 
  9. I don’t want to impress you, you are going to love me anyway!
  10. You can rest only when I’m asleep. 
  11. I’m not hating you; I’m just telling you facts. 
  12. People often call me sarcastic, but I’m being honest.
  13. If you can’t hear the truth, we can never be best friends. 
  14. I’m enough to compete with myself, I don’t need anyone.
  15. Just because I post quotes does mean I’m sad, it’s a message for someone.

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Savage Instagram Captions For Boys

Savage instagram captions for boys

If you think to have a savage caption for your post and are not sure what you can write, this is the list for you. Such captions are perfect and match your attitude posts and status on Instagram.

  1. I never stay confused; I rather make others along. 
  2. When life gives you time do something to make yourself than break someone. 
  3. Meet my biggest competitor, I want to be better than him.
  4. I accept when I fail and when I’m wrong. I know I can correct them. 
  5. Do you know who are you, then how do you know me better?
  6. Having haters in life itself prove you’re doing something at least. 
  7. If you love me, I love you more. If you hate me, I hate you the most. 
  8. Not have time to listen to your nonsense about me, but talk about you. 
  9. Stop being attached to anything or anyone, they’re all temporary. 
  10. If you hate me for no reason, I’ll give you the hard one. 
  11. Here to prove nothing, but to give everything I got. 
  12. When you know what you are, you begin to love your life more. 
  13. It’s not selfish, someone has to take care of me, at least. 
  14. When someone tries to break you, be the tough one they ever get. 
  15. Bro, I don’t want to make you jealous, you do it.
  16. I’m who I know I am. Also, I don’t care what you think I am. 
  17. Stop copying my style, you can’t be me. We’re just different.

Savage Instagram Captions For Selfies

Savage instagram captions for selfies

Don’t want to make your selfie just a random one? Well, with savage captions like these you can impress your followers with your badass attitude. Try something new this time.

  1. This is the person who never gives up on me. 
  2. Some people hate, and some will love. But who cares I love everyone. 
  3. I love my haters and my few friends only when they’re silent.
  4. God might have given me the innocent face, but I’m not that cute. 
  5. The more negative you talk about me, the more I feel empowered. 
  6. You don’t want to mess with a person like me. I’m so unpredictable. 
  7. I have what you never have, what you have I never want to have ever. 
  8. You might be using a more costly phone than me, but my car is still better. 
  9. I’m not careless, I just haven’t found that you say something to care. 
  10. If you think I being savage, you haven’t gotten enough for me yet. 
  11. Never talk back to someone when you don’t know their struggle behind. 
  12. I never argue back with my haters, I just post a selfie for them.
  13. Having haters is fine to me. It inspired me as I had someone to prove wrong.
  14. If you deal with fake people and you become the one, too. 
  15. Stop complaining about me, better look at yourself and do something.

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Savage Instagram Captions For Pictures With Friends

Savage instagram captions for pictures with friends

With friends, you might already have so many badass moments in life. And if you want to post those pictures on Instagram, don’t forget to try savage captions like these. 

  1. No matter how hard I might be, my bestie never feels offended. 
  2. Raising height is hard so I have short friends like these instead.
  3. With friends like these, do you think I have to think about haters?
  4. My friends are my greatest motivation, and they don’t know it. 
  5. Of course, I love my friends, but there’s no ‘we’ in the pizza sharing. 
  6. Best friends who never ask for anything, they just snatch. 
  7. My parents say my friends are good, I know how good they are. 
  8. Relationships may come and go, but nothing is perfect as friendship. 
  9. I can’t imagine what I will do when these guys will be no more here.
  10. We might have an attitude issue. But why you’re having an issue with that.
  11. So thankful to my friends to bring my confidence and attitude back. 
  12. I never have to deal with haters anymore. My friends do that thing.
  13. When you hate me, that means you hate my friends, too. 
  14. Having someone who knows your attitude and savage self is a blessing. 
  15. Want to know how am I so savage? Because I stay with these people. 

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So, what’s your opinion about these savage Instagram captions? If you are searching for the perfect captions to show off your badass nature and self-confidence, these are the best ones for you. 

Feel free to use these captions in your posts and selfies. Surprise your followers, and friends with this new look and a bit of attitude of yours!

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