Best captions for wedding photos & reels [instagram worthy] Best captions for wedding photos & reels [instagram worthy]

A Wedding is a day to remember, the most beautiful day in a person’s life. Whether it’s the wedding of a loved one or it’s yours, moments spent and memories made are surely memorable and worth sharing with loved ones. Well, no doubt the pictures are worth a thousand words but a small caption can surely add a lot about the moment. 

Sharing those snapshots is surely a go-to thing just the way you were waiting for those pictures your loved ones were waiting too. I know you are already nostalgic about seeing these pictures and couldn’t think of those captions to add, Trending Us believes in making your life easy and we have a lot of ideas for you.

If you are looking to share wedding pictures on your social media here are some best and must-add captions for your photographs:

Best Instagram Captions for Wedding Pictures

Best instagram captions for wedding pictures

You have got the best partner and they deserve the best of everything even when it comes to captions. For those who are posting beautiful pictures of their special day here are some best captions for your wedding pictures.

  1. A love story of two pure souls. 
  2. A single step down the aisle towards the journey of a thousand miles. 
  3. Starting celebrations of love, laughter, and a lifetime together. 
  4. Our Lovestory is my favorite one… 
  5. Hand in hand and a lifetime to spend.
  6. A moment we locked for a lifetime. 
  7. A journey of two families becoming one. 
  8. From will you be mine so we are together forever. 
  9. A moment we created right in the middle of an ordinary life, our special.
  10. Our love gave us a fairy tale.
  11. Cheers to the beginning and lifetime adventure together. 
  12. Together is a wonderful place and we just boarded safely. 
  13. Love and lovely partner, now and forever. 
  14. Thanks for making me your lifetime. 
  15. Where there is love, there is a wedding kiss. 

Along with captions, you need this list of Special comments to leave on couple’s posts.

Funny Captions for Wedding Pictures

Funny captions for wedding pictures

Marrying your partner is surely a beautiful and romantic thing but there is always room for sarcasm, laughter, and humor. If you have found your best friend in your life partner then these captions are surely for you. Scroll below for funny captions for wedding pictures.

  1. Alexa plays It’s a love story. 
  2. This moment is our happily ever after. 
  3. One promise made by two pure souls. 
  4. We are stepping into part two of our own rom-com. 
  5. Choosing lifetime morning hug over morning text. 
  6. A moment we nurtured and planned for so long.
  7. Just got my license to piss you off and you can’t run away.
  8. This is how I got my best memory.
  9. I was looking for a husband but got a best friend complimentary.
  10. Keeping my biggest enemy close to my heart.
  11. Let’s build our home together.
  12. Thank you for becoming my permanent address.
  13. You made me the luckiest person.
  14. And now I can officially annoy you for a lifetime.
  15. I was just looking for a ring and got him complimentary.

Special Facebook Captions for Your Wedding Pictures

Special facebook captions for your wedding pictures

A Wedding is a very special moment for everyone, especially for the couple. Everything related to them becomes special for sure and we know they deserve beautiful things and little things even if it’s about captions. Scroll below for special wedding captions for wedding pictures.

  1. Freezing these forever.
  2. This is what being with the best looks like.
  3. Strongest knot and we aren’t opening for a lifetime.
  4. So this is how I married your mother….
  5. Okay, I promise to share my pizza with you for a lifetime.
  6. Found the cover picture of our love story.
  7. Found the person who can tolerate me so booked him for a lifetime.
  8. Found the last and the most special piece of my puzzle.
  9. You simply complete me.
  10. Together we are the moon and star.
  11. Hey guys newlywed in the house.
  12. Found the safest arms in the world.
  13. I Simply wanna make more such moments with you all my life.
  14. Sharing the post with ‘this could be us” finally celebrating this is us.
  15. Thanks for becoming my morning view for a lifetime.

With such beautiful compliments for wife, you’re sure to make her day.

Sweet Captions for Wedding Videos on Instagram

Sweet captions for wedding videos on instagram

Wedding videos always hold a special place in our memory lane. remember receiving a family member’s wedding video and watching it on the living room couch with everyone? Well, we might have fewer people in our living room but there are a bunch of your loved ones out there waiting for your wedding teaser and videos. 

Are you uploading your video series today on Instagram?

Here are some great captions to add to your wedding video on Instagram:

  1. What a fairy tale should look like…..
  2. Yeah, that’s how we got together for our forever.
  3. And I said yes…..
  4. Yeah, that’s me living smiling and having the best day of my life.
  5. That’s how we celebrated our love.
  6. Raising a toast with the man I love the most.
  7. Our movie has no cut and it will go on and on.
  8. Cherishing memory in every frame.
  9. It’s love blooming with every frame.
  10. It’s not just our wedding video but the start of our rom-com part two.
  11. The wait is over guys, here we are with our favorite movie teaser.
  12. This is a small glimpse of how we took a first step toward our followers.
  13. Every frame has an expression and behind every expression, there is a story.
  14. This video says it all, every single prayer came alive.
  15. I couldn’t ask for anything else, the moon and the sun witnessed our first kiss.

