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Bangalore is one of India’s most dynamic cities, a poster city for globalization. A town where IT tech parks and old temple architecture stand side by side. A perfect blend of modernity and ancient heritage. Just like any other growing city, Bangalore has its challenges, especially when it comes to transport in and around the city. This is where car rentals are bringing convenience to many travelers, with no compromises and very affordable rates.

There are many advantages of renting self drive cars for a city like Bangalore. Daily office commute is always something people complain about. Everyone has a horror morning of commute on record, even more, and the choices are nothing to celebrate about. Public transport is stretched and it is crowded during the most crucial times of the day. Haggling with the auto-rickshaw drivers of Bangalore demands a lot of patience and price surges have made cabs an expensive option to resort to frequently.

Self drive cars bring the privileges of car-ownership to those who look for a convenient and independent way of travel but can’t make the big investment. In a rented car, whether travelling solo or with a group, there is complete privacy to enjoy. One can pick whichever route he or she wants, depending on the circumstances. Companies like Zoomcar offer commute special plans, where one can book a car for an entire week at very cheap rates. The expenditure can be lowered even more with some simple ingenuity – carpooling with colleagues.

Travelling at night can be a bit unnerving, especially when the location is a little way off the main city centres. With a rented car, the customer needs not worry about what time of the day and where he or she is travelling. That is independence, in a nutshell.

Car rentals also give assurances for a hassle-free experience. 24/7 on-road support is something even vehicle owners cannot boast about.

Rentals for Car Owners Too

Many are realising that it is a great option to rent a car and go for long drives instead of using their own vehicles. Why take the hatchback to those unavoidable off-roading sessions in Coorg’s interiors when one can rent a sturdy SUV at a cheap price? Rentals are helping many save on maintenance costs for their own cars.

Adventures Nearby

No questions asked – that is the principle of a good car rental company. With a rented car, one can enjoy impromptu detours and adventures around the city limits. Many love to head off for cooler climes by climbing up the winding roads of Nandi Hills, home to the summer palace of Tipu Sultan. Which is a good area for bird watching and nature photography. Ramanagara is another close-by attraction, famous for its rocky granite formations. It has become a hub of adventure now and many go there for rock-climbing, zip lining and rappelling.

For those looking for self drive car rentals Bangalore has many options. Mobility should not be something to worry about in this day and age, especially in a city that aspires to climb to new heights every day. Renting a car is a preferred choice in many parts of the world and Bangaloreans are starting to appreciate the convenience too.

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