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If you’re on the internet, it’s not quite possible that you’ve not heard about the streaming giant Netflix. In this list, we will suggest you the trending Netflix shows in India. This list is created to give you the name of the series on Netflix that other people are loving to binge-watch.

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Best series on Netflix India to watch

Mamla Legal Hai: New on Neflix

Mamla Legal Hai is a light quirky comedy show on Netflix that can be a perfect weekend binge-watch. The show is courtroom-based where one can see interesting cases in the district court of Patparganj and hearings with witty lawyers. Every episode will bring justice with laughter. The show has an interesting star cast like Ravi Kishan, Naila Grewal, Nidhi Bisht, Anant Joshi.

Mismatched season 2 – Netflix Top 10

Who missed season one on Netflix? Most of us were eagerly waiting for Mismatched season 2 and it’s finally here. Just like season one, this season again restores our belief in love and destiny.

This season is filled with new break-ups, restoring old bonds and uncovering the truth and some new love stories. Surely add it to your weekend Netflix binge watch list.

Masaba Masaba Season 2 – Top 10 on Netflix

You did get over with the madness of Masaba Masaba season one? The maker served another sizzling sneak peek from Masaba’s life. The show is about fashion designer Masaba Gupta, who acted by herself, and the experiences that she absorbs on daily basis. The show has some amazing artists justifying the tragedies and comedy happening around Masaba’s life. If you are a fashion lover and Bollywood fan then this show is surely a must-watch.

All of Us are Dead – Trending on One on Netflix

All of us are dead is a Korean thriller trending on number one on Netflix. Movie revolves around a Zombie virus outbreak at a high school, trapped children trying to find a way to save themselves and run out from the premises in order to save themselves from the virus.

If you like violence thrillers and especially Korean, then this one is a perfect weekend watch for you.

Emily in Paris season-2 

Emily, a Chicago based marketing executive, gets an opportunity in Paris to bring fresh American ideas to their market. In the first season, the audience saw a roller coaster ride of her life. Season two is on air and in the top 10 of Netflix. Well, season two doesn’t lessen her struggle in Paris; instead brings some new romantic turns in Emily’s life. The only good thing that happens is she can now navigate better in Paris lane. Watch how she plans to attend French classes and what happens next.

Decoupled- Netflix Top 10

Decoupled is a fresh idea modern comedy series showcasing an urban couple trying to hide their separation decision from their daughter at the same time figuring out how to convince her. Starring R. Madhvan, Surveen Chawla in lead series has some fresh content that is worth watching, clash of Chetan Bhagat with Arya who are competitors in fiction writing and Arya’s perspective towards every situation is full of surprises. It is worth binge watching Netflix originals.

Little Things – Season 4 Now Trending in Top 10

Our favorite and much-awaited show, Little things, is on air now on Netflix. And we are smiling again, watching our favorite Kavvu and Dhruv together, solving their minor issues, and cherishing their little moments together. Dhruv comes back from Finland; Kavya observes what changed in their equation; Dhruv wants to explore new horizons of their relationship and take it further where Kavya isn’t ready yet! 

Book your weekend for Little Things 4 on Netflix and watch how they overcome and celebrate their relationship.

Squid Games- Top Trending on Netflix

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of this one?

A new Korean series Squid Games has become one of the biggest hits of the year and no doubt it is an amazing series. This is a survival thriller with lots of turning points, Hundreds of contests accepts an invitation to complete child games to get attractive rewards.

But these games aren’t that easy, it is about their life and death, watch how they survive this acceptance and who will win this. It is a must-watch series for suspense lovers.

Kota Factory Season 2 – Trending in Top 10

Kota Factory season 2 is on air after an overwhelming response for season one. Witness the further journey of the old batch with a new batch. Jitu Bhaiya left Maheshwari classes and started his own, beginning with some new love stories and new struggles. Some students find it difficult to study without him, some of them join his institute. Vaibhav couldn’t crack his first attempt. Let’s see if he could crack his exam this time.

Money Heist (Season/Part 5) is Trending on Netflix

The wait is over for Money Heist lovers as season five goes on air. Watch how the professor saves himself from Sierra, and saves his team from the army by negotiating with Tamayo.

With current scenarios and tension, you will also get the glimpse of the professor’s past life, how he entered in the great heist business.

