Replies for whats up or ssup Replies for whats up or ssup

“Yeah, I’m fine, thank you”

Are you still replying the same when your friend, colleague, or even stranger asks you “How are you” or “What’s up”? Then it’s time to add a few more replies to your vocabulary. 

You’ll be surprised to know that there are many creative and fun replies for what’s up or ssup, you can use. And, that response varies from your mood to the connection you’ve with the person.

Well, so if you are looking for some fresh responses to what’s up, then here is the list for you. 

Interesting Replies for What’s Up or ssup

1. “Bitcoins”.

Obvious thing. The prices of bitcoins are going up day-by-day. And, it can be a better response to what’s up. If you’re an online trader, then this is an opportunity to show-off your trading knowledge, a bit. Moreover, you can advise them to invest in bitcoins, after that, too. 

2. “It’s my blood pressure.”

You don’t require to have high blood pressure, to reply like this. These are kind of better replies for what’s up when it’s your best friend, who knows you don’t have blood pressure. It’s enough to lighten up your mood when you’re under some pressure and tension. 

3. “Nothing much!”

When you don’t have anything extra or special things to say at the moment, you can respond with this one. Further, you can ask your friend or someone, what’s going in their life. 

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4. “My debts”

Indeed, another funny revert to someone who knows your situation very well. When you’re worrying over your other expenses and debts, then this is a great conversation starter. 

5. “What do you think?”

It’s clearly showing that you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone. A valid reply for your best friend, when their “what’s up” is meant to make fun of you. 

6. “You know better.”

A good reply to what’s up or ssup, when your best friend knows the life situation you’re in. They ask you, just to confirm that you are feeling better or not.

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7. “It’s good, nothing great.”

When you have nothing extra or great things to discuss with your friend, this is a good way to respond. This shows that things are going well. Not too great, but not too bad, either.

8. “Just regular life and people.”

Quite a simple and direct response to what’s up. It clearly shows that you’re not in the mood to discuss something, but situations are not that worse, too. With these replies, you’re informing that you’re okay with the present time. 

9. “Just counting days.”

A better response to a coworker, who knows you’re going to leave this company. It’s a good way to reply to their what’s up or ssup, to inform them that you’re excited about a new job or work. 

10. “Waiting for the weekend.”

When you’re feeling a little lazy at work, and have nothing to add, then this is your suitable response. Moreover, you can use these replies for what’s up or ssup, when you have some special plan for weekends. It’s the best response to show your excitement or tiredness, depending on your right mood. 

11. “Heard of my promotions?”

Not as a sense of showing-off, but to inform them, that you’re promoted at your job. This one is your reply, when you have some good news about your role, to share with coworkers.  

12. “What’s up with you?”

The most common and easiest reply is when you have nothing to share from your end but have the interest to know about them. It’s showing your relaxed mood and reflects your polite behavior. When someone new in the office asks you what’s up, this is your better reply. Overall, your friendly behavior supports them to open up to this new environment.

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13. “Feeling tired, friend.”

Replying with this, to inform your colleagues that you’re working on something for a long time. Now you’re tired and thinking to get rid of this task as quickly as possible, and this is your better response. 

14. “It’s going good, nothing extra”

Use this nicer response when asked by someone who you don’t like really. You don’t have to express your frustrations to them.

It’s just a polite way to inform them, you’ve nothing extra to add, so they can leave now. 

15. “Why do you matter?”

This is a kind of rude reply when asked by someone who is not close or is a stranger. When someone asks you even after knowing that you’re in pain, then this is your response. A tight response, so that they think before trying to make fun of you, again. 

16. “…is something that’s not Down.”

Not a funny response, you are just saying facts, there. Up is the opposite of down. They asked you something about ‘UP’ and you’ve given them the right answer. Well described. 

17. “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Well, I’ve nothing to add here. 

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18. “I don’t know, I don’t buy stocks.” 

When you are a bit annoyed or want to save yourself from the boring person approaching, you can reply with this one to their ‘whats up’. This clearly gives them hints over not to disturb you or about your bad mood.

And if they are smart enough, they feel like you’re saying, ‘Find another person and spare me, now.’ 

19. “I will inform you when I find it out.”

You have no idea where to lead the conversation and in such a situation this one makes a good reply to their ssup. Most probably you can use this to tell your best friend what’s up when you are in deep thoughts and they show up from nowhere. 

20. “Petrol price.” 

Indeed a preferred reply in the time when petrol price is really going high day by day. Such reply will at least give you some topic to discuss with your best friend or someone who asked you ‘what’s up’,

21. Great, what about you?

The simplest and best reply is. When you are in a good mood and want to make others feel the same, you can replay this on someone’s up or ssup. Such an approach makes others feel the positive energies and has good conversations with you. 

22. I was thinking the same, let’s think about it together. 

Simply a confused reply shows you have no idea what’s going on and need to pass the time standing in a queue or waiting for someone.

You are already bored, have nothing to do there, but your friends come and approach you from nowhere.

23. Well, it’s again a boring day!

Suppose you’re at work or thinking somewhere about your vacation and your friend or someone comes up to you and asks this question. You can reply with this one. This actually allows you to have a good conversation with them thereafter. Most probably that’s regarding your dream vacation or even the short trip you’ve been thinking of. Who knows they might be up for the same plan.

24. Oh, you scared me. Hi, I was fine, thank you.

You are probably meditating or listening to your music sitting at the nearest park, and one of your friends comes up to you. Since you have no idea where the friend came from, they break the silence with such loudest greetings. And, this would be the perfect response that you’re surprised also scared.

25. No sorry, I don’t need any soup right now. 

When someone says ssup, you can share this playful response. Pretend like you didn’t hear them properly. Maybe you’re not in the mood to talk to them at the moment or you’re just kidding with them. Also, you hilariously decline there request to have some chat.Because you have no interest for any discusssion.

26. “I’m just as always.”

This is overall a fun reply to what’s up to that friend who knows good things about you. You two have been talking about the same old stuff on repeat and this time there’s nothing new to discuss as well. With such a funny response, you express that you aren’t in a mood or don’t want to complain about anything at all.

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Final thoughts:

We hope now, you have some good replies for what’s up or ssup. Well, these are just a few replies, and we know this helps you to come up with even hilarious and funny responses, from here.

‘How are you’ and ‘what’s up’ are nothing great, but showing someone’s interest to start the conversation with you.

Not every time, you have to be that regular, funny, or even rude while replying to that.

Sometimes it’s okay if you have some unique replies for whats up or ssup. After all, hearing something new from you, they feel glad that they asked the right person. 

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