9 topmost Apps to Increase efficiency

9 Topmost Apps to Increase Efficiency

I am sure you are using many smartphone apps in your day-to-day life but how many of them do you think are helpful? At most One or Two or maybe none? Well if that’s correct then here are some apps that will surely help you to increase your efficiency. These apps are designed in such a way that the user is bound to do his/her work with more efficiency which would lead to more productivity. Using these apps will automatically help you save time, labor and “money”.

7 Apps Which Will Increase Your Efficiency:

1. Any.do

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This app can be used to capture thoughts, make records and stay updated concerning all that you need to do. Any.do you can without much of a stretch share your lists, tasks, and assignments to anybody to get things done faster.

Key Features:-

  • Notes, Tasks and Assignment recording
  • Cloud Sync
  • Integrated Speech Recognition
  • Time and Location-Based Reminders
  • File Attachments
  • Simple Gesture Support

Download: – Android, iOS

2. Betternet

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Betternet is a VPN for a smartphone this app requires no registration and doesn’t even irritate you with ads or pop-ups. Basically what this app does is that you can access restricted or blocked websites and applications on your network. There might be some websites or apps which are blocked in your school, college or at your workplace but using betternet you can access them easily.

Key Features:-

  • Access Blocked Websites and Applications
  • Surf Anonymously
  • Privacy and Security of Device
  • Super Fast Location Detection and Surfing

Download:- Android, iOS

3. CamScanner

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Camscanner helps to increase efficiency as it offers you scanning, storing, synchronizing and sharing your content on different smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

Key Features: –

  • Mobile Camera is used as Scanner
  • High Scan Quality
  • Editing of Files and Extraction of Text
  • Security of Docs and Sync on different Platforms

Download:- Android, iOS

4. Coursera

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Coursera is an app that allows you to take online courses that are free and open for all. You can take courses in subjects such as Computer Programming, Data Science, Finance Economics & Accounts, Entrepreneurship Business & Leadership, Marketing, Music, Project Management, SEO and probably a hundred more courses.

Key Features: –

  • Free Online Courses
  • Courses in More than a hundred subjects
  • Tie-Ups with 115 institutions
  • Courses are available in 12 Languages
  • You can leave and continue courses whenever you want
  • Advance Certification available

Download:- Android, iOS

5. Flipboard

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This an app that creates a personal magazine for you by considering the topics, lists and people you follow. It’s a solitary spot to keep up on the news, subjects you think about, stories, videos, and photographs that impact you. Besides this, you can also start your magazine whereby you can upload the stuff you like and that can be read by people based on the number of followers your magazine has.

Key Features: –

  • Personalized News
  • Personalized Magazines
  • Save the article in the Pocket app

Download: – Android, iOS

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6. Pocket

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As the name suggests this app allows you to keep everything in your pocket. You can save articles, videos and other such web content on your phone. You can read the saved stuff later anywhere anytime, either online or offline it’s your choice.

Key Features: –

  • Unlimited Storage for all Articles and Videos
  • Powerful Search and Tags
  • Works with almost all the applications
  • Easy Sharing Options
  • 3 Different reading modes

Download:- Android, iOS

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7. TED

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Access riveting talks from a portion of the world’s most captivating speakers, wherever you are. TED’s official application presents striking, new thoughts by tech prodigies, medicinal nonconformists, business masters, music legends and other such amazing personalities. Discover a large number of motivating TED Talks: recordings to bolster your interest, investigate inventive ideas and extend your reality.

It has a surprise me feature in which you have to select a genre of the talk followed by the time limit of the talk. Once this much is done the app provides you with a video that fulfills your criteria and also considers the videos you have already seen, while displaying results.

Key Features: –

  • TED talks of best speakers
  • Bookmarks
  • Subtitles in 90 Languages
  • Download talks to listen to them offline

Download:- Android, iOS

8. Dropbox


Those who work from home always need to have access to their documents and files no matter wherever they are. To synchronize your data across multiple devices like phone, tablet, home laptop, office computer Use a Dropbox – cloud storage service which is easy to install and setup.

Key Features: –

  • Provides free storage
  • Offers Encryption security
  • It Backs up data

Download:- Android, iOS

9. Coach.me






It is an application that helps you put your plans into execution. There are Strategies formulated by experts, values, and you can add your own personalized goals, too. Lift is a system that enables you to monitor your progress and record it. The reason the application performs so well is due to the support. If you have difficulties adhering to a new habit or a new target that you have in mind; This makes it a lot easier if you have someone out there to motivate you. With lift, you’ll get peer guidance, friends or family support, and reminders to help you keep going. It’s the best app to set up new goals and put them into practice. One of the easiest, but innovative apps facilitating both personal growths and increases productivity as well.

Key Features: –

  • Regular Goal tracking
  • Sets up Weekly targets
  • Gives you reminders

Download:-  Android, iOS

Some other apps:-

  • Drippler: – Android, iOS
  • Google Keep: – Android, iOS
  • UberConference: – Android, iOS

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Note:- All the applications mentioned in this post are merely an opinion of the author based on his research and usage of the applications. Neither we nor the author wishes to promote these applications, our purpose is just to make you aware of a few useful applications.

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