Trending indian baby boy names Trending indian baby boy names

Having a child is the happiest moment in every couple’s life. It’s an emotional and exciting journey they are going to head to.

Amidst all the happiness, one question that always pops up in the head is what to name their child and what’s better than choosing one of the trending names!

We understand every bit of anxiety that goes in finalizing one name your baby is going to have for his entire life. So many questions are required to be answered like:

  1. Will the name complement the surname?
  2. Will the name suit him when he grows old?
  3. Do both the parents love the name equally?

And to top it all, the internet is flooded with tons of names from across the world, going through which can be a different kind of stress. But, to your rescue we have come up with curation of some best names to make your life a little easier.

While some couples are well prepared, having a shortlist of names ready even before the baby is born, on the other hand some wait til the birth. No Matter which category you fall in, the below list will have your back.

Cute names for a Baby Boy

A lot of things run through your mind before you know the name for your child. I believe, for most of us, the instinct is to think of a name that is cute and positive.

Babies are unquestionably cute and we want to keep that cuteness in the name as well. So if you are fishing for some cute names for your newborn but don’t want one that sounds cheesy, well, this is the right place to be. 

We have a list of cute baby boy names mentioned below.

Cute names for a baby boy

  1. Abhay
  2. Abhilash
  3. Ashish
  4. Advait
  5. Aadhavan
  6. Vihaan
  7. Reyansh
  8. Samar
  9. Shaurya
  10. Agasthya
  11. Abhilaash
  12. Ruhaan 
  13. Renil
  14. Shiom
  15. Divyansh
  16. Faiyaz
  17. Kiaan
  18. Kairav
  19. Zain
  20. Zeeshan

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Unique Names for a Baby Boy

Parents think of their child as  “One in a Million” and why shouldn’t they? Every child is unique in their own way. Therefore, we thought – Why shouldn’t their names be?

We want your children to stand out among the crowd and a unique name can help them to gain that confidence. Moreover, unique names will suit your children’s personality when they grow up. 

While on the internet, there is a plethora of unique names, we bring to you a curated list of such names which are not only unique, but have a deep meaning attaches to it

Keep on Scrolling to find out!

Unique names for a baby boy

  1. Ahan
  2. Akarsh
  3. Advaith
  4. Bhavin
  5. Chaitya 
  6. Chinmay
  7. Dharv
  8. Dhanvin
  9. Eshaan
  10. Faiyaz
  11. Falak
  12. Garg
  13. Gaurav
  14. Himaksh
  15. Hiresh
  16. Ibhan
  17. Idhayan
  18. Jaiden
  19. Kanishk
  20. Laksh
  21. Madhvan
  22. Mitra
  23. Nihal
  24. Ojas
  25. Param
  26. Ridhaan
  27. Rishab
  28. Saaket
  29. Yajin 
  30. Zian

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Trending American Names for a Baby Boy

I guess western culture has made its way in every domain, today. 

Some parents are very keen on naming their child with names from across the world. 

As we claimed in the beginning, this will be your ultimate guide, so if you want to have an American name for your child, below are some great names that can help you.

Trending american names for a baby boy

  1. Anders
  2. Ciaran
  3. Deacon 
  4. Farley
  5. Akira
  6. Chrisley
  7. William 
  8. James
  9. Lucas
  10. Peter
  11. Jacob
  12. Joseph
  13. Issac
  14. Dylan
  15. Cole
  16. Austin
  17. Adam
  18. Jason
  19. Michael
  20. Ian

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Trending Christian Baby Boy Names

I assumed only Christian Weddings are ruling the hearts of people, but I guess, christian names have joined the league and we cannot let you miss out on any trend. Therefore, to cater everyone’s preferences, we have listed some trendy chridtian names for your cute little boy.

Trending christian baby boy names

  1. Abner
  2. Benett
  3. Collin
  4. Eric
  5. Kev
  6. Simon
  7. Walter
  8. Xavier
  9. Zane 
  10. Zeph

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IGBO Baby Boy Names

If you are someone who loves to experiment with names, as well. We have got up a list of trending nigerian names, also known as IGBO names.

Keep reading to check that out!

Igbo baby boy names

  1. Ekene
  2. Chetachi
  3. Abaeze
  4. Chikamso
  5. Somadina

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Final Thoughts

If you have reached here, we understand that naming your newborn is not as easy as it sounds. This is the only reason we have made efforts in curating a list that has all the trending names across different categories.

We would also want to know if you have picked a name from the above list, let us know in the comments.

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