Sites for cool videos on the internet Sites for cool videos on the internet

The internet offers a stunning trove of massive information. Learning several things from highly-effective digital programs, walkthroughs, and easy-to-follow tutorials of everything you want to know can be found online. 

The majority of people fall into the deep rabbit hole of several engaging ways to kill time while searching or streaming online. If you’re into cool, unique, funny, or engaging stuff about anything under the sun, then look no further as we give you the best, wildest, and known conspiracy theories to hook you up and erase the word boredomin your vocabulary.

Things You Can Do Online When Boredom Strikes

Whether you’re bored, killing some time, or procrastinating while accessing the internet, you’ll never run out of things to do to keep you occupied. Aside from playing games, scrolling down on your social media account, or checking YouTube for the latest trends, there are several sites you can visit which offer cool video compilations that will keep you hooked.

You might even say that time flies so fast just because you’re enjoying every second of it, and before you know it, you’ll keep coming back for more. For instance, Viral Baby finds the best, most engaging content daily to make sure you’re updated and up-to-date with the latest trends. 

You can find viral videos here first even before it reaches internet sensation in just a few days. Aside from that, there are plenty of fun, engaging, and highly entertaining videos on this site. If you’re still searching for the best ways to survive boredom, then you might want to try the following: 

  • Visit a site where you can watch new and endless viral videos online.
  • Play the most addictive game you can find online like Slither.io and be hooked with this multiplayer version of the famous Snake game.
  • Listen to a popular, motivational, or funny podcast.
  • Read random, hilarious, and smart comics online.
  • Watch documentaries online. 
  • Be an instant manga character using popular applications.
  • Read exciting answers to the world’s most compelling topics and queries.
  • Listen to random or favorite music online.

There are plenty more things you can do, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to killing some time on the internet. But if you’re the type of person who finds it more fun watching various videos online, then you might want to check the following websites, aside from YouTube, to help you kill some time and learn something new online. 

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10 Excellent Websites To Visit With Cool Videos

1. The Oatmeal

One right way to kill some time on the internet is to visit a website with tons of entertaining videos like The Oatmeal. Extra precaution as some of its videos are not appropriate for kids or your work.

2. 15Facts

If you’re into bite-sized information, then 15facts is an excellent site to visit. Whether you’re into learning something, you’ll never feel overwhelmed with videos you’ll find on this website.

3. Instructables

Looking for random yet cool things to learn and watch? Instrcutables.com is an excellent site to begin with. Full of documentation methods from arts and crafts to recipes and a lot more.

4. Buzzfeed Quizzes

Personality quizzes and the likes are another great way to kill some of your time while on the internet. Answer and discover fun and interactive questions while waiting for something or just looking for ways to pass some time.

5. The Useless Web

You need a great connection and some free time; this site is one of the best for spending some time on the internet. It’s pretty straightforward; the site takes you to top-rated and most useless websites online.

6. How Stuff Works

If you need explanations about almost any topic, then this site offers you a broader one. From ESP to lock-picking to engines, the site provides illustrations and videos for you to learn every little thing on how this topic works quickly

7. LEGO Videos

Before the popular movie hits the big screen, Lego has dominated various contents on their site, all sorted by story and theme. You’ll watch every video on their page and be ready to be captivated by everything on them.

8. Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cams

For every animal lover who loves kittens and puppies, this site is all you’ll ever need. Their live streaming of animal shelters around the United States allows you to adopt your next ap in action.

9. Zillow

Zillow enables you to be in the best places you want to live or not. It’s an excellent place for you to explore and have fun. If you’ll need to do something, then go ahead and save your discoveries for later. 

10. The Oregon Trail

Miss playing Oregon Trail? Then you can visit this site and have fun playing this while killing some time.

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There surely will be more websites that enable you to have fun, learn, or procrastinate during your free time. If you want to breathe from a busy day, why not check the following websites and discover something new today. Aside from scrolling on popular social media sites like Facebook or searching for trendy videos on YouTube, more sites offer impressive videos while killing time. 

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