Set yourself for another roller coaster ride again with the new season of La casa de papel on Netflix.


Ray, with a bunch of the finest Bollywood star cast is a new Netflix short stories series. Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Ali Fazal, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Radhika Madan, KK Menon, Shweta Basu, this series is directed by Satyajit Ray.

It is a journey of four short stories from famous writer Satyajit Ray from satire to psychological thriller. Its first episode aired on 25th June and is surely a must-watch.

Shadow and Bones

Shadow and Bones is a new fantasy series on Netflix based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels. Starring General Kirigin, Jessie Mei Li, and Freddy Carter, the series revolves around a sinister’s conspiracy against a young soldier after they learn of her magical powers. Makers’ released its first episode on April 23rd. 

Ajeeb Daastaans

Ajeeb Daastaans is a new Netflix original produced by Karan Johar and directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, Kayoze Irani, Shashank Khaitan. The movie features the finest star cast like Nushrat Bharucha, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Jaideep Ahlawat, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shefali Shah, Manav Kaul, and so many more.

The movie revolves around four finely crafted stories where the character explores some unknown emotions and encounters surprising and unexpected situations.

It’s a one-time watch movie, but you should definitely add this one to your list.

Bombay Begum

Bombay Begum is a Netflix original ranking in top 10 and its story revolves around 5 ambitious women from Mumbai. Starring Pooja Bhatt, Shana Goswami, Amruta Subhash, Plabita Borthakur and Aadhya Anand works towards their ambitions, desires and dreams. Add this one in your watch list for the weekend.

Best Trending Comedy Series on Netflix

Let’s start this list with some light-hearted and funny shows on Netflix.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013 – Present)

Brooklyn nine nine

This one is actually my favorite Comedy show of Netflix. Brooklyn Nine-Nine revolves around the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn {hence the name Brooklyn Nine-Nine}. It shows us the lives of the detectives of the precinct, how they comically solve interesting cases. It stars the neanimorphic Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, and many more. This Netflix sitcom is Co-Created by Michael Schur, who was also producer and writer of another hit sitcom The Office.

No. of Season(s)– 7

Rating- 8.4/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine

– “Anyone over the age of six, celebrating a birthday should go to hell.” – Rosa Diaz

Madeline Wuntch: Hello, Raymond. How do you like my new office? Twentieth floor.

Captain Holt: Yes, I never thought I’d see you this high without a broom under you.

Rosa: I’ve only said I love you to three people. My mom, my dad, and my dying grandpa. And one of those I regret.

Charles: Which one?

Rosa: Grandpa. He beat cancer, so I now look like an idiot.

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2. F.r.i.e.n.d.s (1994-2004)


The most obvious series on the list is Friends. This sitcom ended in May of 2004, and yet it is still loved by people all over the world. The shows center six friends who live together and spend time together all the time. It has iconic characters of Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel.

They have beautifully and comically shown there lives for ten years.

You can not miss this iconic sitcom on Netflix. This indeed deserves a place in the list of best Netflix series in India.

No. of Season(s)– 10

Rating- 8.9/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Friends.

– “Joey doesn’t share food.” – Joey

– “We were on a break.” – Ross

– “Hi, I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.” – Chandler

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3. The Good Place (2016-Present)

The good place

Eleanor dies and finds herself in the afterlife in The Good Place, don’t confuse it with heaven and hell, she lived a very corrupt and immoral life and yet she is in the good place, watch the show to know how the story unfolds and find all the funny twists and turns.

No. of Season(s)– 4

Rating- 8.2/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series The Good Place

– ‘Sometimes, when you’re feeling helpless, the secret is to help someone else. Get out of your own head. Trust me. The next time someone asks for help, say yes.’ – Michael.

– ‘I can’t believe Michael betrayed us again; why is it always the ones you most expect?’ – Jason.

– ‘It’s a rare occurrence, like a double rainbow. Or like someone on the internet saying, You know what? You’ve convinced me I was wrong.’ – Michael.

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4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015 – 2019)

Unbreakable kimmy schmidt

After 15 years, being Rescued from a doomsday cult, a young woman filled with positive attitude starts her new life in  New York, accompanying her, is a gay wannabe-Broadway actor, a street-wise landlady, and a depressed out-of-touch socialite. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is still a trending show on Netflix India.

