The kitchen cabinets you select will serve as one of the focal points of your culinary space. Today, you can choose from an unprecedented number of styles to suit your purpose. Several factors in your decision making will depend on the size and stage of your family.

  • Do you host many parties for work colleagues?
  • Do you often hold life groups or sales gatherings at your home?
  • Do you post cooking content on your social media accounts?
  • Do you have young toddlers milling about unpredictably?
  • Do you have hungry teenagers who invite friends over almost daily for studying and hanging out?

As you consider the desired aesthetic for your kitchen, remember all of the people and functions your space will entertain.

You will want to choose one or two focal points of your kitchen and then build around those choices. For some of you, your floor selection is the essential feature to you, and all else will fit under its texture, design, and color. Whichever it is for you, gain clarity about the one or two must-haves for your kitchen and then, if not already among them, select your cabinetry.

When you first begin to shop for your high end or discount kitchen cabinets, the available options will surprise you. Who knew anyone had put that much thought into the kitchen cabinet? Unique cabinets distinguish themselves along one or more of seven characteristics.

Their noted variance might display through color, grain visibility, access mechanisms, innards (i.e., shelves or lazy susans), upper or lower (i.e., base) positioning, size dimensions, and the presence or lack of inset carvings (i.e., ornate or flat). Some carving designs, colors, and shapes of handles will organically fit an elegant style or a cozy one. Try to imagine element combinations in your home space. Attaining the visual is important. It is why you will see kitchen cabinets sales floors chock full of display models instead of one or two plus a large volume picture catalog book or digital virtual tour.

1. Color

If you want a one-of-a-kind kitchen that wows your guests, select an uncommon color or grain such as cherry wood, mahogany, red or black. The large market and superabundance of design tools have taken your choice of discount kitchen cabinets beyond the white or the brown.

2. Grain

You might choose a simulated grain view material or real wood grain with the enchanting swirly whirls and ring knots. It all depends on the theme you’re establishing.

3. Access

You will see options of cabinets that use external handles for opening. Others may employ nonvisible push-to-open hardware. If you have toddlers, you may elect to use lockable, external handles.

4. Innards

A right balance for functionality involves buying some of each; some cabinets that have practical shelving and still, more that use positioning and spacing conducive to displaying contents. You may also select some that contain the lazy susan. Place these strategically in your kitchen layout.

5. Upper / Lower

The basic model of cabinetry includes upper (i.e., above adult shoulders) and lower (i.e., below adult hips) placement. Decide how many of each you will need. If you plan on putting an island in your kitchen, select one that incorporates more cabinetry for your layout. Remember that you can hang kitchen tools above your island, as well.

6. Size Dimensions

In addition to positioning, you will also encounter box cabinets of varying heights, widths and depths. You will need to account for kick space during installation. Keep in mind that pump open cabinets require the expenditure of some internal cabinet room to function correctly.

7. Inset Carvings

When shopping for your discount kitchen cabinets, another factor you might notice is the flow of their door design elements. Do they depict flowers or random items? Do they employ flat imagery or bas relief styles? Will they enrich your kitchen design theme or distract from it?

Your choices may seem endless and overwhelming. Many shoppers find it helpful to jot down notes, considerations that you want to remember while encountering the barrage of options. The kitchen is where we spend a great deal of time. It is also a key selling point for homebuyers. Keep this in mind as you invest in your latest kitchen design.

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