Exploring the historic souks of kuwait a cultural immersion Exploring the historic souks of kuwait a cultural immersion

Kuwait is a country known for its cultural traditions and a rapidly developing economy. It is a shopping haven as well as a destination for business and history enthusiasts. The nation’s retail culture is dynamic and diversified, appealing to a wide range of consumers, from those looking for the newest high-end clothing to those in search of antiques.

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Kuwait City’s ancient souks, which were once the hub of trade before the country discovered oil, have managed to hold onto their expansive, lively charm. With the addition of contemporary structures and quasi-submarkets, the market’s historical core has expanded. Strolling around is a delightful sensory experience, with vibrant booths and a strong spice aroma filling the air. Buyers barter for everything and anything, including dates, olives, and cow tails.

Some of the most sought-after souks in Kuwait to visit are:

1. Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Souk Al-Mubarakiya has grown into a thriving centre for fashion, arts, and culture. A common, open-air Arab market, the souk functions as a marketplace where people buy and sell goods, as well as a place for social gatherings and conducting special events.

If you are looking for vintage and antique things, you should essentially visit Souk Al-Mubarakiya, which is renowned for such items. Everything about the market, including the layout and manner of conducting business, is a little dated. Apart from antiques, one may also find regular home items, apparel, fish, fruits, vegetables, and other groceries.

You can spend hours shopping and discovering exciting bargains on musk and oud perfumes, Persian silk carpets, traditional apparel, and antiques from the Arab world. You can also visit a few places.

SOMU Plaza, built with the area’s closed shops, is situated near the Al Fares Mosque. There is also a Concept store called Thouq, which is a centre for creative expression, showcasing new products and ideas from Kuwait and the places near it. The Gulf region’s largest mural can be found in the centre of SOMU and you can hardly miss seeing it while you are here.

The Thouq team’s dedication to Kuwait is shown across two parallel walls. The place is known for some of the best restaurants offering delicious meals. With both indoor and outdoor sitting areas, they welcome any number of guests at any time. Look for jewellery, apparel, scarves, handcrafted local products, and perfumes while looking for mementoes to take home.

You can also find shops offering honey, spices, dates, and fragrant oils in addition to shops that specialise in striking gold and silver items. If you want to dine, there is a courtyard outside Sea Mosque, where you can find cafes preparing tea in a traditional way on coal and several small eateries offering real Arabic, Indian, and Persian food to people outdoors.

2. Kuwaiti Souq

The Kuwaiti Souq is located near the old Ras Al Khaimah Corniche and is made up of numerous neighbouring and adjacent stores. For affordable toys, colognes, and family-friendly clothing, The Street has long been a favourite among locals and inhabitants.

Due to Kuwaiti Souq’s close vicinity to Ras al Khaimah, its consumers include visitors from Oman as well as citizens of the Emirates and other nearby areas. It is decked out in a variety of colours for Eid and other national festivals, and it fills up with people.

The Souq is known for its incredible handicrafts, delicious food, and wonderful lighting, and décor. The most important things that can be bought in the Kuwaiti Souq are ready-to-wear apparel, abayas, textiles, traditional Emirati men’s and women’s Kandora and Makhaweer outfits, as well as gold and other accessories, kitchenware, and carpets.

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3. Al-Watiya Souk

Souk Al Watiya, also known as the gold market, is one of the most ideal markets to purchase gold. The market, which is brimming with shining gold jewellery, always attracts people, including visitors from around the globe. You can find some of the best designs about Kuwaiti, Arabic, and other unique Western designs in the world to buy. Once you are done with a stroll and shopping, you can enjoy delectable ethnic cuisines at some food centres here.

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