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DEMAT Account came into existence in India in the year of 1997, before which stocks and shares were issued as well as traded in physical paper form. Along with the age of computers and technology, shares and securities are held electronically in a dematerialized form (DEMAT Account), instead of the investor taking physical possession of certificates. The Demat account permits you to purchase, sell and then transact conveniently without the required of any paperwork.

Benefits of Demat account

  • Environment-friendly – Less paperwork since the securities are held in electronic form
  • Convenient and secure way to keep track of shares
  • Quick settlement
  • Time-saving
  • No storage risk
  • Unlike paper certificates, dematerialized stocks as well as shares cannot be stolen, damaged, or forged
  • All in one – Trade in Equity, gold ETFs, and commodity futures

Demat account for creating wealth

  • In order to sidestep the complication, which arises from the taking physical possession of certificates, shareholders uses demat accounts.
  • Angel Broking Demat Account permits the investors to hold the shares in an electric form, which will be accomplished through a procedure of the de-materialization.
  • The functions are absolutely similar like the savings
  • The securities are credited or debited as per the transaction and you can also check the value of your holdings.
  • One can deposit various types of investments, including government securities, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds.

Importance of Demat Account

Angel Broking Demat Account offers the chance to invest in the variety of assets ranging. And that’s not all. Having a demat account is also important for the following reasons:

1.Safe Repository of Shares

The storage of stocks is often difficult. The Demat accounts assist you to maintain the systematic and safe record of all transaction while removing the chance of loss or misplacement. Besides, they keep you secured from the threats like incomplete paperwork, bad deliveries, and fake securities. The plentiful layers of protection as well as regulations attached to the Demat account indisputably beat paper records.

2.Indispensable for Trading

You cannot trade in the stock market if you do not have Demat account. So, Angel Broking Demat Account offers the excellent facilities. The demat account is vital for the purpose of selling and buying shares of companies, which are publicly listed. At present, this is actually mandatory to settle trades made on any stock exchange in demat form.

3.Holds Multiple Securities at Once

This can get quite confusing for the traders to properly arrange various financial products like mutual funds and bonds. This demat account solves the problem by preserving multiple securities in one place and that makes quite easier for you to keep track of everything important.

4.Quick and Convenient

When it comes to share market trading, the significance of the demat account cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to experience trading at its simplest as well as most seamless, then having the demat account must be on your list of priorities.

Features you get with Angel Broking Demat Account

Angel Broking is not some big talks and nothing to show, rather, the company proves its efficiency with the features and services it pairs with the Demat Account.

Easy Transfer of Shares:

The investors can transfer all of their holdings via DIS which is the Delivery Instruction Slip or via RIS (Receipt Instruction Slip) offered to the investor for purchase or sale of shares without no difficult.

Accelerated Securities Dematerialization / Rematerialization:

Each and every investor along with the Demat account can simply dispatch the instructions to the DP or Depository Participant for some of the conversion of the physical certificates as electronic forms. It is also quite true for the alternative conversion from the electronic to physical one.

Loan Facilitation

An ample amount of lenders offer the important loan amounts right against the safeties and securities, which are held within the borrower’s Demat Account. It serves as collateral for loans.

Freezing Option

Demat Account holders can simply freeze their account on the temporary basis to evade any unexpected credit or debit. This is easy for the users to access the same from multiple modes.

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