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So as we all know (or whether you don’t), chatting is the best solution when you want to pass the time though it is also done to bring up decisions, manage meetings (which is not for what you’re here). Considering it a known/unknown fact, chatting is much easier for 72% of the public than having a conversation in real life. So go ahead, learn some tips and make your chat interesting like never before. Let’s start with a situation when you’re talking to him/her for the first time.

How to make your chat interesting:

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1. Beginners’ Stuff

If you’re just starting or don’t know the other person, let’s suppose to just begin with a formal “Hi”. But if you have talked for about 3-4 times, start next with asking any question you prefer or, something like “How was your day?” or “Was the day interesting without me?” usually works out.

Some attractive lines to begin a chat would be, “Though it’s none of my business, but I’m just curious to say a hi” or it could be more simpler like: I don’t remember exactly but I know you somehow, have we met earlier? The person you’re chatting with will remember and definitely revert back either in a positive manner or by blocking you, well some things totally depend on what you are.

Still you should always know compliments for girls and disturb that busiest person in this world for a minute to say “Hi” and make it interesting.

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2. Avoid Chat Enders

Chat killers are specifically regarded as short replies such as ok or hmm. You have the entire dictionary to make words then why use enders?

When you’re in a situation to appreciate it use some words like “That thing is just awesome”, “Oh, that’s great”, “Yeah, that’s what I expected” (in a positive manner).

3. Questions Engage by 62%

If you feel that the chat is getting boring or less interesting, you can always pump it up by asking questions. As observed, questions generally keep the conversation engaged. Ask directly about them (not yourself), any situation or as low as “What are you doing right now?”.

Also, it’s important to appreciate the replies you get (even if they’re none of your business). This is because appreciating each other for even tiny things are important and presents that you really care about them.

Question engagement chat tip

4. Get Some Humor

This is your master key to every door. If you’re capable of making someone smile out of their sadness, be ready to get nominated for the Oscars. Even if you’re asking for contact number of a good friend use some humorous lines like, “I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours instead?”

Sometimes they go great but can also make the other person kick you, it depends on how you represent it.

Just to clarify that humor doesn’t mean throwing poor jokes. To increase your sense of humor and stay updated about the current trends of meme read Trending Memes and share them with your friends.

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5. Take Short Breaks

Yes, breaks are usually important when you chat regularly. Take some time out, go talk with others, miss them and let them miss you. This will keep you poked with others’ life as well. After some time, you can reach that person out with a surprise meet or gift which can be as low as a flower crooked from neighbour’s garden (but don’t get that!).

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6. Get out of the Text World

This is something which you should try to do regularly.

Don’t get addicted to text conversations only, try to engage them in video calls, watch seasons or movies together.

Get ready to book your mind for tickets of the most awaited movies of 2016.

Check some trending television series to watch together if you haven’t. If you are not able to meet them on a regular basis, you can use rabb.it to watch something together without being together.

Harry potter come for fries

7. Make sure you choose the right topic. 

No matter whether you talk with someone in person or chat with them, having the right topic is the most important. You simply cannot expect that what you’re excited about should also be thrilling for them. Possibly they are in a different genre while you are still talking about action thrillers, which may either bore them.

First, you should find out which are their interests or ask them about their preferences, and then you should start discussing them. That’s it.

Make sure you choose the right topic.  

So, it’s time to do more than just texting. Keep yourself and person you’re chatting with engaged. Attractive words are the best way to make a chat interesting, sometimes just to sum up the things or to stay in touch.

8. Don’t rush, let them speak or chat.

This is the most common mistake that most people make when they are so excited to chat with someone. They feel the urge to say something all the time and they often ignore that the other person also has to say something. That is even worse when they interrupt the other person during the conversation and do not let them complete their sentence. 

Give person a chance to speak or chat.

If you sense that most people feel bored or even avoid having a chat with you, your overexcitement could be the reason. Instead of interrupting them, better if you take your time and let the person say something. To make your chat even more interesting, you could give them a chance to speak rather than being the only one who speaks throughout. Letting others speak, by asking some questions on the topic and showing curiosity makes them feel at ease.

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