No. of Season(s)– 4

Rating- 7.6/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

– “I Envy You. I’ve Never Been Able To Meet Me”- Titus

– “I’ve Been Waiting So Long My Rachel’s Starting To Phoebe.” – Jacqueline

– “Changing Your Outside Isn’t Going To Fix What’s Wrong Inside.” – Kimmy

5. Orange Is the New Black (2013 – 2019)

Orange is the new black

Orange is the new black is a humorous prison story, which is Netflix’s most-watched original series. It’s a memoir of Piper Kerman’s experience in a minimum-security women’s federal prison in upstate New York, a sentence of 15 months of which she spent 13 months. It has a diverse cast with a brilliant script and acting. A great series to feature in the Trending Netflix series.

No. of Season(s)– 7

Rating- 8.1/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Orange is the new black

– All problems are boring until they’re your own. – Red

– If you’re not building a future, it’s because you don’t believe there is a future.    –Vee

– Maybe this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Maybe this, right now, is making me a better person. – Piper

6. Aziz Ansari: Nightclub Comedian

Since it is another year with covid, quarantine, and pandemic skewing our live Aziz thoughts to deliver some real content on the same. This is a Netflix special standup comedy episode where you can laugh at the tragedy we all are currently suffering, covid waves, celebrity-side gigs, and our smartphones.

7. Ye Kali Kali ankhen 

Ye Kali Kali ankhein is a crime thriller series streaming under Netflix top ten. With an interesting star cast the story revolves around the daughter of a politician who likes a normal guy from her town. She wants to achieve him at any cost and her powerful family supports her whereas the boy tries every possible way to get rid and save himself, his family and his lover.

It is an interesting story and intriguing turns in the plot with action and drama.

Best Trending Animated Series/Anime on Netflix

Animation has come a long way, and it is no longer limited to the children. Adult animation engages the adults to watch the whole series, and they love it. Here are the Top Animated series on Netflix.

1. BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

Bojack horseman

This is the best series on Netflix right now; it is a show about how a horse who had fame from his 90s series called Horsin Around (Yes Pun intended), is now a screwed up horse who wants to return to the stardom and being relevant to people again, while being addicted to different sorts of substances and being hurtful to people, knowingly and unknowingly. BoJack Horseman came to completion with its 6th season very recently in 2020. This truly deserves a place in the list of best-animated series on Netflix.

Is BoJack Horseman worth watching?

BoJack Horseman is one of the greatest animated masterpiece created in the 21st century. This show not only makes you laugh on the funny animal puns or its dark humor but also hard-hitting truths of life.

You will feel connected to the show, maybe not instantly because 1st season may feel very unusual, and you would need time to get accommodated to the feel of the show.

But you will surely feel connected to the show after the first season, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching the show ahead.

It showcases the mental torture a person goes through and also depression and other issues of the animals and other characters of the series. This show will make you give a second chance to people and also to yourself and creates a new, never give up attitude within yourself. So in short- This show is worth watching.

No. of Season(s)– 6

Rating- 8.7/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series BoJack Horseman

– “When You Look At Someone Through Rose-Colored Glasses, All The Red Flags Just Look Like Flags.”- Wanda

– “I need to go take a shower, so I can’t tell if I’m crying or not.”- BoJack

– “I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast!”- BoJack

2. Rick and Morty (2013-Present)

Rick and morty

Rick and Morty is the name of two of the main character on whose adventures the story revolves around. Rick is a super genius scientist who knows everything and his dumb, not so bright grandson Morty, who knows nothing. They keep on going on adventures in the multiverse and many times tend to get dark. There are many references to many things and special guest appearances from people like Elon Musk. It is the highest-rated Animated show on IMDb.

No. of Season(s)– 4

Rating- 9.3/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series, Rick and Morty.

– “Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science.” – Rick

– “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV.”- Morty

– Having a family doesn’t mean that you stop being an individual. You know the best thing you can do for the people that depend on you? Be honest with them, even if it means setting them free. – Mr. Meeseeks

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3. Tales of Arcadia – Troll Hunters (2016-2018) & 3 Below (2018-2019)

Tales of Arcadia is a trilogy of animated sci-fi series containing three series of which two have been named in the title, and the third has not yet been finalized for a release date, but it would be called Wizards. Troll hunter revolves around the story where a boy finds a Magic Amulet and that Amulet chooses him to be the Trollhunter, he is supposed to be a guardian that protects the human and the secret world of trolls.

