How to let crush know you like him How to let crush know you like him

Getting in touch with your crush, starting a simple conversation or even flirting a little bit can be a problem if you’re shy. Actually, things are bit different when you have a crush, because all you think about is “Does he like me?” He is cute, smart, kind and single, but it seems that he prefers to be friends. However, both men and women have their subtle ways of showing affection. On the other hand, if you do it too aggressively, you may send him wrong signals and drive him away. Ah, love can be so delicate and tricky! So, what to do in order to show a guy that you like him? Check out these interesting ways and gestures.

1. Body Language

Body language of your crush
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Body language actually speaks more than words. When you’re sitting together, mimic his body language – if he sits back, you sit back and relax too; lean in if he leans in. When you’re laughing together, gently touch his arm or place your hand on his forearm when telling him something. You can get his attention without him even knowing that you’re doing it.

2. Laugh at His Jokes

Jokes of your crush
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Guys like it when their sense of humor is recognized by girls. It shows them that they also have a good sense of humor. Thus, one of the best ways to show him your affection is to laugh at his jokes, puns and funny stories (if they’re not lame and offensive, of course). Give a ladylike and genuine laugh when he starts cracking jokes – you’ll have an advantage over other girls by boosting his ego.

3. Listen to Him

Listen to your crush

And don’t just listen, but remember what he says. If he likes music and talks to you about the importance of Joy Division or One Direction as one of the bands with the most unique style that took punk to a whole other level – better download their music and watch a few documentaries. Put in your effort to talk or even debate with him. It will show him that you’re paying attention.

4. Be Happy to See Him

Be happy to see your crush

Being genuinely excited to see your crush is not that hard, isn’t it? I know I get all schoolgirl-happy when I see his face. Don’t be afraid to show him you’re happy to see him. Just look him in the eyes and smile brightly. If he smiles back, well, it’s a sign that he might be excited to see you too. Ha, admit that these tips are not that hard to implement. You can look online for more dating tips if you’re really determined to get him. But before that, let’s finish our list.

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5. Offer Your Help

Offer help to your crush

Offer your help if you know or heard that your crush is having some problems. Does he need help studying for the next week’s test? Does he need your help at work? However, the trick is not to do anything that would show you are doing everything to help him, even going out of your own way. You don’t want to get out in the middle of the night if he calls you to help him with a trivial matter. However, if he needs someone to give him a piece of advice on something, offer to help him out.

6. Take a Part in His Interest

Take part in crush's interest
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This is actually one of the easiest ways to spend some great time with him while enjoying something he really likes. It’s a setting where he can get relaxed, loosen up, and tell you something more about himself. Is he a hardcore Golden State Warriors fan? Does he watch every game and keep track of the NBA or FIFA league? Well, buy yourself a fan shirt or a hat, and start building some interest. Ask him to explain the stats, tell you about the key players, get two tickets for the next game and invite him to come with you. These are just some of the ways you can spend time with your crush and let him know that you’re interested in him.

If anything else doesn’t work, well, the last thing you can do is to ask him out.

Take him somewhere where you think you’ll both feel relaxed or your favorite place, where you can tell him why you like going there. In the end, it’s not all about listening to him, because you can gain his interest by being interesting, expressing your individuality and having fun. All of this can be a slow process, so be patient and don’t give up just because you’re shy.

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