Powerful signs of male attraction Powerful signs of male attraction

Are you confused about whether he likes you or not?

It’s not just the women from Venus. It’s also the men from Mars, and even they aren’t easy to crack. They are more logical and practical. They aren’t aware that a woman is attracted to a man who taps into her emotions, not into logic. It doesn’t matter to what extent men are practical; they become emotional when they fall for you.

Surely, some common signs and actions can tell you a lot about their feelings, whether they love you or want a casual relationship or if you want to keep your relationship healthy.

Here are eight powerful signs of male attraction that depict a person’s feelings towards you:

1.  Will Make Eye Contact

Eye contact

The movement of eyes can tell you a lot about a person’s determination, courage, and emotional stability. Usually, people can’t maintain eye contact with someone they are emotionally attached to.

However, some socially active people who frequently talk to or meet women do not have their eyes wandering off elsewhere.

3.  Will Find Ways to Talk

If a person likes you, he will most likely try different ways to communicate with you. Firstly, he might persuade you to exchange your contact and social media information. He will find a new topic to start a conversation or keep the conversation going; he will talk at least once every day.

Even if there isn’t anything important, he will drop a normal text or share any picture or a trending meme. He will try to talk late at night when he can give proper attention to you.

2.  That Little Touch

Little touch

Even a little touch can tell you a lot about anyone’s intentions and feelings. If a person is attracted towards you and loves you, he will try to hold hands, keep them on your shoulders, give high-fives, or any action which won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

If a person is only attracted to you physically, then you surely can feel awkward or unbearable, then you ought to tell him not to cross his limits and keep away from him.

4.  Will be Protective and Possessive

If a person likes you, being protective and possessive will come as an add-on. Men are always possessive towards women they are attracted to, and surely these little actions can tell you a lot about them.

For example, while walking on a busy road, they will make sure you walk towards the inner side. They won’t show interest in conversations in which you talk about your other male friends. They are often curious about people with whom you text and talk. They won’t tolerate anyone speaking ill of you. And how can I forget that little innocent jealousy?

There is a fine line between possessiveness and being overprotective. If they try to limit you and your actions, they are infiltrating your personal space, and you have the right to stop them from doing it.

5. Will Tell You More About Himself

Having conversation

Whenever he gets an opportunity to talk, he will share everything about his life and his ongoing life. He will talk about his friends, his family, his colleagues, etc. He will also talk about his work and travel experiences.

He will mention a lot of influential things and emphasize topics that are emotionally important to him. He might also share incidents from his past.

6.  Will Pay Attention to Every Detail

Men often carefully observe the women they like. They tend to scrutinize every small part and object that is related to women. For example, they will observe your attire, the type of jewelry you wear, the purse/bag you carry. Apart from worldly things, they also observe your behavior. 

They will notice the way you communicate, how you talk to an individual, how you talk while in groups, and while talking on mobile phones. They also observe your physical gestures and expressions; this may also affect their opinion about you.

7.  Will Take Out Time for You

Spending time

Men want to be interactive and be involved in the life of the women they like. They will always try to adjust their schedule to hear from you; this gives them a few moments of joy in their hectic day. They may also try to meet you in their free time or on the weekend; this shows that you hold much importance in their personal life.

8. Will Compliment Every Time

When you love someone, you love everything about them, be it how they dress, talk, or act. So, if a man likes a girl, they will keep complimenting a girl for almost everything, just to put a little smile on your face. They will always talk positively about you and compliment you even in your absence. They adore your presence and admire things about you.

They can also compliment you in a flirting tone, and we can’t deny that women love such sweet gestures. Through this, they are most likely trying to give you hints.

However, some women find this a bit annoying. Thus, your personal opinion should always be a priority.

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