Hearing the announcement of another corporate meeting often brings out negative feelings for the employees. Most of the time, meetings are short and straightforward. But once in a while, the company holds formal and significant meetings that require employees to be stuck in a stuffy room sitting in a chair for quite some time.

There’s no denying that meetings are an essential part of every company because they enable collaboration, creativity, and innovation. However, a survey reports that 71% of senior managers believe that meetings are unproductive and inefficient. But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Changing the Venue

The critical factor to productive and efficient business meetings may be as simple as altering the venue. Gone are the days where all companies are following the traditional business meetings of being cramped in their conference room.

Now, they are switching up their routine and holding their meetings outside the confines of their offices.

Corporate Meeting Facilities Oakville, like the Monte Carlo Inns, may turn a company’s corporate meeting into a smashing success. Whether it’s just for a small group of eight people or a big gathering of 90 people, Accommodation Inns will be an ideal setting for a corporate meeting.

How Would This Benefit Your Employees?

Hosting business gatherings and events at Corporate Meeting Facilities Oakville bring several benefits to both the company and its employees. Not having space is the most common problem that businesses face when conducting meetings.

Provide comfort and promote productivity. Employees are often cramped inside a small room or around a small table with others having to hover and stand. This is not a conducive environment to be productive. Renting a spacious corporate meeting facility will provide a comfortable space to hold everyone in attendance and promote productivity.

Encourage discipline and focus. A new and relaxed environment will also help minimize tension, distractions, and interruptions that employees typically experience in a busy office. This will help improve the attentiveness of all participants and their overall productivity. A new environment also brings out fresh ideas from people. Of course, getting out of the office, even for a business event, can be exciting.

Having participants in a good mood will make them more involved in achieving the best outcome for the meeting.

Promote camaraderie. Business events and meetings are meant to promote engagement and camaraderie among all employees. Getting all employees from different areas and departments together at a centrally located business venue will open the doors to building excellent communication and relationship. This will, in turn, help promote team spirit and collaboration between everyone.

Access to complete amenities. Corporate meeting facilities provide users with access to a wide range of amenities. A company will be getting more than just a meeting room. Often, these facilities offer new and better technology and other amenities, including a full-service of catering, which will allow companies to meet all their needs for a successful corporate meeting.


Changing the routine and perception of corporate meetings by holding it outside the standard office walls may generate a more efficient, productive, and successful result. It can enhance the performance and job satisfaction of every employee and improve the state of the business and the company.

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