3Below premiered at the time of last season of Trollhunters, two teenage royals and one bodyguard escape there planet with a mothership when they are invaded and land on earth. The story portrays there to stay on earth and how they try to go back to there planet. Troll hunters and 3 below can be considered connected to each other.

When is the Wizard- Tales of Arcadia releasing?

There is no confirmation about the date of Wizard as of now; you may expect it to release at the end of the year or in 2021.



No. of Season(s)– 3

Rating- 8.5/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series TrollHunter

– “Destiny is a gift. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor. That to strive end triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero. Don’t think. Become.” – Jim Lake.

– “Almost”! A very important word. A life of “Almost” is a life of never. – Blinky.

3 Below3below

No. of Season(s)– 3

Rating- 7.8/10 (IMDb)

4. Death Note (2006-2007)

Death note

A genius boy gets hold of a supernatural book fell from realm to the earth, where he swears to destroy the evil from the earth with the help of the book and act like god. The book kills anyone whose name is written on it. Police with the help of a strange detective name L becomes an obstacle on his path. Even though this anime ended in 2007, it can be still considered one of the top-notch Japanese anime which is still a trending series on Netflix.

No. of Season(s)– 1

Rating- 9.0/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Death note.

– “This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die. Someone has to do it, so why not me?” – Light Yagami

– “If Kira gets caught, he is evil. If Kira rules the world, he is justice.” – Light Yagami

– “You’re just a murderer, Light Yagami. And this notebook is the deadliest weapon of mass murder in the history of mankind.” – Nate River

Best Trending Action & Adventure Series on Netflix

1. The Witcher (2019-Present)

The witcher

Starring Henry Cavill, The Witcher is based on the book series with the same name. Cavill’s character is based on fictional medieval time named Geralt of Rivia, and Ciri is a princess to whom he is connected by destiny. The action scenes are truly spectacular, and it looks natural on Henry as if he is a stuntman. The Witcher constantly comes face to face with fate to fight against all the odds and get a win. The Brooding and The Witcher saying f**k will make you like the character even more.

Is The Witcher worth watching?

The story starts with a nice touch of action and character introduction, but towards the middle of the season, you will feel disconnected from the story and the characters, but after the 5th episode, the series takes off and will surely intrigue you with its story.

Henry Cavill’s performance as The Witcher will not disappoint you at all. So in short, the starting and the end is good, but the middle 2-3 episodes will make you suffer.

No. of Season(s)– 1

Rating- 8.4/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series The Witcher.

– “Evil Is Evil…Lesser, Greater, Milling. It’s All The Same.”

– “They Took My Choice. I Want It Back.”

– “We Have To Cling To Something. If We Don’t, The World Descends Into Chaos.”

2. Narcos: Mexico (2018-Present)

Narcos mexico

This Series focuses on the origin of modern war on drugs, how in the 80’s the infamous drug cartel called Guadalajara Cartel whose leader also the infamous Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo unifies the unorganized, small-time cannabis growers and dealers to rise and build a huge empire. The newly posted DEA agent Kiki Camarena who moved in with his wife and a young son from California to Guadalajara. He will have to take the challenging task of eradicating the cartel and that won’t be easy at all for him, more difficult than he would have ever imagined.

Is Narcos and Narcos: Mexico the same?

Well Narcos: Mexico was planned to be the fourth season of Narcos but it was ultimately developed as a companion series. So technically and obviously they both are not the same. Narcos focused on the drug cartel in Columbia and Narcos: Mexico on the cartel in Mexico.

What to watch first, Narcos or Narcos: Mexico?

Well as the shows are not interconnected it wouldn’t matter what you watch first, but in my opinion, you should watch the series in the way they were realised. First Narcos and then Narcos: Mexico so that you get fully accustomed to the dark world of Cartel. But you can watch Narcos: Mexico directly too without watching Narcos as they both are not the same.

Is Narcos: Mexico Available in Hindi on Netflix India?

No, Narcos: Mexico is no available in Hindi on Netflix India.

No. of Season(s)– 2

Rating- 8.4/10 (IMDb)

3. Altered Carbon (2018-Present)

Altered carbon

Set in the future, humans have developed the technology to store their consciousness through “Stacks” in their bodies, and as long as stacks are safe, they can transfer it to another human or “Sleeve.” Takeshi Kovacs, the protagonist, wakes up after 250 years in hibernation. Laurens Bancroft, one of the wealthiest people on earth, hires Takeshi to find his murderer.

