15 ways to stop hating yourself 15 ways to stop hating yourself

There is no such thing as hatred,
There is only lack of love.

It was the year of 2012. We all were enthusiastically waiting for our all-time favourite mathematics professor. He commanded a decent amount of respect from all the students which induced the fondness for mathematics in all of us (the one who teaches matters!). To add to our amazement on his coming late in the class, he announced gleefully,

Today, let’s learn something about life instead of mathematics.” It was obvious that we all happily agreed (though we liked geometry :P). He began by saying the above mentioned words of wisdom and I wished that the class would have never ended. This thought provoking thought is still clearly etched in my mind and heart. Our lives also resemble the cyclical crests and troughs of ocean waves.

How at some point of time we wish to not to be someone except ourselves and how at some other point of time we wish to escape from our real identity and just be someone else! So, are the latter circumstances those times when we hate ourselves?

NO! They are those times when we stop loving ourselves, maybe for some time! And, I want to make sure that it doesn’t last longer. Here are fifteen things to hit upon to hit self-hate with a hard punch:

15) Why?

15 ways to stop hating yourself

Hating yourself without a reason is like cursing the thorns on the stem of a beautiful rose. There has to be a reason behind how you feel about yourself and more explicitly when it comes to hatred. Finding out the real reason must be followed by weighing it on the scale of fairness to be a good reason for hating yourself. Sometimes, one can hate oneself for no good reason.

14) Divert Your Mind:

Having discovered the reason, one should find a solution to it by diverting one’s mind towards something nourishing and positive. It is useless to dwell in hatred and negativity when you know you can love yourself too!

13) Avoid Avoidable Arguments:

It is pointless to drag ourselves into unnecessary arguments, saying something wrong and then repent over it which ultimately turns into self-hate. Avoid arguments to avoid hatred!

12) Never Lie to Yourself:

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Accept the fact that one can be even better than the best. Always give a genuine feedback to yourself. Self-ambition should replace self-hate when one is dissatisfied with one’s performance.

11) Apologize, it’s Important:

Regretting the failure to utter the word “SORRY” and genuinely mean it is one of the most haunting feelings in the world.
Hence, it is better to apologize when one is at fault and say goodbye to unwanted regret and hatred.

10) Accept Positive Criticism:

One should not only value one’s work but also value positive criticism which can assist in self-improvement. Covering up by believing that one can never stand to the expectations of others or that one always gets criticized is not a better way to escape. Haters will hate but the people who love us will always help us to grow. Actually accepting criticism is one of the 12 Secrets which Influential People Know.

09) Refrain from Comparisons:

The kaleidoscope will lose its beauty when one of its pieces is lost or replaced. You are unique in your way. Stop comparing and looking down upon yourself. Respect your individuality, originality and beauty.

08) Work Harder and get What YOU Want:

15 ways to stop hating yourself

You earn what you deserve. Don’t be too hard to yourself by hating but work harder to give your best always! To make the most out of this tip check 15 Answers to; Why Should I Work Hard?

07) The Karma Philosophy:

Who doesn’t believe that s/he is the best after having worked hard? Let us not expect more but put in the most.
Over-ambitious anticipations can result into self-disappointment and self-hate. It is always good to get satisfied with satisfaction of having given our best till the results show up.

06) Hate attracts hate:

15 ways to stop hating yourself

You will reap hatred if you sow hatred. Accept people with their flaws and develop them with love and care. Why not make your world a bit more beautiful by stopping to hate others and start loving them? After all, you will be loved back too! Also learn How to React When Others Under Estimate You?

05) TOXIC People: Stay Away

Some toxic beings don’t deserve to be a part of your life. Such people make you feel negative about yourself by pointing out your flaws repeatedly. Identify such people and eliminate them.

04) YOU ARE THE BEST: Remember

Even the indices move on after huge turmoil, why don’t you? Life is too short to be spent in hating ourselves. Recall your achievements and blessings whenever you feel bogged down on facing temporary failures. It is because you are the best!

03) Share and Let It Go:

Sometimes things are simple but we complicate them by hiding our feelings. This can happen in case of our family and friends. One should share what is bothering us. Some fights are too trivial to be held on forever. Let all hatred go and set your heart free!

02) Develop at Least One Hobby:

15 ways to stop hating yourself

Hobbies are a great company. Develop at least one such hobby which enables the best utilization of your free time, refreshes you and renders you with positivity and energy. The ultimate result will be that no one can be better than you at it. Hate passing away your time instead of yourself! If Travelling is you hobby then also check 6 Ways Travelling Can be a Stress Buster.

01) Love the Real “YOU” :

Don’t fake. Don’t imitate. Don’t flatter. No one’s blind. You came into this world as “YOU”. Respect it. Fill the gaps. Work upon your flaws. There is no place left for self-hate when self-love overpowers it. Nobody except you deserves more love from yourself.

“People, you have a right to love and get loved.
Utilize it graciously. Hatred is too expensive for you to afford.”

Self-hate is a crime and we are not criminals… Remember!

Keep thinking and love yourself.

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