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6 Trending Music Instruments You Can Learn in 2021

Learning new things and developing new hobbies is always one of the exciting things to start in the new year. With the new year, we all want to learn something creative, but easiest. And, especially when it’s about to start learning a new music instrument in a new year, the selection of the right instrument is, of course, essential but confusing, indeed..

Learning new music instruments can be fun and relaxing at times. And, there are so many popular and trending music instruments for you to opt for. 

While 2021 is coming with new chapters in our lives let’s add one more by bringing a new partner at home. Music instruments can bring so many positive changes in our lives.

So, if you are looking for the easiest instrument to play this new year, then this list is all for you. Here are some trending musical instruments that you can learn easily.

Top 6 Trending Music Instruments for beginners

1. Ukulele wins everyone’s hearts

Often called a mini guitar by people, a ukulele is one of the most trending musical instruments. It’s quite easy to learn as compared to the guitar, the ukulele became one of the favorites, and videos flooded on the internet. Ukulele has four strings, easy to carry you can get a good beginner’s version at 2k. We guess there are enough reasons for ukulele on top of the trending musical instrument list.

2.   Guitar – everyone wants to play one right?

Do we need to give an introduction for the guitar? When we’re talking about trending musical instruments, and how can we ignore evergreen and the most popular music instruments, a guitar? A Wooden instrument with typically six strings comes in different variants from normal to electronic. 

These days the craze for electronic guitar is again in trends. You can buy a normal beginner’s guitar starting from 5k. Due to online learnings, classes, and thanks to youtube, learning musical instruments online is quite high in demand. 

And of course, ‘How to play guitar’ is the most popular search of all time, showing the love and craze of music lovers have, for guitar and the reason why it’s a trending musical instrument.

3.   Keyboard for music lovers

Keyboards are one of those popular plus easy musical instruments that people love to listen to and learn. Which gives it a position in the list of a top trending music instrument to learn in 2021. . As compared to other instruments you can learn the keyboard in less time. you can get a good normal keyboard as a beginner for 4k.

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4.   Kalimba – a  new instrument in trend

Kalimba is an African musical instrument that is part of the Mbira family. This popular instrument is getting trendy day by day and will surely get more popular in 2021. Kalimba is a small wooden instrument with metal tines. You can easily hold it in your hand. You can get this trending musical instrument for 1500 easily.

5.   Mouthorgan – A must try if you haven’t already!

Taking back to the ‘80s again mouth organs are again trending music instrument on social media. The mouth organ is also known as the harmonica is a wind instrument. 

It is famous worldwide as used in American folk music, jazz and how can we forget a famous Bollywood style, it got all the reasons to trend. This easy musical instrument starts from 1k in good quality.

6.   Clap box – Filling energy and power

Clap box is another easiest musical instrument, that you can start learning in 2021. Most of us saw this instrument in nukkad natak, open mikes, and indie concerts too. I guess this popular instrument has enough reasons to be in this list. You can get this trending musical instrument for 3500 for learning purposes.

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End beats:

So these were some trending music instruments for beginners, that you can easily learn. If you can’t find a class near you or don’t get time for classes there are various apps available with tutorial videos. 

Apart from the free applications and online resources, you also can also learn from YouTube, too.  So, what’s something that stops you from learning a new trending music instrument? Bring your favorite instrument home, and start learning.

Let us know which musical instruments, you’re planning to learn from this new year? 

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