When is season 2 of Altered Carbon premiering on Netflix?

Altered Carbon’s second season will Premier on Netflix worldwide on 27/2/20 Thursday, starring Anthony Mackie as the latest Sleeve. Joel Kinnaman will be missed in this role. It will take no time for the show to start trending on Netflix India.

No. of Season(s)– 2

Rating- 8.1/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Altered Carbon.

– Humanity has spread to the stars. We set out like ancient seafarers to explore the limitless ocean of space. But no matter how far we venture into the unknown, the worst monsters are those we bring with us. –  Takeshi Kovac.

– It is not our enemies that defeat us.  It is our fear. – Poe.

– “When you believe a lie for too long, the truth doesn’t set you free. It tears you apart.” – Takeshi Kovac.

4. The 100 (2014–Present)

The 100

After nuclear war destroyed and wiped out almost all of the earth, 12 space station joined to form a single massive station, named The Ark was formed were about 2400 people lived.

The story revolves around how, after 97 years, 100 juveniles were sent back to earth to see if the earth is habitable again after the war.

They were sent because the resources in the space station have been miscalculated, and supplies will not last as they might have thought. See how the people sent to earth with little to no knowledge survive on the no men’s land.

No. of Season(s)– 6

Rating- 7.7/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series The 100

– The warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over. – Octavia

– The world’s been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember. – Lincoln

– Being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight. – Kane

5. Happy! (2017-2019)


An ex-Cop who is currently a hitman starts to see his daughter’s imaginary best friend, a unicorn, and of course, he is named Happy! The unicorn and Nick Sax will try to find his kidnapped daughter. This hilarious and action-filled violent series is still trending on Netflix even though it ended its run after the 2nd season in 2019 as SyFy didn’t renew it for 3rd season.

Is Happy! Series Hindi Dubbed?

Yes, Happy! is available in both English and Hindi in India on Netflix.

No. of Season(s)– 2

Rating- 8.2/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Happy!

– “My Life Is An Ever-Swirling Toilet That Refuses To Flush.” – Nick

– “I Just Keep Discovering Bold New Frontiers Of Suck.” – Nick

Best Trending Thriller/Horror Series on Netflix

1. Sherlock (2010-Present)


This Trending Netflix show in India is based on the modernized adoption of Sherlock Holmes novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, who is the genius private detective living London, whom he shares a flat with an injured army doctor John Watson played by Martin Freeman. Together they solve bizarre, mysterious crimes happening in the city.

Is Sherlock available in Hindi?

No, Sherlock is only available in English on Netflix India.

When is Sherlock Season 5 coming?

There is no confirmed news about when it is going to release or even if it is going to happen. But unofficially, the Stars of the show have confirmed that season 5 is happening. When will it be in production or its releasing date is yet not known.

No. of Season(s)– 4

Rating- 9.1/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Sherlock

– “I’m not a psychopath, Anderson. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.” – Sherlock Holmes

“Your mind: it’s so placid, straightforward, barely used. Mine’s like an engine, racing out of control; a rocket tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launchpad…I need a case!” – Sherlock Holmes

– “Brainy is the new sexy.” –  Irene Adler

2. Locke & Key (2020-Present)

Locke and key

Three Locke Siblings and their mother move out from there current home to there ancestral home after the death of their father in mysterious conditions. They discover that the house is filled with magical keys and unique powers and that it may be connected to their father’s death. During finding these keys, they also awaken a demon, and it won’t stop until it gets the keys.

No. of Season(s)– 1

Rating- 7.5/10 (IMDb)

What language is Locke and Key available in India?

Locke and Key is available in English as well as the Hindi Language on Netflix India.

Quotes from the series Locke & Key

– “Death isn’t the end of your life, you know. Your body is a lock. Death is the key. The key turns… and you’re free. To be anywhere. Everywhere. Two places at once. Nowhere. Part of the background hum of the universe.” – Joe Hill

– “Secrets are the prisons we make for ourselves.” – Joe Hill

– “People come into our lives exactly when they should.”  – Nina Locke

3. Stranger Things (2016-Present)

Stranger things

After a 12-year-old boy named Will Byers goes missing near a secret government organization in 1983, Hawkins. That was not the only thing that happened that night, along with him going missing a shaved-headed girl with some supernatural power comes into the town. Will’s mom and his friends and the chief of police all were trying to find him during which the lab opened a getaway to another dimension.

