Trending Spotify Playlists For Every Moment

18 Trending Spotify Playlists For Every Mood

Still, searching for the trending Spotify playlist to listen to right now? Well, now your search for popular songs, is about to end soon. Here sharing the trending playlist on Spotify that you are looking for.

You know, there are many online music platforms out there, to stream music with no limits. But Spotify has some reserved space for making our quality time more fun. Its regularly updated songs and assorted playlists fit for every moment plus shifting moods.

Spotify not just allows you to create your playlist only but also enables you to share it among the Top Spotify playlist as well. Further, due to having thousands of playlists there, it’s quite difficult to find the perfect one of your choice. So, to save your time we are sharing the best Spotify playlists that give you great music that you are demanding at this moment.

List of Trending Spotify Playlists That You Were Looking For.

1. RapCaviar

Are you a fan of rap songs, then this playlist in your choice. Having over a million likes and active listeners, RapCaviar is the most popular Spotify playlist out there. The playlist regularly gets updated due to new tracks, that’s the reason for its highest popularity among the music lovers.

2. Spotify’s Most Played All-Time

Undoubtedly, this playlist deserves to be on the priority list for music lovers. This playlist features the best songs of all time. The great thing about this playlist is, it gets updated weekly. So, if you are looking to stream all your favorite songs in one place, then this “Most streamed” playlist is the one for you. 

3. New Music Friday

Now, don’t miss a single, newly released track anymore. Spotify cares for every listener with its popular and trending song demands. You don’t have to search anywhere to find the latest tracks that are released recently. Just follow, “New Music Friday” Spotify playlist. This songlist gets updated weekly with the newly released pop music in one place. 

4. Gold School

Just like a name itself, this playlist is real gold. It covers the trendings songs and tracks that you’ll like listening to on repeat. No wonder, If in between the entire list you may find your old favorite track as well. A track that you used to listen to hours earlier. Just play this list on shuffle mode and enjoy your chilling weekend. 

5. Have a Great Day!

If you are looking for some exciting and uplifting Spotify playlist, then nothing is better than this one. The playlist totally resonates with its name and serves the same vibes. The cheerful songs with classic and trending numbers are there to lift your mood up. It’s recommended that you listen to this joyful playlist on weekend nights to welcome new exciting weeks. 

6. Best of 2020

This year 2020, is in the ending phase now, so play the best songs that the present year gave you. Listen to all your favorite songs in one place. Get the refreshed feeling with the latest tracks now. This regularly updating Spotify playlist features all the new and trending songs of your favorite pop singers. 

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7. Creative Boost

If you are associating with creative work, then this playlist is for you. Creative Boost is there to develop a mental state that brings more creativity to your work. Whether you are a designer, writer, or artist, this playlist is the one you want to have creative inspiration within.

8. Productive Morning

Productive morning is another playlist that supports you to have a full focus on your work. If you are working from home and need some playlist to uplift your mood, then this one’s for you. Plug-in your earphone and listen to this curated productive playlist on Spotify. That further helps you to improve your focus and boost productivity. 

9. Morning Coffee – Wake Up

Don’t rush to anything, just enjoy your morning coffee with this Spotify playlist with the same name. This playlist is there to make your morning more productive. A feel-good playlist to build a deep focus as the day starter. Tune into to this curated tracks for a relaxing morning and enjoy every sip of your coffee. 

10. End of Day Uplift

Just like a morning mood booster, you also need songs for the day end. This playlist is there to uplift your mood after working hours. Set yourself in a relaxing chair, plug-in to your earphone, and listen to this mood swinging track. After a long working day, this playlist will level up your mood and give the needed relaxation. 

11. TOP 100 Songs of 2020

As music lovers, we are always curious to know what are trending songs of this year. Want to listen to songs that are on the top list right now? The TOP 100 songs of 2020, is one of a kind playlist to follow if you want to listen to songs that are very popular and in trends of this particular year. 

12. Today’s Top Hits

Next, If you want to know trending songs at this moment then this Spotify playlist is for you. Add this one to your library for daily updates and the latest hits. It involves the Top of the Hottest 50 songs that most other music lovers are listening to. Check the new trending tracks and songs now, and let us know how many of that you are already listening to. 

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13. Acoustic Love Songs

Missing your loved one and wanting to rewind those sweet memories, then ‘Acoustic love songs’ playlist is all you need, there. Tune in to these soulful songs that help you to shorten the distance between you and loved ones. A trending Spotify playlist for every vibe from reliving old memories to “butterflies feeling” right now. 

14. Relax & Unwind

It’s time to disconnect with all these worries and tensions that you’ve been carrying this whole day. Take a moment of relaxation and stay calm. Plug your headphones and listen to this one of the “best Spotify playlists for work” that will release you from mental stress and offer silence that you crave. 

15. Wake Up Happy

Indeed, this will be a long workday. So, How about starting your day with a required boost? Wake Up Happy, is another Spotify playlist that you need there to make your morning route an amazing one. Fill your morning mood with all happy songs that keep you energetic the entire day. Save this playlist in your library and welcome this new day, in a lot better way. 

16. Lazy Sunday

From now don’t let your Sunday pass anyway. It’s time to listen to songs that perfectly fit your Sunday moods. Check this trending Spotify playlist, which carries relaxing tracks and songs for a playful Sunday evening. 

17. Lo-Fi Beats

Another popular Spotify playlist, that you want to save for getting mental relief and focus. Its lowkey beats will make you relax a bit, so close your eyes and feel the music fully. Recommended playlist to listen to before starting work or while going to college. The mindfulness tracks improve ultimate focus, hence this Spotify playlist is best for work for sure. 

18. Workout

Still, searching for a Perfect workout playlist? No worries, one of the best Spotify playlists for a workout is here. Filled with energetic songs and bouncing tracks, this playlist has everything that you need to push you for regular exercise.  List of hit pop music that keeps your workout active and fun always. 

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Final Beats

Spotify has something for everyone. Like, it presents quality music and songs for the music fans, similarly, it also carries the podcasts for the leaders and learners as well. Moreover from classical tracks to the latest ones, it has everything in one place.

Totally agree that you have your selected playlist with all your favorite songs and all. But, listening to some trending Spotify playlists gives that extreme feeling, when your favorite song appears from nowhere randomly.  

Hope this post helps you to get the right Spotify playlist that you looking for. Further, we ensure to update this one with a more trending playlist as well. But, for now, if you have any suggestions for us, then let us know here in the comment section below.

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