Trending tweets & topics on twitter Trending tweets & topics on twitter

Even though being one of the top social media right now, Twitter stands alone with its fresh, relevant, and meaningful content for its audience. 

And if you’re on Twitter using it as a business or personal profile, you want to check the list of the recent popular topics, trends, and trending tweets of the year. 

If so, in this list, we will share the top Twitter moments of India as well as of the world.

Moreover, we will also share the top trends on Twitter that you can take the best advantage of right now as a business account, personal profile, or as an influencer. 

Trending Tweets in India Right Now

Let’s start with the recent trends on Twitter. If you are looking for what’s trending, then this is the list for you. Here you will find the top five trending tweets at the present day. These are also the popular topics discussed on Twitter right now. 

1. Happy Birthday, V

2. WinterMiracleV

3. Italy



5. Maharaj

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Trending Tweets Worldwide Right Now

When you want to stay updated with Twitter trends worldwide, you need to check the next list. In this list, you’ll find the top five trending tweets of the day and have good chances for you to reach more people because this is the trending topic of the day.  


7. Indonesia

8. Leg 2

9. Madden

10. Michelle Obama


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Trending Tweets of The Year

Now that the current year is about to end, here are some top Twitter moments and most popular tweets of the year. In this list, you will find the most liked, quoted, and retweeted tweets of the year that you want to rewind before moving to next year. 

Top Trending Tweets in India

Find out what was trending in India in the current year. The best tweet moment of the year on Twitter from India. 

11. Virat Kohli – The Most Liked Tweets in India

12. Pat Cummins- The Most Quote tweeted Tweets in India

13. Narendra Modi – The Most Retweeted Tweets in India

14. Ratan N. Tata – Most-Liked & Retweeted Tweets in India

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Top Trending Tweets Worldwide

This list covers the most popular Twitter events or moments around the world. Also, the topics and trends most liked, retweeted and discussed on Twitter this year. 

15. Joe Biden – The Most-Liked Tweets of the Year

16. Barack Obama – The Most Quote Tweets of the Year

17. BTS – The Most Retweeted Tweets

18. BTS – The Most-Liked & Retweeted Tweets

Top 5 Twitter Trends Worldwide

Keeping up with the right trends on Twitter is the best way to reach an even larger audience for your business or personal profile. 

We present you with the popular Twitter trends this year in our following list. And such a list gives you a better idea for exploring the new trends to make the best out of such opportunities. 

The great thing about these trends is that they are not temporary like most other trends or trending tweets at the moment. Instead, such trends are always in action but on a particular day or event that will help you reach your Twitter goals. 

When such trends are on the way, create interactive and creative tweets for your business or personal profile to get more engagement on your post and followers to your profile. 

19. #ThrowbackThursday

As one of the most popular trends, TBT or Throwback Thursdays is also quite popular on Twitter. So whether you want to revive your old memories or have no idea about what to post on Thursday, this trend is the best idea to get active engagements and more activities on your profile. 

20. #SundayVibes

More than a weekend mood, Sunday vibes are a trending hashtag and viral trend on Twitter. So think carefully about what you’ll say if you want to use this opportunity to make a popular Sunday tweet. And then make sure that your tweets are thoughtful and entertaining enough to get you noticed. 

21. #Christmas

It’s not limited to the festival season, but Christmas is itself an opportunity to have viral tweets and the best trends of all time. When done right, you can achieve many followers and engagements on your tweets via wishing in a whole new way. 

22. #MondayMorning

When everyone needs some motivation on Monday, it’s your chance to gain more followers along with starting the new week with fresh energy. People post their positive thoughts and quotes on Monday under #mondaymorning, #mondaythoughts to spread positivity on the first day of the week.

23. #NewYear

Though it may not be a long-lasting trend, this is an ideal time for marketers, content creators, celebrities, and influencers to gain attention in the days leading up to the new year. So make sure that your new year tweets are refreshing and meaningful, which will help you reach more audiences. 

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Final thoughts

On Twitter, there’s always something trending. And if you’re on a mission to gain more followers so you can reach a wider audience, then you need to master catching the trends. 

The list of trending hashtags helps you a lot in creating top-performing tweets. 

But that’s not enough. Sometimes, you better stay updated with the recent Twitter trends and popular topics at the time. Even though such topics and trends are not long-lasting, they can benefit your profile or business to a greater extent when followed right. 

Keep your eyes on the Twitter trends and follow the popular topics that align with your goals. 

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