This is truly a thriller ride and is still trending series on Netflix.

What languages is Stranger things available on Netflix?

Stranger things is available in English as well as in the Hindi language.

When is Season 4 of stranger things is releasing in India?

Stranger Things just dropped a new trailer on 14/2/2020, and it is set to start trending on Netflix as soon as it releases. No official date has yet been given for the release date of Stranger Things season 4 in India.

No. of Season(s)– 3

Rating- 8.8/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Stranger Things

– “Maybe you thought you were helping, but you weren’t. You hurt me, do you understand? What you did sucks.” – Mike Wheeler

“She’s our friend, and she’s crazy.” – Dustin Henderson

– “Keep the door open 3 inches.” – Hopper. (I bet you will cry during watching this scene.)

4. You (2018-Present)


A bookstore manager crosses his path with an upcoming ambitious writer. The awkward crush of the bookstore manager turns into obsession. He uses the internet and social media to know every intimate detail of her life and makes sure nothing stands in his way to get her, not even any person. If anyone comes on his way, he strategically removes them from the path. You deserves a spot in the list of Trending Netflix series in India.

No. of Season(s)– 2

Rating- 7.8/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series You (Netflix)

– “Social media. It’s like the next great genocide.” – Blythe

– “That’s sad. People buying books because of what’s popular, and not because they wanna be moved or changed in some way.” – Guinevere Beck

– “If I wasn’t so blinded by love I would have seen the secrets right in front of me waiting to be uncovered.” – Joe Voiceover

5. Ozark (2017-Present)


After Marty Byrde’s (Jason Bateman), whose side job was to launder money for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico made that his full-time gig due to which he and his family had to move to Ozark lakes in Missouri leaving there home in Chicago. Things start to go sideways as they try to launder money through strip joint, a resort, and a funeral parlour.

No. of Season(s)– 2

Rating- 8.3/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Ozark

– “When you think you’re gonna die yesterday, today is sweet.” – Buddy Dyker

– “Life is simple, really. It’s all about hard work. Honesty. Family. Words have meaning and actions have consequences.” – Jacob Snell

– “Integrity, my friend, is the shield to greed and vanity.”  – Camino Del Rio

6. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Breaking bad (1)

It is impossible that you have not yet heard about the famous Breaking bad series.

Anyways for all the people who don’t know about the breaking bad, the plot of breaking bad is Walter H. White, a genius chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer with only some time left to live and has a pregnant wife and a son who has cerebral palsy. So he decides to create the world’s finest methamphetamine and sell it along with his former student Jesse so that he can leave behind sufficient finance for his family to survive. Walt and Jesse became a well-known criminal. This turns there life and gives us the most legendary series of all time, and it will always be Trending series on Netflix India.
Don’t forget to watch the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie which was released in 2019

No. of Season(s)– 5

Rating- 9.5/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series Breaking Bad.

– “You need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you. The past is the past. Nothing can change what we’ve done.” – Walter White

– “This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed!”— Jesse Pinkman

– “Some people are immune to good advice.” — Saul Goodman.

I hope this list of Trending Netflix Series in India helps to binge watch some of these shows and enjoy the show to its fullest. Keep checking this page for updated trending Netflix shows.

Best Trending Netflix Series of 2020

Want to have some more, something trendy? Here is the list you are anticipating. Sharing the present year 2020’s trending Netflix series that you want in this quarantine season. Of course, during this period Netflix is the next better option for us to spend some quality time at home and fulfilling entertainment desires, without going out. Have a look at trending original series on Netflix to keep yourself engaged and entertained.

1. Peaky Blinders

Peaky blinders netflix trending series

Set in Birmingham (England) after the events of 1st world war, in around 1920s, Peaky blinders is a crime drama, the story is about the family named The shelbys. Based on the real events, peaky blinders, is about the criminal gang who intend to raise their dominance in Birmingham. The series is quite popular since it released in 2013, and earned a major fan following. Which is proven by the celebration event being held in Birmingham each year. On such day, fans group along, dressing up as characters, meeting with actors and listen to songs, music from this favorite series.