Short Captions for Wedding Reels on the Instagram

Short captions for wedding reels on the instagram

Instagram conversation is simply incomplete without mentioning reels and so do your wedding memories without sharing a wedding reel filled with all happy and pretty moments. Whether it’s a short reel or a long one they are simply addictive and when it comes to sharing something as special as your wedding reel your loved ones will go ga ga watching them. 

  1. Dancing my heart out with the one who has my heart.
  2. Love laughter with my better half forever and after.
  3. Two hearts and a life to spend together.
  4. Keeping it trendy since we are the new trendsetter of love stories.
  5. Watch our rom-com, every frame with love and laughter.
  6. More best moments are on their way.
  7. From Let’s Marry to “We Are Finally Together” this reel has it all.
  8. Living what we prayed in every frame.
  9. Sharing our best moments with the best people in our lives.
  10. And now I believe in manifestation.
  11. From liking each other’s reels to sharing our wedding reel, we had a story.
  12. Swooning over this adorable reel and couldn’t stop myself from sharing.
  13. We stole some moments from our wedding to make this sassy reel.
  14. Thankfully I said yes to him, under the lamp post back on 6th Street.
  15. Love is in the air and so is our wedding reel!

To make him feel loved and respected, here are cute compliments for your husband.

Instagram Captions for Wedding Pictures for Photographer

Instagram captions for wedding pictures for photographer

Being a photographer means capturing love, stealing moments, and freezing them lifelong. They have a special eye that just knows to capture that micro-second moment that can make people fall in love with each other all over again. In the age of social media, one must complete showcasing their work on Instagram, while posting wedding pictures on Instagram, a wedding caption is a must for a wedding photographer. Leave that hassle on trending us, we have covered a lot of amazing wedding picture captions for you. Simply scroll down and choose the one you love.

  1. What a surreal wedding looks like.
  2. I unfold love stories through my lens.
  3. A perfect decor for one of the amazing couples we captured.
  4. If the groom can flatter and the bride knows how to slay.
  5. I unfold love stories through my lens.
  6. Freezing memories that last for a lifetime.
  7. I always believed in details and this picture is my belief.
  8. The perfect picture is always a combination of sunset and true love.
  9. Capturing fun moments while paying homage to traditions.
  10. The click has a lot of traditions yet the decor speaks of modern-day royalty.
  11. Old-school love is captured in a modern-day diary.
  12. A wedding that has everything, love, crackers, flowers, tradition, modern pinch, and whatnot?
  13. With every click, we turn moments into memories.
  14. The essence of true love and friendship is bound by a ring.
  15. It’s a love story and I said with a smile, please.

Wedding Picture Captions for Sibling

Wedding picture captions for sibling

Being a sibling of a wedding couple whether it’s a bride or a groom isn’t an easy task. Managing everything by slaying everywhere is surely a sibling’s duty at a wedding. After all the hustle you did, photographs are one of the sweetest moments, finding yourself and selecting the best pictures to post. Here are some best captions for brother and sister wedding pictures on Instagram:

  1. Miss to Mrs guys meet my pretty sis.
  2. This is how I celebrated getting the whole room and all the space in the cupboard.
  3. These are just happy tears.
  4. That’s how we welcomed our new member.
  5. Since I wasn’t enough for my sister she found another to annoy her for a lifetime.
  6. Sorry, I couldn’t keep it calm since it was my brother/sister’s wedding.
  7. I took the bride’s mate duties quite seriously.
  8. And that is how I found my new partner in crime who can annoy my sibling with me.
  9. I am the happiest person today, my brother/sister starting a new chapter.
  10. Welcome to the land of crazy people, we fight, we love, and live together.
  11. Wishing love, laughter, and a lot of luck for the new chapter. 
  12. So my brother officially kicked me out of the room and the family was celebrating.
  13. That’s how we roll at weddings.
  14. Popping the champagne, my brother’s getting married.
  15. Big B is married now.

And, if someone from your group just enaged, these comments for engagement photos will cherish the moment.

Captions For Wedding Teaser and Highlights

Captions for wedding teaser and highlights

It’s wedding time guys and it’s time to add some memories in the highlight section. Well in the era of being trendy, one can’t miss posting wedding teasers on our Instagram. Here are some must-try captions for wedding teasers and Instagram stories:

  1. My forever begins with you.
  2. Reliving every small bit of our special day with this teaser.
  3. Sharing a glimpse of our day with this teaser.
  4. Our special moments with our special peeps. 
  5. Just our way to enter in “let’s grow together “ stage.
  6. —- day left to begin ours forever.
  7. All set for Miss Mrs.
  8. Together for our forever.
  9. And we found our perfect song to groove along.
  10. Making a promise to be your forever.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please smile…
  12. If it’s not you, it can’t be anyone else.
  13. The bride’s squad enters the room.
  14. Make way for the boys.
  15. Heart to heart with holding hands.

These were some of the best captions you can have while sharing the best snaps of your wedding collection. And we know your loved one will go gaga when they get to see. Since the guest is already sharing the picture of the day do check out the comments for the wedding pictures. 

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