Most liked youtube shorts of all time in different categories Most liked youtube shorts of all time in different categories

YouTube has always been our favorite place to watch videos, learn new things, and browse videos of our choice. In the age of social media, all of us have gone quite impulsive, similar to Instagram reels, YouTube came up with YouTube shorts, and no doubt they are interesting. 

You can spend hours watching them, these shorts have more views and likes as compared to normal videos on YouTube. 

Scroll below for the ultimate list of the most liked YouTube shorts.   

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List on Most Liked Music Shorts on YouTube

List on most liked music shorts on youtube

Music lovers are all around the globe and everyone loves these shorts. People create crazy YouTube shorts with trending music, which is super entertaining. Some music YouTube shorts are funny and can make you emotional.

Scroll below to watch the most liked music YouTube shorts:

  1. How “Gasolina” was created


Likes- 9.8 million

Gasolina is one of the funniest musical shorts I came across, its content is about how the famous song Gasolina was made. Click on the link to watch this most-liked YouTube music short.

  1. Create a Short to ‘Pink Venom’ & show us your moves with #PinkVenomChallenge only on YouTube Shorts

Likes- 8.3 million

  1. Calm Down Rema vibe #calmdown #rema

Likes- 6.3 million


Likes- 5 million

  1. “Makeba” Dance with @AlanChikinChow at @vidcon | Andra Gogan

Likes- 3.4 million

  1. DESPACITO slowed trending/viral tiktok/reel by MIXDUP | INDIA | #shorts #dance


Likes- 2.3 million

  1. BTS Butter Performance✨ at the Seoul’s Bridge Really cool shade stunner❤

Likes- 2.1 million

  1. Manike song cover ft. Sayali Sonule | #shorts | Squarecut Music

Likes- 1.9 million

  1. Barbie Girl Music Video

Likes- 1.3 million


Likes- 1.2 million

Most Liked YouTube Shorts by Content Creators

Most liked youtube shorts by content creators

YouTube has always been the best platform for content creators, almost every famous content creator made their careers on YouTube. Lately, YouTube shorts have helped them to gain more followers and views.  Scroll below to learn some Most Liked YouTube Shorts by Content Creators:

  1. Would you fly to Paris for a Baguette

41 million

 Mr. Beast never fails to amaze his fans with his unusual demands and activities. This video is something similar. Mr. Beast offers money and asks random people on the street to bring baguettes for him from Paris.

  1. Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping Race

37 million

  1. If Cleaning Was a Timed Sport. Part 2

37 million

  1. OMG Best Teacher

35 million

  1.  Giving iPhones Instead Of Candy on Halloween

31 million

  1. Home Alone in a Rush”

31 million

  1. How Zach King Gets Away With Doing Graffiti

31 million

  1. Power Tools Racing Is INTENSE!!

28 million

  1. The Rock Vs MrBeast For $100,000

27 million

  1. Katana Vs Bullet

21 million

Most Popular Gadgets Shorts on YouTube

Most popular gadgets shorts on youtube

Technology brings something new every day, with new trends every week and some become viral. Some gadgets simply fade, and some become revolutionary gadgets. Watching these gadget videos is so interesting that one can keep on watching, it can be the innovation or some great features. Scroll below for the most liked gadget shorts on YouTube:

  1. Amazing toy gun gadgets, Amazing toy video # 29

Likes- 8.3 million

 This one is a satisfying toy gun video where a man cleans it and then uses it to fire. It’s interesting to see toy gun can make such a sound.

  1. Amazing tools new gadgets, smart appliances Kitchen Utensils/Home Cleaning Part-245 #Shorts

Likes- 6.7 million

  1. Tool Items!New Viral Gadgets, Smart Appliances, Kitchen Utensils/Home Inventions #shorts #gadgets


Likes- 4 million

  1.  50 Rupees Useful Gadgets?

Likes- 4.9 Million

  1.  5 ILLEGAL gadgets that will get you ARRESTED

Likes- 3.8 million

  1. 3 Mini Gadgets Useful Vs Useless #gadgets #shorts

Likes- 2.4 million

  1. 5 DEVIOUS Prank Gadgets!

Likes- 1.9 million

  1. 5 Marvel Gadgets that ACTUALLY Exist

Likes- 1.7 million

  1. ₹20 Majedaar Gadgets !