Overall there are five series of this crime drama being released till present day, the order of its releasing years is 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019.

The top cast involves Cillian Murphy,Helen McCrory, Sam Neill, and Tom Hardy. The reasons that make this crime drama worth watching is, its unpredictable storyline, characters with their unique style, and the background score. The series is quite complicated and hard to predict over what happens next are the added plus point, which makes the audience go desperate to wait for next season and episodes.

No. of Season(s) : 5

Written by: Steven Knight

Rating: 8.8/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series:

Whisky’s good proofing water. Tells you who’s real and who isn’t. -Tommy Shelby

– By order of the Peaky Blinders. -Arthur Shelby

– Men like us, Mr. Shelby, will always be alone. -Chester Campbell

– Sergeant Thorne, reporting for duty, sir. -Freddie Thorne

– Rule one, you don’t punch above your weight. ” – Polly Gray

2. Tiger King

Tiger king: netflix series 2020

As Netflix’s documentary of seven episodes,“Tiger king” centering on Joe exotic, a tigers and lions collector who keep them at Oklahoma zoo. The series was released in March, 2020, which is focusing on Joe’s relationship with these wild animals. Everything suddenly start changing for Joe, when animal rights activist Carole Baskin takes a stand against the GW zoo, and keeps throwing troubles towards Exotic and his animals. Directed by Eric Goode, a tiger king unveiling about the animal business and scandals linked within.

Yet here, you can not expect those tweaks and turns, as crime drama here. After all, Tiger king is a documentary and not a flick about gangs and guns. But, still, it grabs your attention with timely entertainment parts and certainly sticks you to screen, till it’s ending.

As a thoughtful and craziest documentary, Tiger king is worth watching in this quarantine season, for having a wild trip.

No. of Season(s) : 1

Rating: 7.6/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series:

Dying doesn’t scare me. At all. – Joe Exotic

– I am never gonna financially recover from this. -Joe Exotic

– Hey all you cool cats and kittens! -Carole Baskin

– People Don’t Come To See The Tigers; They Come To See Me. -Joe Exotic

– I’m sure y’all got a story to tell.  -John Reinke

– People Every Day Are Like, ‘You Must Have The Most Incredible Life To Live With 187 Big Cats. – Joe Exotic

3. Money Heist 

Money heist netflix trending series 2020

Originally known as La Casa de Papel, Money Heist is a crime drama plotted in native Spain. Overall there are four seasons of it that have been released on Netflix. Simplified story plot, there are eight thieves locked themselves in the royal mint of Spain, to execute the masterplan of Professor. And of course, it’s not that simple. Unusual characters with strange names and their unpredictable behavior, makes everything quite confusing for every person in the game.

Since its first release, the show is very popular in India along with most countries. And why not, due to its powerful storyline, cast’s excellent performance and presentation makes the story a complete package for entertainment lovers.

Frequent twists and surprising elements are the ongoing attractions of the show, making the audience obsessed with every episode. If you haven’t watched it and are looking for some thrilling moment out of the lockdown and all, then money heist is something you need to engage ownself with its confusing plots and powerful storytelling. It’s a one of the best and worth watch netflix series of the current year.

No. of Season(s) : 4

Rating: 8.4/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series:

Sometimes, a truce is the most important part of a war. -Professor

– Time is greater than money.

– Hope is kind of like dominos. Once one falls – the rest follow. – Tokyo

– Love can’t be timed. It has to be lived.

– In the end love is a good thing for everything to fall apart.

4. Never Have I Ever

Never have i ever trending netflix 2020

Indeed, you think about one of the trending card games “Never have i ever”, but here we are not talking about the playing cards, but a story of a playful girl. Never have I Ever, is a recently released Netflix series about an Indian-american teenage girl named Devi.  A girl, who is on a mission to transform her life and establish her social image, after facing hard times in life. The story is created by Mindy Kaling and lang fisher, and the lead role played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, a tamil Canadian actress.

The reasons to watch Never have I Ever are due to its Indian connection, the story is around an Indian teenage girl. Moreover, the show writer described the plots with her experiences and close attachment with an Indian background. The first season with ten episodes, already getting mass attention due to its witty characters, and their dialogue delivery. Also, the shows deliver the right amount of love, friendship bits, and family emotions, to make this teenage show worth watching for all ages.

