Hanu man movie review on zee5 Hanu man movie review on zee5

No plans for the upcoming long weekends? Binge watch one of the hottest superhero action movies Hanu-Man, currently streaming on ZEE

Hanu-Man is a superhero film based on Hindu mythology. It is directed by one of the most notable directors in the Telugu industry, Prashanth Varma and is available in different languages on ZEE5. Hanu-Man has already done splendidly well at the box office. With the Hanuman Chalisa song added to the film, it has piqued a lot of interest. Director Prashanth mentioned that he wanted to create something unique and thrilling for the audience and has surely kept his word.

Hanu-Man: OTT Release Date and Platform

The Telugu superhero movie hit the theatres on 12th January 2024 pan India. After doing amazingly well at the box office, Hanu-Man has made it to the top action movies on ZEE5 where it is available for you to stream.

Hanu-Man: The Plot

HanuMan’s story follows a young boy who stumbles upon some superhero powers that resemble a lot to the Hindu God – Hanuman. Using his powers, the boy faces a vengeful villain who wants those powers for himself. If you watch the trailer, you can find glimpses of Lord Hanuman meditating in a mysterious cave and chanting the name of Lord Rama. This scene already has a separate fan base who are very excited to binge-watch this movie.

Since the movie is deeply rooted in India’s cultural heritage, you’ll even get to learn a few things here and there apart from the exciting action scenes.

The Cast of the Action Packed Hanu-Man

Being one of the most trending action movies of 2024, Hanu-Man has brought some amazing actors to the big screen:

Teja Sajja

Teja Sajja, a renowned South actor, is known for his notable roles in movies like ‘Khiladi’ and ‘Zombie Reddy’. The artist plays the lead hero role in the film, Hanumanthu, who resembles powers like the Lord Hanuman and is reimagined in a modern setting.

Amritha Aiyer

Actress Amritha, a fantastic actor, plays the lead heroine as Hanumanthu’s love interest.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

You will see the brilliant actress Varalaxmi playing the role of Hanumanthu’s sister, Anjamma.

Vinay Rai

If you wondered whether the film was only about a superhero’s life, think again! Here comes the villain of Hanu-Man, Vinay Rai as Michael, or the “Man of Doom”.

For those who love watching action movies, Hanu-Man is currently streaming on ZEE5. You can see Hanumanthu and Michael fighting off each other as Michael wants to steal Hanumanthu’s power only to become the most terrifying villain in the world. Does he succeed? Watch to find out!

Hanu-Man: The Superhit

Hanu-Man made a massive buzz as it was Director Prasanth Varma’s first-ever action movie that revolved around superheroes and Hindu mythology. While it was presumed that it was one of the low-key action movies as it had a less popular cast, the promotions and posters of the movie made all the difference it needed.

The movie was released around the opening of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir, which only added to the buzz across India. Hanu-Man also entailed surprisingly excellent VFX despite having a limited budget.

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If you are thinking about how to spend this long weekend, the best way to go about it would be by watching the top action movies of 2024. Hanu-Man is undoubtedly the one to look out for, as it has made quite the buzz in the film industry. So, get onto ZEE5 and stream Hanu-Man or your favourite action movies today!

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