Buffalo, New York is living up to its name as the “City of Good Neighbors.” It is a characteristic of western New Yorkers to be welcoming, even of strangers. They look out for each other and are always ready to provide a lending hand when their neighbour needs help.

People move here not just for the buffalo wings, but rather to enjoy that sense of community. You will not find a house here listed on the market for long. Plus, Niagara Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is just 30 minutes away.

So, it is no surprise that the Buffalo, NY remains a tight market. With that said, more than 90% of the houses in the city are 20 years and older. They need serious upgrading, especially with the cabinets buffalo NY.

Kitchen cabinets offer excellent value for your money. Not only do they help convert your kitchen into a showroom piece, but it also yields good returns. According to Home Advisor, you will get as much as 80% returns on your investment if you splurge on the renovation. Most people spend between $1,800 and $8,000 for their kitchen cabinets.

But are you unsure of what to choose?

Buffalo, NY has many cabinet options for your kitchens, here are some of them:

  1. Inset cabinet:

    This type shows off the frame of the cabinet as the drawers and doors fit inside the structure. The typical cabinet doors would not allow you to see the frame up until you open them. It takes accuracy and precision to make sure the cabinet drawers open seamlessly even with the minimal gap in between. The inset cabinet is known for its classic look.

  2. Beadboard:

    Beadboard cabinets are easily recognizable due to their distinct vertical panel design. Although they are very dynamic since they fit classic or modern kitchen designs, the beadboard shines in a cottage style or a country farmhouse look. They work perfectly with flat cupboards.

  3. Shaker:

    Shaker cabinets work well for a minimalist or modern home in Buffalo. They are utilitarian, but sturdy at the same time. A shaker cabinet consists of a flat paneled door, flat center panel, and a rail frame. Nothing sticks out, but everything flows together beautifully.

  4. Slab:

    A slab cabinet is easy to mess up because of its simplicity. You will find no frames on a slab or flat-panel cabinet. They are not meant to stand out, but rather to bring the whole room together. One word to describe a slab cabinet, when done right, is elegance.

  5. Louvered:

    If the beadboard has vertical panels, louvered cabinets feature horizontal slats. Commonly, you can find the design on windows or furniture pieces. You do not typically associate them with kitchens. And because you do not expect it, seeing louvered cabinets in the kitchen is a pleasant surprise.

There are other types of cabinets in Buffalo, NY, as well, such as distressed, which is perfect if you like that “antique-look.” You can also select a fiberboard like a thermofoil, which is cheap and easily maintained.

Whatever cabinet type you choose, you will always end up with the following options: stock,  ready-to-assemble, semi-custom, and full-custom. Customized cabinets are the most expensive choice because they are made-to-order. However, you can make sure that your kitchen is one-of-a-kind in the whole of Buffalo.

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