How to get things done How to get things done

Things don’t happen overnight. They are made possible through vision, mission and passion. Apart from these 3 elements, something called “belief” is needed.

1) Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself
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A belief that I can and I will do it. A belief that I am not captured under the garb of negativity neither by angels nor by demons. Ultimately when I wave a good-bye to this not-so-real world, I would be remembered as the one getting the shit done! I can tell you, there’s nothing like you won’t be able to do it. Nothing! What hampers you from growing and achieving your goals, is the virtual insect known as “doubt”. Hold it, squeeze it, and crush it. Done! Your goals poked you.

2) Make a To-Do List:

Make a to do list

Create a daily or weekly list of realistic tasks and make sure cool stuff is included. Beware of the huge to-do lists!
Small things would soon add up giving you the soup of bigger accomplishments.

3) Be Spontaneous:

Be spontaneous
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You know sometimes we postpone sending that email or making a phone call or replying to an SMS and they stay as thoughts in your mind throughout the day. It bothers us! So if there is anything that is going to take you less than two minutes to do, make that decision and do it right there & then. Be efficient.

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4) Turn Your Phone on Silent-Mode:

Silent phone
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The secret of the achievers across the timeline is that they don’t give a damn to distractions. I think it’s time to believe that “It is a big myth that cell-phones and social media are invented to save your time.”

5) Brainstorm Always:

Teenage brain
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Every morning sit for a while, and get those creative juices flowing. Probability is high that you would come up with some killer ideas when the mind is freely out of the shackles of log kyakahenge!

6) Eat the Frogs:

Eat your frog

Once you’ve figured out your Most Important task for the day, do the task you’re least looking forward to first. That way, you would get it out-of-the-way early and feel super-duper productive, to boot.

7) Meet Your People Often:

10 secrets to get things done meet up people you like

We all have those friends who are a family apart from the family. Make sure you meet them at least once a week. Keep in touch with the people whom you can look up to, discuss your ideas with them, continue doing mad stuff along with them, never grow up and yes don’t ever lose those idiots.

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8) Learn to Say NO:

Learn to say no friends
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You – Yes you are stronger than you think you are! But don’t stretch yourself too thin. Learn to say no for going out for parties when you’re tired, to loads of extra projects when you’re swamped. Unleash your potential, don’t exploit!

9) Take a Sweet Break:

10 secrets to get things done take a sweet break

I am not into marketing for Kit-Kat, but yes take a break and eat chocolates. According to a practical experiment by a student of Ahmedabad University, “Intake of chocolates at frequent intervals generates a feeling of dedication & helps tremendously in working more passionately.” Not just breaks, take sweet breaks.


Get shit done
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Read. This. Slowly… Getting stuff done isn’t always a matter of making it to the finish line first. We all have heard the hare & tortoise story in childhood. It’s not the speed, but the power of habit that wins the game. Take time to reflect and recharge.

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  1. Hilarious! Waiting for more stuff from you buddy.

  2. Parag Mathur says:

    Eat the frog is very interesting.

  3. Aashwi Shah says:

    Please recommend how to ‘be with your people’ when you want to but you cannot. ? 🙂

    1. Young shah, Life happens! 🙂

      1. Aashwi Shah says:

        Your blogs are very easy to understand and relatable. However pls tell me how to do this, precisely. Pls. Pls. Pls. Life is happening but how to make it happen how we want to??

        1. Hey Aashwi! Life is like a game of chess. Everything happens for a reason. Be honest & strong. You never know what Life brings you next! Good Luck 🙂

          1. Alright! But what is your advice for being positive! I mean, how would you keep yourself in a positive environment, think positive and act positive! How do I create a bloody positive monster out of myself? 🙂

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