Trying to be perfect Trying to be perfect

In today’s world everybody is striving to attain perfection. I’m writing this article because I’ve been after perfection for a long time; my reply, greeting, clothes, hair, behaviour everything had to be perfect.

The same reason I never danced or sung in public thinking it would be really stupid. I made it a compulsion for myself and got so caught up in the vicious cycle; aiming for perfection, being hard on myself, failing, being disappointed and goading on toward perfection yet again! Sometimes, procrastination was the result when it came to completing tasks because I couldn’t make it PERFECT!


There were these constant tapes playing in my mind saying, ‘it’s never good enough’ and ‘what will people think’. Now, when I have overcome that feeling, those thoughts I realize that avoiding perfection at every single thing isn’t easy but important to lead a happy life.

Let’s be honest, we all want to have perfect physique, perfect mind, perfect health, perfect decisions, perfect results, perfect friends or partners, which we think lead to a ‘perfect life’ and make us more worthy because what we are now is ‘not enough’.

But the truth is that, ‘the perfect life’ that we are constantly struggling to achieve is not so perfect and it’s never going to be so.

It’s actually anemic and irksome. We spend a lot of time making things so called ‘perfect’ and often escape the authentic creativity we possessed. However, we still function ourselves in robotic manner, scuffling to achieve that very unattainable perfection.

Achieving perfection is not as exciting as it sounds. It’s like having no real, stimulating challenges to pursue and it kills ingenuity and motivation of the brightest minds. Our imperfections give us memories and experiences. Perfect life consists of no flaws, while our flaws make us unique; and we have a persistent quest to become a better person overcoming our flaws, hence learning is constant and that’s what gives us a purpose in our supposed imperfect lives.
Besides, perfect is hard to live up to. And once the perfect quality is experienced again and again, it doesn’t feel as amazing as it does when you make mistakes, learn and finally imply.

Lastly, look around you, are your near and dear ones perfect?

Perfection is boring

Let’s agree, no one is perfect and the ones whom you supposedly ‘find to be perfect’ aren’t really the people you are comfortable or close with since they are not relatable or make you feel unworthy of your flaws. I bet you don’t want to be that presumed perfect person who isn’t really likeable, mundane and lacking the very humane quality of making mistakes.

So, be perfect in your imperfections, happy in your pain, strong in your weaknesses and beautiful in your own, unique way.

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