Myths about shopping online every woman should know Myths about shopping online every woman should know

Online shopping is a blessing for shopaholics in more than one way. Not only do we get the best deals on a variety of clothes, but the options available are endless. From tops to tees, branded to local, western to ethnic – you want it, you get it!

In fact, there are some sites that specialize in clothes worn by celebrities. Want the same gown as Emma Watson? Don’t worry, look up for it online.

Likewise, for a number of reasons, online shopping has achieved a huge market share. As per a survey, the global online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion! But with great success, comes great myths.

Let’s see what are the top 5 myths about shopping online that every woman must know:

Top 5 Myths About Shopping Online Every Woman Needs To Know

1. The quality is compromised

One of the biggest myths we come across when shopping online! More often than not, you must have come across a blog or an opinion on Quora where it is told that in online shopping, quality is compromised.

Whether clothes, shoes or accessories – the quality is not as satisfactory as they promise it to be. While it is not completely false, it does not depict the whole picture too.

The trick is pretty simple – no matter if you are shopping offline or online, if you choose to shop from unapproved stores, you will be compromising in terms of quality. Hence, the quality of the product totally depends on where you choose to shop for it.

2. Products are not true to size

Again, one of the most famous myths around online shopping! Even you must have faced this problem if you are an ardent online shopper.

It is only acceptable sometimes due to obvious reasons for sizes to not fit us as perfectly as it fits the model. In fact, some sites have shut down in the past because of constant consumer grievances, mostly regarding the size.

But this doesn’t imply that all online stores are as irresponsible regarding their products and their sizes. For instance, when you buy a product from an online site as reliable as Amazon or Flipkart, it is very rare to encounter this issue.

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3. They tend to overcharge for cheap-quality products

Partially true, but comes with a catch. Very often, upon receiving the product and seeing the quality, we feel like we have been overcharged for a seemingly low-quality product. No doubt this is more prevalent in online shopping than shopping in your local stores because you do not get the luxury of touching the product.

But then again, if you have made the effort of going through the return and exchange policies of the shopping site, you can take a breath of relief. Most, or rather all of the online shopping sites provide a hassle-free return and exchange policy.

So, even if you do not happen to like the quality for some reason, you can always return or get it exchanged with some other product. And if you do not like that as well, go ahead, return it too and get your cashback!

4. Brands are sometimes fake

When it comes to women’s clothing online, we all must have come across a word of warning that advises us to not spend too much money, as most branded products sold online are fake. To tell you the truth, this is nothing but a myth.

When you shop from a reliable online outlet, like H&M, Forever21 or Zara, you can be assured of the originality of the brand without worry. Not to repeat, the same assurance is also present while shopping for branded clothes or accessories from e-commerce giants like Amazon.

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5. Takes too much time

Obviously, this is a big, fat myth that online shopping is time-consuming. While in real-time shopping, we get the product right at the moment, online shopping requires you to wait for the product to reach the doorstep. There are some sites that also offer speed delivery options in exchange for a basic charge to gratify your immediate shopping needs.

Over to you…

The world of online shopping is surrounded by a number of myths. Here, we stated the 5 myths about online shopping every woman must know. While most of these cannot be denied to be partially true, they can be easily avoided. So, before you start shopping online, make sure you read this article!

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