Comments and wishes for new born baby pictures on social media Comments and wishes for new born baby pictures on social media

Becoming a parent is one of the best moments of life and babies are the best blessings a family can receive. Parents nowadays use social media platforms to share this exciting news. And we can’t deny the fact, looking at those pictures fill our hearts with joy and look for comments and wishes for newborn baby pictures on social media.

We often fall short of words when looking at those adorable pictures, and we couldn’t figure out how to convey warmth. Here are some beautiful wishes/comments that you can use to post on their cute pictures.

Cute Comments for Newborn Baby Boy Pictures On Instagram/Facebook

Every time we come across a cute baby picture on our Facebook or Instagram wall, most of us stop scrolling and adoring the baby. When it is posted by our loved one, we cannot miss writing a cute comment on that!

Here are some cute comments for baby boy pictures on Instagram and Facebook-

Cute comments for newborn baby boy pictures

  1. Lil champion has arrived!
  2. Like a dad-like son, you guys will be great friends.
  3. Finally (elder sibling name) has someone to have bro code now.
  4. Three of you making a perfect acute triangle, making smile at each other.
  5. Looks like a little teddy filled with cuteness.
  6. It’s Mickey’s house in our house!
  7. This Lil man will rule the world.
  8. This one completes your family with love and beautiful moments on the way.
  9. Our new teammate, meet you soon on the ground champ.
  10. Loads of blessings and love from us to this little boy!
  11. What a cute baby this is. May god give him a great life.

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Comments For Newborn Baby Girl pictures on Instagram/ Facebook

A baby girl fills a home with so much love and joy; she rules everyone’s heart the day she arrives, and seeing her pictures on social media simply makes your day.

Here are some cute comments for new-born baby girl pictures on Instagram and Facebook-

Comments for newborn baby girl pictures

  1. Make way, Lil queen has arrived.
  2. Hey! Lil angel sending you all the love and hugs.
  3. As sweet as sugar, as cute as a cupcake.
  4. Already ruling our hearts!
  5. Charm overloaded, cuteness overloaded!
  6. This little one is going to fill your life with happiness.
  7. Absolute copy of her mother, cute, charming, and precious.
  8. Soon your home will be filled with laughter, love, and squeal.
  9. And now you will be ruled by two queens, get prepared!
  10. My blessings for her, may she grow healthy, strong, and best wishes to both of you.
  11. What a cute baby! She looks so adorable in this dress. 

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Sweet Comments For Your Friend’s Newborn Baby’s Picture

Sweet comments for your friend’s newborn baby’s picture

Your friend just got promoted in life, and seeing images of a baby leaves you speechless. Here are some comments that can express your emotions through words.

  1. Can’t wait to play with those cute little hands. Lovely news, Congratulations.
  2. Your future is going to be way brighter now. I am overjoyed. I’ll be there soon to meet the new one.
  3. ow, what a news! So happy for you guys.
  4. Hope this little angel brings lots of happiness and prosperity to your life.
  5. Lots of happy moments are on their way, build so many with this little one.
  6. Amazing! So happy for you both. Love you.
  7. Woah! Coming to see you guys right away.
  8. I can’t wait to play with him/her. So happy for you guys.
  9. My day is made. Great news! Rushing there very soon. Congratulations.
  10. Looking at her makes me feel Hakuna Matata.
  11. I can’t stop adoring him/her, congrats guys.
  12. May with this newborn you get luck in your life. You have my blessings. 

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Comment For Newborn Baby In Your Family

Your favorite cousin, niece, daughter, or son is now a proud parent, and looking at those adorable photos makes you the happiest person on the planet. Here are some comments for the newborn baby in your family.

Comment for newborn baby in family

  1. Can’t wait to meet the baby. Very happy to hear about this.
  2. Words cannot express how happy I am for you guys. My little ones have got an angel to play with.
  3. Woah! Amazing. Coming to you immediately. Would love to see her. So glad.
  4. Your lucky charm is here, gonna bring lots of happiness, success, and love in your life.
  5. Okay now, this one will be on our team.
  6. I got a new friend to accompany me to the baby shop.
  7. Woohoo, this Lil packet of joy is sooo adorable.
  8. Do I have to change nappies when I meet?
  9. Loads of warm wishes from our little family to yours.
  10. Look at that Lil cupcake, can’t wait to meet.
  11. Finally, (the elder kid’s name) got a new company!
  12. A moment filled with mixed emotions, surprised, happy, and getting emotional.
  13. Hey, Lil munchkin with our healthy pumpkin.
  14. Hey sweet baby. Welcome to our family!
  15. Oh, so here comes the new member of the family. Look how cute she is!
  16. Together you all three look so perfect. Congrats on being a mom and dad.

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Simple Comments for Your Colleague’s Newborn Baby Picture

Your work colleagues and teammates are like an extended family, watching them flourish in their personal life makes us so happy. Especially seeing them becoming parents fills your heart with joy. You can pass your heartiest wishes to them with some comments like-

Simple comments for colleague’s newborn baby picture

  1. That’s amazing news!!! Very excited to be a part of this.
  2. This baby will bring happiness into your life. Lovely news!
  3. You two are blessed. Great news. Congratulations 🙂
  4. Happiness coming your way. Congratulations to you two.
  5. You will enjoy every moment of your life hereafter. Lots of love.
  6. Lots of love to the baby and you guys. So happy for you both.
  7. Great news. definitely, the baby will be the lucky charm here on.
  8. I’m glad to hear about this. Can’t wait to see her smile.
  9. This is the biggest promotion and the best news. Hurray!
  10. How charismatic aura he has.
  11. Still mesmerized with the moment I saw you and held you in my hand.
  12. This news made my day, congratulations!  I hope the baby and mother are doing well.
  13. Nine months of patience, pamper, cravings, pain and here you go for a new beginning, congratulations guys!!
  14. Wohoo! entering in your thirties and becoming three from two.
  15. She’s the perfect reflection of you both. Now your family seems complete.
  16. Look at those tiny hands, they going to do great things in life.
  17. I’m very happy to see that your family is complete with such a cute baby.

Congratulations Wishes and Comments for New Born

A newborn baby comes home with positivity and freshness. Having them in life or at home, itself makes life better. If someone in your connection just having a baby and welcoming them, you want to congratulate them on this new phase of life. And here are some congratulatory wishes and comments that will help you with that. 

  1. This baby has no clue how lucky she is. Because it has you two as parents. 
  2. You are going to be the best mom and dad ever. This baby is in great hands. 
  3. Congratulations to the newborn. I hope Mother and Baby are in good health. 
  4. So sure that you both are going to take great care of your newborn. 
  5. You and your little one look so cute together. Congratulation dear. 
  6. I wish you and your baby a great future and wish you all happiness and success. 
  7. A lot of good wishes for you, your family, and this lovely baby you are welcoming. 
  8. Now your life and family feel complete as you have this cute baby in the house.
  9. I must say that now your family feels so complete. This baby is the missing part. 
  10. Feeling so happy for you and your family as you welcome this baby into your life. 
  11. I have no words to explain how I am happy for you and your entire family. 
  12. Believe me, this baby is going to be the lucky charm for both of you. 

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Often little effort and some small wishes can put a huge smile on your loved one’s face. These were some short and pretty wishes that will make their day more special.

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