Number of Seasons: 1

Rating: 7.5/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series:

– No cocaine for me, thanks. I’m good. -Devi

– We are smart and idiots are banging all the time, if they can do it we can learn how to do it too.

– They are too young for love, and frankly, to have a life. -Nalini

– I want to be with you, even if you are from the wrong side of town.- Kamala

– I could never be a model. I’m too curvacious. -Kamala

5. Extraction

Extraction trending on netflix india 2020

Apart from above all Netflix series, our next suggestion is Extraction, an action-packed movie,an English language show with indian story background.

As one of the most anticipated action flicks on Netflix in 2020, Extraction was released on 24 April of the current year. Starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler rake, a mercenary who is sent to the most difficult mission of his life, despite facing own personal life issues.  The story takes place between the mafia lord of India and Bangladesh and the rivalry among them. Tyler’s role is to rescue the kidnapped son of the Indian crime lord, from the dhaka gang. And, of course, that by overcoming every deadly challenge and thrilling journey along the way.

The exciting thing about this movie is, the screenplay is from Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of last year’s masterpieces “Avengers”.  This movie has everything that action lovers expect to get thrilling fun. And if you are a fan of Chris aka Thor, then this is a must-watch for you. Featuring supporting Indian actors and live locations, are the extra plus points that make this movie a worth watch for an Indian audience.

No. of Season(s) :   Season 1, released on present year

Rating: 6.8/10 (IMDb)

Quotes from the series:

– That kid (Ovi) is a walking corpse.  -Gaspar

– I need the money, chicken ain’t cheap. -Tyler Rake

– You drown not by falling into the river. But by staying submerged in it. – Ovi

– Pay attention and learn, that is how you survive. You need to be smart and clever. -Amir

New Trending Netflix Series To Watch Now

1. Emily in Paris

Emily, a young girl from Chicago, conquers her dream job in paris. She is fun loving, expressive, adventures but most importantly unfit for Paris culture. It’s amazing to watch how she deals with this new chapter of her life where things aren’t going to be simple but a smile on her face might give her some courage.

Overall, Emily in peris is fun to watch and kind of interesting series of netfilx, that you probably don’t want to miss. 

2. Bhag beanie bhag

Bhag beanie bhag, starring swara bhaskar, dolly singh and varun thakur this is one of the trending series on Netflix. Story revolves around beanie Bhatnagar who’s life is on fast track mode engaged with a perfect guy happy family. But does she wants all this?

She wanted to become a  stand-up comedian and decided to discontinue her so-called perfect life. Watch her this decision that brings so many twists and turns.

3. Mismatch

Mismatch, based on Sandhya Menon’s book “when dimple met rishi” it’s a new series on Netflix of this year, starring Rohit Saraf, Prajakta Kohli and Ranvijay Singhs. A girl who is stubborn about her dreams and loves coding, a boy in search of his miss forever. And a course where both of them meet watch this love story to know what happens.

4. Bard of Blood

Bard of blood, an Indian thriller and drama series starring Emraan Hashmi, Vineet Kumar, and Shobhita Dhulipala. The Series is based on a secret mission where Kabir Anand, a RAW agent, goes to Baluchistan. Bard of blood is an interesting series with exciting twists and turns. If you like thrillers, you shouldn’t be missing this series on Netflix.

5. Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny pretty things, an American series starring Lauren holly, Kylie Jefferson created by Michael MacLennan. Story is based on a student’s life from elite ballet school. How an incident damages her life and fills her existence with lies and betrayal.

Money Heist (Season/Part 5) is Trending on Netflix

The wait is over for Money Heist lovers as season five goes on air. Watch how the professor saves himself from Sierra, and saves his team from the army by negotiating with Tamayo.

With current scenarios and tension, you will also get the glimpse of the professor’s past life, how he entered in the great heist business. Set yourself for another roller coaster ride again with the new season of La casa de papel on Netflix.

Final thoughts

Picking the next show to watch among all list of latest and trending series on Netflix is not an easy task, we know. Hence, we have prepared this watch-list of trending series on Netflix india for you. Indeed, there is something for everyone on Netflix, here given series are some of our suggestions for you amongst the long-listed options of trending netflix series with unique plots. We hope, this list treats you with the good amount of entertainment you seek.

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