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“He is so happy today!”,

“She is the happiest person in the world!” ,

“Their friends always seems to be happy!”,

“Nowadays his family looks happier than yesterday!”

Don’t you listen, these types of conversations daily?

If not you must have felt it somewhere in routine. Happy, happier, happiest! These 3 words are very crucial. You see many people around you who are happy in their life, just enjoying what they have and they are the happiest ones! Happy ones are the best ones! What is the conundrum behind it? What they do and what they don’t? What they always remember to do means they never forget to do! Let’s glance on it, here we go…

(1) Live in present, Don’t Cling to Past:

Sticking on to an old clash, contention or that you were wronged by somebody can devour a considerable measure of time, vitality and space in your life. It can likewise be strangely soothing since you are so accustomed to it. So what you can do is stop hurting yourself and accept whatever has happened is in past and start moving on. This what happy people do ‘Move On’. They don’t remain in the past or roam around to it. They try to be maximum in present and follow it thoroughly. They enjoy the current moments and experience the present. The central key of happiness in life is to be in present. Try to grab an opportunity from current situation! They forget the past and enjoy the current moment, it is a gift which is why it is called ‘present’!

(2) Positivity:

Actually! They have positive attitude towards life. In any situation of life they try to be positive as much they can. They never lose hope and accept every plight positively. This positivity connects them and leads them to positive path of life. That is why they can remain happy in any situation. Positivity connects to happiness.

(3) Utilize time:

Happy people don’t waste time. They use the time and make it productive and fruitful. Almost all of them are punctual . The utilization of time leads to progress and bright future! In this competitive world where the every second matters a lot, this type of strategy leads you to success.

(4) Health Conscious:

Good health is the key step to happiness. If you are healthy,you will work effectively and efficiently, this will leads you to success and joy so you will become happy. Hence happiness will flow in your life through a healthy body. Healthy mind is also a door to happiness. They spend some time after their health every day .Eat healthy, stay healthy and remain happy!

(5) Try to Lift Up Others:

The idea of lifting up others is actually to help others. These people always try to enrich others by thoughts and meaningful help. They never push them down or break down their courage but try to build up motivational stamina in other people who need it at the right time. They help them to achieve the dream and make them successful. So, the happy people are the ones who also makes other people happy. They spread the happiness and share it with a lot many other people. Be happy and give happiness. Spread it and share it. Happiness is itself happy!

(6) Reduce Negativity:

These people try to either remove or at least cut down on all the negative impact in their lives. It could be the news on Television, the daily newspaper, Magazines or kind of music, sort of books or online journals or sites. They use that time and find new vitality and motivation from one or more positive sources like motivational films, novels and also elevating music and individuals. These jolly people also try to Remain Stress Free and try to make the most of what they are doing.

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