Flowing ideas methods Flowing ideas methods

Everything begins with an idea.

We need a constant supply of ideas in our day to day life to execute things or to win more often; they are our most fundamental currency.
So, what is an idea? According to James Webb Young, ‘An idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements.’ Further, to combine old elements into new, Young tells us that the capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships; he says it’s a habit of mind which ‘can be cultivated’.

Here I mention a few ways how to cultivate that habit or how to keep ‘Ideas Flowing’.

1. Move

5 ways to keep ideas flowing move
It’s simple, change the scenery, get out, take a bus, go for a walk or travel place and just observe. Observe the things, people, the setting of the place. It sorts out mind and brings new ideas while you get acquainted with new scenarios.

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2. Try Meditation

5 ways to keep ideas flowing meditation
Silence is underrated. If you’re surrounded by silence your brain might just decide to fill the void with ideas!
Furthermore, through meditation mindfulness can be achieved which helps in building an observant mind and hence a creative one.

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3. Feed Your Mind

5 ways to keep ideas flowing feed your mind
Familiarizing with other ideas can broader your perspective and helps you find new ways to make your ideas viable. And so, read more books, read more articles, blogs, watch TED talks, hear out different ideas from different regions, communities, platforms, enrich your knowledge! It’s all going to help you in various ways, not only in flowing ideas to your brain.

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4. Ask for Opinions

5 ways to keep ideas flowing asking for opinions
Asking for opinions from different types of people who tend to present an uninfluenced, unbiased standpoint can really help explore new perspectives and consequently generate ideas.

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5. Believe

5 ways to keep ideas flowing believe

Of course no one was born creative; mastering the technique of keeping ideas flowing takes practice and doggedness. You got to believe the process, yourself; because doubt limits you and your ideas!

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Lastly I would like to say that ideas aren’t difficult, implementing them is. Long steady perseverance in mind training is required; since ideas don’t work out unless you do!

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