Trending riddles on facebook, whatsapp & instagram Trending riddles on facebook, whatsapp & instagram

Puzzles and riddles to the brain are like exercise and food to the body. 

After all, it provides enough mental exercise that increases memory power, strengthens brain muscles, and trains you for problem-solving skills, and yes, don’t forget the fun part. 

Whether you’re looking for interesting riddles for mind training at home or want to share it as a social media post, then we have something for you ahead of you. Also, you can share these riddles on Instagram stories or via Whatsapp statuses with your friends. 

Read on to find the top trending riddles for social media that are enough for the knowledge tests to entertainment desires.

Easy “Who Am I” Riddles with Answers for Warm-Up

Riddles are to put some pressure on your mind to think creatively and strengthen your mind power; that does not mean all riddles must be challenging. So first, as a training phase, let’s start with some “who am I” riddles that you can solve without putting much pressure on you. 

Easy “who am i” riddles with answers

  1. I have legs, but I can’t walk. Who am I?

The Table.

  1. I have teeth, but I can’t eat. Who am I?

A Comb.

  1. I know every word. But I can’t speak. Who am I?

A Dictionary.

  1. I have a head. I have a tail. But I don’t have a body. What am I?

A coin.

  1. It starts with P and ends with E. And carries every letter within. What is it?

Post Office.

  1. I’m yours. Still, everyone can see me, but you can’t. Who am I?


  1. I’m clean when I’m black. I’m dirty when I’m white. What am I?


  1. I was born long and then I got shorter and shorter. Who am I?

A pencil. 

  1. I come first on earth, I come twice in November, but I never come in today. What am I?

The letter ‘E’.

  1. Everyone buys it to eat, but never eats it. What is it?

Cutlery and Plates.

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Tricky Kids Riddles with Answers

Indeed, solving riddles is a challenging and enjoyable activity and especially for kids at home. Such interesting riddles make them wonder, creative, and excited at the same time. If you’re looking for riddles to share with your younger siblings, then this is the list for you. 

Tricky kids riddles with answers

  1. Something that you can only use if you break it and throw it. 


  1. How many months have 28 days in the calendar?


  1. There are four children in Kristin’s home. First three children’s names are; Karla, Karolin and Kyra. What’s the 4th child’s name?


  1. According to a place, the tigers are called Siberian, Malayan, Sumatran. What do you call a tiger in Antarctica?

A lost tiger.

  1. The coolest letter in the alphabet?

It’s the letter ‘B’. (As it comes between A and C.)

  1. Something that goes up and also goes down and still stays in the same place, without moving. 


  1. What is that yours only, still everyone uses it, except you?

Your name. 

  1. If you eat me, someone will eat you, too. 

Fish hook.

  1. Rich or poor, everyone wants it. But, only kind people give it. 


  1. Why do elephants eat more in March than it does in February?

Because March has more days. 

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Short Riddles for Kids and Adults

Riddles are supposed to be straightforward indeed, and if they are too long and contain too much information, people have a difficult time solving them. Alternatively, if you don’t want to stress someone, you can try these short and funny riddles, which are, of course, only for adults. 

Short riddles for kids and adults

  1. You came with it and you will leave with it? What is it?


  1. The only word that gets shorter as you add two letters within.


  1. What is in the middle of India?

The letter ‘D’.

  1. I’m available on Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and mercury. But I’m not available in Neptune and Pluto. Who am I? 

A Letter ‘R’. 

  1. Write me forward, write me backward. Write me upside down. And I remain the same? What am I?


  1. The five-letter word is pronounced the same, even if you remove the last four letters.


  1. The place has lakes and is still not wet. It has mountains and still no rocks. What place is it?

A map.

  1. It has four legs and one horn. It’s not a cow, goat, or camel. But still, give milk. What is this?

A milk truck.

  1. I have a lot of keys but none of them helps you to open the door. Guest what?

 A piano. 

  1. People throw me when they need me. But, they keep me when they don’t need me. What am I?

The anchor. 

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Funny Riddles with Answers to Share on Social media

Want to share some funny riddles with your family and friends, then this is the best list that you can follow along. Knowing your desire to have some fun time during a lockdown, we found some awesome brain teasers that surely you can’t resist sharing with your friends. 

Funny riddles with answers to share on social media

31. What if Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter become the one social media?

Then it will be called, “My Face Twit”

32. What surprised you regarding the Facebook-Whatsapp deal?

Well, they can download it, the way I did. 

33. A teacher jumped into the pool for no reason, But why?

Maybe she wanted to TEST the water. 

34. Something that has a bottom at the top.


35. The one who makes it, doesn’t actually need it. The one who buys it actually doesn’t use it. But, the one who uses it, but doesn’t buy it? Guest, what it is? 

A coffin. 

36. Mississippi has four S and I in it. So how can you spell it without using S or I?


37. Two best friends were playing chess. In the end, they both are the winners, How?

They were separately playing with different opponents. 

38. Name a word that no one can ever write Right. 

It’s a ‘Wrong”. 

39. When you see red you go ahead and when you see green you stop. Guess who I am? 

A Watermelon. 

40. The more you take it, the more you’re leaving it behind.

Your Footsteps

41. When nothing goes right, what is something that you can count on?

Your fingers.

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Great Riddles with Answers for Adults

Our next list is a great mix of riddles for almost all purposes, whether you’re posting them on Facebook or Instagram or want to amaze your friends via WhatsApp forwards. And don’t worry,  just as we did earlier, we will also provide the answers to the riddles underneath.

Great riddles with answers for adults

42. Something that you can break without even touching it?


43. What is something that you can give to others while keeping it with you?

44. There are actually three rings of marriage…

Engagement ring, wedding ring, and the suffering. 

45. Facebook is like a fridge, because…

You know there’s nothing for you, and still, you have to check it often. 

46. When I’m full I’m a number, When you remove the first letter, I become a word. Guess who I am?


47. When I’m full I’m a thing. When you remove the first two letters, I become a number. Guess what I am?


48. There are two fathers and two sons in the car. How many people are there in the car?

Three. (A son, his father, and his grandfather.)

49. The most engaged girls like mobile phones, Because…

They’ve rings now. 

50. The ship that has two mates, but no captain?


51. I dare you to take off my skin, if you do, then I will make you cry. What am I?

An onion. 

52. What did one eye say to another?

Something between us Smells.

53. Which fruit remains sad all the time?


54. What is the answer to this question?


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Final thoughts: 

No matter the platform, riddles provide a variety of entertainment. They are interesting, funny, knowledgeable, and worth knowing and sharing. 

We hope you like this list of the trending riddles and probably have solved most of them. Consider posting these riddles on your Facebook and Instagram page, or you can share them via Whatsapp, as well. 

Stay tuned with us, as we are going to update you with the newest riddles and puzzles. Plus, we promise to bring the next level and even more challenging puzzles that will push your brain, and you’ll have some fun time solving it.  

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