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12 Trending Instagram Filters To Try in 2021

We are a social media generation that likes to share almost everything on Instagram. According to research, on average, 800 million people spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram and upload almost 90 million pictures every day. Wow, 90 million is huge right, isn’t it?

A good picture goes to our profile and a moment on our story. And, of course, while uploading we cannot compromise with quality and looks. To keep this social media engagement exciting/spiced up, makers are constantly innovating trending Instagram filters that everyone can try.

Instagram has nearly 40 filters that you can use to add fun to your posts. Confused which one you should try among these?

Here are some trending Instagram filters you can surely go for:

1. Agnified Eyes from Buatfilter: Most Trending on Instagram

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Well, Magnified Eyes Reel filter  doesn’t need any introduction anymore, trending on all over Instagram.

It’s a fun filter with two magnifying circles in the centre and Baby Kaely-EW song in background. You can surely try this fun loving filter once and share on your insta reels.

2. Grove Street GTA

The Instagram filter named Grove street GTA is trending all around, everyone is loving this filter specially GTA fans. With this filter, when you tap on the surface – you will find three GTA characters talking to each other. 

Grove Street GTA

How to use the GTA San Andreas Instagram Filter?

Just use your back camera, adjust the height of the characters according to your height and click pictures and videos.

3.Runaway Aurora- Most Trending Instagram Filter


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I don’t think anyone has missed this one, the Runaway by Aurora trend is loved by so many users that they couldn’t resist trying this one. Written and sung by Aurora, the song has a very dreamy and aesthetic vibe. The filter allows you to shoot pretty silhouettes against beautiful contrast backgrounds filled with dreamy clouds and stars, looking like a getaway to your wonderland.

4. Cute ’90s is like Time Travel- Vintage Filter on Insta


The ’90s called, they are sharing their style with us folks. The “Cute 90’s” Instagram filter gives your pictures a 90’s vibe, kinda like those old CRT television sets. It adds an old blurry glimpse to your regular picture, giving it a very nostalgic vibe. Try recreating those 90’s looks with this filter and sharing it on your feed.

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5. A Typo like Suneater is the Latest Instagram Filter


Finding a good sticker or font to type a day and time in our pictures or stories is always a pain and time-consuming. But then Rizki came to our rescue and gave us a shortcut yet elegant option.

The Suneater filter adds the current day and time,  as well as a quote with a dark hue, on your screen. You can capture a moment and give it a memory-like touch.

6. Split by Fahrezaos is one of the popular Instagram filters


Created by Fahrezaos, an Instagram user and filter developer, this filter splits your picture or video into 3 Mac application windows like mini-screens, with the pic or video flipped upside down in the back. It adds so much fun to your regular picture and video while enjoying yourself with friends, this filter is a must-try.

7. Kira Pastel 2 by Kamnoyy has risen among the Trending Filters too


Who doesn’t like a little sparkle around?

And a pastel hue on top of that. Cherry on top, right? This filter does exactly that.

Kira Pastel filter adds a touch of twinkling sparkle and a subtle pastel hue to your pictures and videos. Trending among influencers, this filter is a must-try to make your stories more aesthetic.

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8. Good Kisser is a Fun Instagram Filter you should try


Do you have what it takes to be a good kisser? Ever had a chance to find out? No?

Well, this filter might help you a bit….to show off. Created by, currently trending on Instagram, it’s a fun filter that scans your smile and gives a percent with a remark, which can be praising or savage. Sounds fun right, you and your friend should definitely compete on this one.

9. Silly Face by Instagram


You can now make yourself look far sillier than you already do.

Silly face filters from Instagram are something that can make you laugh for sure. This filter exaggerates your facial expressions and makes them appear funnier, just like cartoons. You can look cute or stupid depending on how the filter perceives you, so try it at your own risk!!

10. Lokal by Kadekarini if you like Aesthetic Instagram Filters


Lokal by Kaderkarini is another trending pastel filter perfect for indoor photographs giving a touch of beige and pastel mixed hues. Influencers love using this filter as this adds a beautiful touch to fashion photographs.

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11. Bw Vibe by Triutra- Retro Filter On Instagram


Bw Vibe by Triutra is a famous filter among millennials. It transforms photos to black and white and blurs the edges of the subject with chromatic aberration, kinda like those rainbow patterns you see on CDs. This filter will give your photos a perfect trippy and after-party look.

12. Filter Vs Reality by Fayrdickinsonx is a Popular Filter


Do you want to compare your raw pics or videos with a filter one?

This new trend serves up a split-screen that shows the user’s face both naturally and with a filter, giving users the option of either embracing their flaws or hiding them with a filter on social media. It is currently trending on Instagram, with users posting messages about being natural and being themselves. You should definitely try & hop on the trend.

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So these are some trending filters on Instagram you can try; Instagram also allows you to design your own filters. You can create your own creative filter and let others try it.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section.

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