Jobs that can make you fly around the world Jobs that can make you fly around the world

Ever wondered how it would be to go to almost every corner of the world?

One day you are having coffee in New York City and the next morning you wake up in London. You know you are going to roam around the world and not gonna pay a penny for the airfare, Sounds amazing, isn’t it? For some people who are travel crazies like me, this means everything. But we all have responsibilities in our life one of which is the generation of economic wealth, which generally hinders us from chasing our passion. For those who believe that traveling is what they wish to do in their life, here are few career opportunities that can make you fly all around the world.

#1. Motivational Speakers

Motivational speaker jobs that make you fly around the world
Lakewood church

Have you ever seen a diary or calendar of a motivational speaker? They are booked for months! The money that they make is never less than 6 figures! The world needs motivational speakers. They climb up on the stage and using their articulation ability, they mesmerize the audience and compel them to think and believe in the direction that they want. All the good reputed organization pays big fat cheques to these people with amazing talent. So if you think you have good articulation abilities and sharp vocabulary, put your leg on the pedal!

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#2.Professional photography & Videography

Professional photographer jobs that make you fly around the world

If you have carved your photography skills that you can beat your competitors out there, then there are many companies ready to take you for a heavy package and will give you a luxurious lifestyle too. These big-time corporations provide you with not only high tech devices of your field but also takes care of your necessities and needs wherever you go. We all have seen discovery and national geographic channels where a crew is going in various forests, countries, on mountains, and at many other places. What they get is thrill, experience, Fun & Money!

#3. Travel writer

Travel writer jobs that make you fly around the world

If you are really a travel freak, join internships with firms and magazines that generally publish blogs and articles regarding places around the world. This will directly push you a step ahead of others and you can follow your passion at a really early age. Generally, this field demands extraordinary skills such as amazing writing and expressing abilities but once you are part of the field, experience pushes you upwards!

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#4. Flight Attendant & Pilot

Pilot jobs that make you fly around the world

This one is the most common and known among all of us. Being a pilot is a dream to many but only a few can convert it to reality. Not only the pilot but also the flight crew that includes safety officers, air hostesses, and many other fly places to places. So if you have a plane to become a pilot, bingo starts preparing or if you have looks and conversation abilities that leave others speechless air hostess is your thing!

#5. Work as an employee in a Cruise Ship

Working in a cruise ship jobs that make you fly around the world

Cruise ship jobs are considered as one of the best jobs where you get to travel around the world. You will be paid for seeing the world and communicating with people from a variety of different cultures, even while earning a monthly wage and enjoying free accommodation. Since cruise ships provide almost every thinkable facility, there seem to be job opportunities for people of all types. You can be a waiter in one of the kitchens, an operator, cashier, and even an artist.

#6. Journalism

Journalist jobs that make you fly around the world

Journalism, with the change in recent trends journalism, has been uplifted as one of the best jobs in the world. It requires skills such as articulation abilities, presence of mind and decent looks. Many people have this set of skills but they are unaware of opportunities. Journalists fly around the world with their crew for getting interesting and uncovered stories and they are good packages as well. Many times their jobs can be dangerous. for example, many journalists get stuck up in countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Also, the content that you write helps to increase your fan following but it might be annoying to some as well. But above all it’s one of the jobs which will help you to fly around the globe, So Risks are worth taking!

#7. Language Teacher

Language teacher jobs that make you fly around the world

When we usually sat in the school classes to learn languages, it bored the hell out of us, didn’t it? But Most of us are unaware of the value of a language teacher and how high are they paid! In various countries of the world, there are demands of various languages. Such as French, English & Spanish tutors are demanded all over the world. Recently UAE has become one of the main attractions for business, thus people are opting to learn Arabic languages as well. Moreover, An ideal grip over languages can fetch your jobs with magnetic businessmen and politicians as their translators.

Teaching English as a foreign language is an increasingly popular profession that can take you all around the world. For example, there is currently a huge demand for English language teachers in Asia. Becoming TEFL qualified is the best way to equip yourself with the skills needed to become an English language teacher.

#8. Anthropology, Geology, and Archaeology

Did Science seem amazing to you and do you ever loved studying about humans and earth? Then you have a good chance of roaming around the world. Anthropology (Study of mankind), Geology (Study of earth and it’s surface) and Archaeology (the study of the ancient and recent human past) are fields where people have to move place to place to gain more experience and complete their researches.

#9. Social workers

Social work jobs that make you fly around the world
Aussie group

This one will shock all of us the most! We may have never thought that social workers can travel through the globe. But it ain’t right. Social workers may not make multi-figure income but they are valued a lot overseas. What they are paid with is general respect. The job involves a certain amount of danger but for those who believe it’s their passion, it’s always worth it!

Apart from these few career options that I mentioned, There are always chances for experts and professionally skilled people to fly around the globe because of their talent. Generally, sportsmen, businessman and hotel business owners are a few examples that we see.

While concluding I’d simply say,

“Chasing the passions and desires were never an easy thing, But it’s ultimately up on which road you choose and how you travel.”

  1. During your trip you will develop new skills, knowledge and understanding and realize you’re able to do jobs you would have never thought of. If you travel slowly, it will be easier to make arrangements to work. The possibilities are endless.

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