Likes- 1.6 million

10. 3 Smartphone Gadgets Useful Vs Useless #shorts #gadgets

Likes- 1.1 Million

 Most liked Cooking Shorts

 most liked cooking shorts

Who doesn’t like food, interesting food shorts can surely give you some serious mid-night cravings. Some food makers even made quick food recipes for shorts. Food lovers can spend their hours watching these cooking shorts on YouTube.

Here are some mouth-watering most liked cooking YouTube shorts: 

  1.  Cooking with @ChefRush

Likes- 18 million

 This video is funny and cheesy too since it has a lot of cheese. Well, I cant disclose everything about this short simply click to laugh.

  1. Bai Big Mac #shorts @Bayashi TV

Likes- 13 million

  1. Chili Crab Pizza @ChefRush

Likes- 12 million

  1. BEST COOK ASMR FOOD COOKING – Hamburger and Cream Cheese

Likes- 12 million

  1. Protein Burrito with The Big Man @ChefRush

Likes- 12 million

  1. TOPRAK KİREMİTTE PALAMUT BALIĞI – Cooking Bonito on Earthen tile

Likes- 11 million

  1.  Tiny Cheese Burger @TastemadeJapan

Likes- 10 million

  1. Wagyu Yukhoe @Karl

Likes- 10 million

  1. Fried average sized Wagyu @brentrivera

Likes- 9.9million

10. Kid Fried Rice

Likes- 9.8 million

 Most Liked Car Shorts on YouTube

 most liked car shorts on youtube

Car lovers can watch anything and everything when it is about cars, vintage cars, new launches, or creative YouTube shorts. It can be a car stunt, some new features, or some sarcasm but they like everything. Are you a car lover?

Scroll below to see some most liked trending  YouTube videos of car shorts:



Likes- 14 million

 It’s a prank video short, the man puts a fake scratch sticker on a Lamborghini to fool his girlfriend, click the video to see what happens.

  1. I RUINED A $500,000 SUPERCAR WITH THIS PRANK – #shorts

Likes- 8.5 million

  1. How to FILM a HELLCAT Drive OFF! #Shorts

Likes- 7.5million


Likes- 6.3million

  1. Unwrapping the 2022 PTS #Porsche 911 GT3 #asmr #unboxing

Likes- 6.3million

  1. How to FILM a SUPRA driving UP! #Shorts

Likes- 5.3million


Likes- 4.3million

  1. You won’t believe this #RollsRoyce anti-theft device! #Shorts

Likes- 3.7 million

  1. How remarkable is this 2008 #RollsRoyce Phantom Drophead #shorts #asmr #luxurycars


Likes- 3.4 million

10. The Mercedes AVTR is Insane #shorts

Likes- 3.3million

11. Lamborghini Fans

Likes- 3million

Most Liked Satisfying Shorts

Most liked satisfying shorts

Sleepless nights or a boring day can be in the middle of a work break as well. Well, I was talking about satisfying video shorts on YouTube shorts. I can spend hours and hours watching those oddly satisfying videos on YouTube. These videos are simply addictive and no doubt entertaining as well.

  1.    Oddly satisfying Kids don’t try at home #thatlittlepuff #Puffanythingyoulike #catsofyoutube

Likes- 23million

Who doesn’t like satisfying video from the cat, watch how this cat keeps experimenting and creates satisfying shorts for all of us.

  1.  Do you have your earpuds ready? #nourisheveryyou #cats #catsofyoutube #thatlittlepuff

Likes- 14million

  1.  Playlist: “Dont try them at home” #thatlittlepuff #catsofyoutube


Likes- 13million

  1. Puff’s got something oddly satisfying to show you. #thatlittlepuff #satisfying #catsofyoutube

Likes- 9.2million

  1.  This little guy turned out so perfect ❤️ #satisfying #snow

Likes- 7.8million

  1. The most satisfying thing you will ever see!

Likes- 7.4million

  1. Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things ! Breaking glass bottles ⚠️ #short 03 #asmr

Likes- 4.9million

  1.  SUPER Satisfying Video Makes You Relaxed!!❤| Oddly Satisfying Tiktok #funnycat #shorts

Likes- 4.4million


Likes- 4.1million

  1. The Most SATISFYING Video Ever

Likes- 3.8million

These were some of the best and most liked shorts on YouTube with different genres like music, cars, content creators, and satisfying videos. Just like shorts if you want to know more about the most liked YouTube videos.

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