Interactive questions for instagram story Interactive questions for instagram story

Simply posting a new picture or story every day is not the only way to engage with your audience. It is sometimes necessary to get creative with what you’ve been doing regularly to keep your audience entertained. 

You can improve engagement on your Instagram profile or page by using Instagram’s new story features.

Instagram stories are indeed one of the best ways to better reach your audience, and you can use story features such as emojis, stickers, and poll questions that ensure better interaction.

Here is the ultimate list of the best questions to ask in your Instagram story that you might find interesting. 

Quiz Questions for Instagram stories 

Quiz questions for instagram stories 

Using puzzles and puzzles is a perfect way to engage your audience and get them involved in fun activities. If you want to start with some fun quiz questions here are some for you. 

  1. What is your all-time favorite movie? 
  2. In which industry are you currently working? 
  3. What is your dream that you have never shared with anyone? 
  4. Tell something special about you. 
  5. What is something that you are most afraid of? 
  6. Do you have a pet or plan to have one? 
  7. Which is your favorite series on Netflix?
  8. What are you binge-watching this weekend? 
  9. What is your favorite celebrity? 
  10. How many tattoos do you have? 
  11. What is something that you think is important but that’s not actually? 
  12. Are you wake up late or prefer to wake up early? 
  13. Which is the best time to study at home? 
  14. How many of you think that you’re going to be great one day? 
  15. How many instruments can you play? 
  16. Who is the biggest support in your life? 
  17. Which animal do you wish to talk to? 

Questions for Instagram Story Ideas

Questions for instagram story ideas

If you’re going live to interact with your audience to develop a stronger following, you better ask some good questions. Here are some right questions to ask your audience. 

  1. What are the craziest things you’ve done in life? 
  2. Which songs are you listening to these days on repeat? 
  3. Do you have any secret talent? Share it here. 
  4. Approx how many hours a day I spend on Instagram?
  5. What is my favorite post that you still remember? 
  6. What’s my catchphrase? 
  7. What is the worst Instagram post that made you unfollow my page? 
  8. What software am I using to design my photo? 
  9. What is my favorite color that I used the most in most pictures? 
  10. What s the perfect time where I post every day usually? 
  11. How many times does it take me to create a new post for Instagram? 
  12. Do you have any superpowers? What is it? 
  13. You’ve watched your favorite movies how many times? 
  14. What is enough for an average person to live happily? 
  15. How long do you think you’re going to live? 
  16. Who is the most overrated Instagram celebrity?
  17. Have you ever regretted being on Instagram? What’s the reason?
  18. What present did you get on your last birthday?
  19. Share anything special and unique about you.
  20. Which wild animal would you like to keep as a pet if you could?
  21. What are you trying to get with Instagram?
  22. Give me the one best reason why not to be on instagram.

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Interesting Questions for Instagram Story Polls

Interesting questions for instagram story polls

Well, such poll questions have nothing to do with political discussion or any serious analysis. Here all you need to do is come up with some engaging poll questions to include in your story to gather readers’ viewpoints. 

  1. Guess: what will be my team size?
  2. Guess: Average likes/comments we get normally on our posts? 
  3. Who has the most IG followers: Ronaldo or Messi?
  4. How many people are working under you or in your team?
  5. From 1 to 10 what would you rate me based on the content quality? 
  6. Who is going to win this match? (Pick teams from recent sports events)
  7. How would you rate the recent episode of the (any ongoing series)?
  8. What do you think where am I from? 
  9. This page is… a. Awesome b. Average C. Could be better
  10. How many of you work on your passion? 
  11. We humans have to be grateful for what, the most?
  12. How many times does it take you to fully understand something? 
  13. What would you do if you became a president for just one day? 
  14. Which place is the best destination to visit in this season? 
  15. Which is your favorite platform: Netflix, DisneyPlus, AmazonPrime, or else? 
  16. What are your thoughts on recent pop culture? 
  17. How many of you think that social media is no longer the right place to be?
  18. Even without technology, our life would be even better: Yes or no?

Questions for Instagram stories About me

Questions for instagram stories about me

Whenever you want to check how well you are known and what your audience thinks of you, these are the good questions to ask. Also, you can invite your audience to ask you questions in the story and provide the answers as well. Which allows the audience to feel more connected with your brand, page, and profile.

  1. How long have you been following me on Instagram?
  2. What is the most trending Instagram location of the year
  3. The place that you never want to visit again in life. 
  4. How many times have you been out of your home country? 
  5. What is your individual opinion about me? 
  6. Which beauty product do you want to recommend to me and why? 
  7. Which is your favorite social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter.
  8. What day do you spend the most on Instagram? 
  9. Which types of content do you like to see the most from us? 
  10. Which place do you normally visit on a night out
  11. Which celebrity profile have you recently unfollowed and why? 
  12. What is the most inspiring quote you have ever read on Instagram?
  13. Who is your favorite author and which book is your favorite one? 
  14. What do you prefer: DC heroes or Marvel’s Avengers?
  15. How many of you think that you’re not making the most of your time? 
  16. How many of you also use Pinterest quite actively? 
  17. Answer if you’re a true fan: How many posts do I share every day on average?

Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask on IG story

Never have i ever questions to ask on ig story

You can play a question game like ‘Never have I ever” with your followers on Instagram to truly connect interactively. These are some perfect questions for Instagram stories. 

  1. Never have I ever used any filter on my posts. 
  2. Never have I ever manipulated someone to do something for me. 
  3. Never have I ever lied to someone. 
  4. Never have I ever dyed my hair. 
  5. Never have I ever gone to an adventure theme park. 
  6. Never have I ever left my hometown. 
  7. Never have I ever used a calculator. 
  8. Never have I ever copied someone’s contents.
  9. Never have I ever gone to a state university. 
  10. Never have I ever stolen something in my life. 
  11. Never have I ever availed of discounts on anything. 
  12. Never have I ever asked nonsense questions.
  13. Never have I ever dropped my phone life. 

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When you are not seeing any engagements with your regular Instagram stories or posts, Try out some interactive questions and interactive polls to participate your audience and engage them with your page.

Apart from following such questions for Instagram story ideas, you can also use some stickers to interact with your audience in a great way. 

Whether it’s polls, emojis, or stickers, this interactive feature will make it easier for you to stay connected with your followers on a one-to-one basis. Over the long run, that helps you build a loyal audience for your page. 

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