Trending restaurants in rome for tourists Trending restaurants in rome for tourists

‘Rome’, this beautiful capital city of Italy, might be popular for its rich history, architecture, and great locations. But Roman culture is also diverse with its variety of food and vibrant cuisines. 

If Rome is your next travel destination, you also need to be aware of some trending restaurants to experience satisfying dining experiences. 

From classical dishes to modern cuisines, Roman restaurants have a lot to serve on the table. And, if you are traveling there for the first time, you don’t want to miss the famous eatery that Rome offers. 

Lists Of The Best Restaurants In Rome

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite meals or crave quality food, we have curated this list of some popular and trending restaurants in Rome to dine in and dine out.  Like the wide range of food options, you also have tons of restaurants to pick from in Rome. And, here are the best places to eat in Rome, if you want to experience something new and popular dishes. 

Lists of the best restaurants in rome

Best Restaurants in Rome City Center

If you are looking to dine at some of the finest places in Rome, check out these popular options. These are the best place to find quality food while enjoying the great atmosphere around.

1. Pizzarium Bonci on 

Pizzarium Bonci is the best place to visit if you are on the hunt for a delicious pizza that is flavourful and unique in taste. The restaurant offers an array of pizzas filled with gourmet toppings, and crusts, which makes every slice artistic. From classic Margherita to mozzarella it has the best pizza you can have in Rome.

2. Antico Arco

Because of its popularity, you want to make sure that you reserve your table at Antico Arco in advance. This is the finest restaurant in Rome, for its location and obviously one of the best foods in the city. To someone who wants to experience the original Roman cuisines, this is the right place to have it. 

Best Restaurants in Rome for Lunch

To kick start your day with a fresh meal, here are the best options for you. If you want to have the ideal Italian lunch menu, these are the place to find them.

3. Da Francesco

If you crave delicious food in no time, Da Francesco is the perfect food place for you. It serves crispy pizzas and has a wide range of dishes with great tastes. The place is also good for the unique Roman dishes with great tastes and with a blend of the local ingredients. 

4. Trapizzino

If you want to experience the artistic street food in Rome, Trapizzino is the best restaurant for that. Filled with the unique taste and touch of Italian culture, every pizza at Trapizzino is worth a try. And if you are a vegan, you also have some good food options like Roman artichoke to misticanza.

Best Restaurants in Rome for Dinner

Caving for the best Italian food at dinner time. This is the perfectly-picked Rome restaurants that can offers you the best intallian food and services of your choice.

5. Santo Palato

Santo Palato is known for its popular traditional Roman and Jewish cuisine. The restaurant menu is filled with great choices for you which makes it hard to place the order. If you are thinking of having a variety of meat, this restaurant has it all for you. Along with the best dishes, the restaurant is also known for its holistic cooking approach. 

6. Cesare al Casaletto

Mainly popular for the classic Roman cuisine, Cesare al Casaletto is the perfect place for dinner. Its starters, pastas, and main courses are the trendy options. From paper-thin to huge round pizza, this restaurant has it all that is ready to serve, straight baked from the wooden oven. 

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Best Affordable Restaurants in Rome

Well, you may be looking for the places to have quality food but in your budget, right? If that’s what you are looking for, you should check out these affordable restuarnts when you can enjoy best food in the price you feel good.

7. Hamburgeseria

Hamburgeseria is not only the best restaurant with quality food but also a cozy space for coworkers. So if you’re traveling and looking for the right place to stop by for work and eat, this is the option for you. Filled with local ingredients, this restaurant has a wide range of burgers, wraps, and more to serve you. 

8. Macheroni

Located near the Trevi fountain, Macheroni is the place to find handmade pasta and the many food options. The restaurant is popular due to its cuisine and the cozy atmosphere. If you want to enjoy food in the open and free space, you should visit this restaurant. Probably the perfect place to find delicious food and be around the people. 

9. Pizzeria Da Remo

Filled with a variety of ingredients, the paper-thin pizza at Pizzeria Da Remo is the main attraction of this restaurant. Here you will also find delicious and quality food options whether it’s for an evening craving or dinner. And if you are visiting on the weekend, make sure you reach the place as early as possible. 

10. Seu Pizza Illuminati

Seu Pizza Illuminati has not a single but so many pizza choices for its reason. This minimalist-designed restaurant, with Saarinen furniture, has a diverse menu to fill your tummy with the best food options. From classic pizza to artistic dishes, the restaurant is the perfect place to dine in the neon light and relaxed environment. 

11. Reserva Restaurante

Reserva Restaurante is the newly launched restaurant in the central location of Rome. This is an easily accessible place to visit while roaming in the streets of Rome. With its modern ambiance and stylish decoration, the restaurant serves the best dinner on the table. Made with contemporary techniques, all the dishes at Reserva Restaurant ensure to give you a satisfying and memorable experience. 

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12. Va.Do

Va.Do is for everyone, whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The restaurant has a wide range of food options on the menu to serve what you want. No matter if it’s a fish or meat, here you get it all. If you crave contemporary Roman food or some frozen treats, Va. Do make sure that you get it in no time and of course in its great tastes. 

13. Pulejo Rome

If you are a local foodie or a first-time traveler to Rome, Pulejo Rome is the place to try some delicious food. The menu at this restaurant has many choices for you, whether it’s classical cuisine or dishes with an extra modern touch. You may get delicious and quality food but don’t forget to have its dessert options that are the iceing on the cake for the entire dining experience. 

14 La Rinascente Food Hall

La Rinascente Food Hall isn’t a typical restaurant, but it is actually a food market with multiple food restaurants and food courts. The place is creative and overwhelming because it offers a variety of food to have right away. No matter what your craving type, you will find what you need at La Rinascente Food Hall. This place is for every kind of eater.

15. Checchino dal 1887

From the name you can already guess how old this restaurant is. Checchino dal 1887 is the right place to eat if you are vegetarian or craving pure veg food while on your Rome trip. The menu at this restaurant has so many vegetarian food options for you that might make you confused to pick one. From spaghetti, and pecorino-and-sage bruschetta to parm, many vegetarian dishes are popular on the menu. Talking about the place, on the restaurant walls you may find photos from the restaurant’s long history. Overall, the restaurant is the right place to have veg food while experiencing the classic Rome culture.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rome has a wide range of food restaurants and outlets to satisfy your cravings. If you want to enjoy the popular dishes or classic Roman food, we have suggested the best places to get it all. 

Well, this list of restaurants in Rome is trending and popular in the city. But this list doesn’t end here, there is more to cover. So far, we hope if you travel to Rome, this article will help you pick the perfect place to have the food of your choice. Also, stay with us for more restaurant options that we will add to this list soon. 

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Where to eat in Rome that is not a tourist trap?

Especially when eating at restaurants near tourist destinations, you should be extra to avoid a tourist trap. Because you find tourist trap restaurants there. Otherwise, it’s good if you go through the online reviews while picking the restaurant in Rome. 

What does osteria mean?

Initially, osteria was only the place where people could get wine, more like a bar. But now on, this place also serves the food and has larger menu options than before. 

What food should you not miss in Rome?

If you want to make your Rome trip worthwhile, you should miss having the most popular food over there. Many options are there, but Spaghetti carbonara, Pizza al taglio, porchetta are some food items that you should try in Rome. 

Where do the locals eat in Rome?

Catinari, Osteria Trattoria da Fortunata, and Nuovo Mondo are some of the most poplar choices for locals to dine mainly on weekends.

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