Mrs & mrs wedding gift ideas Mrs & mrs wedding gift ideas

What are the perfect mrs and mrs gifts? Well, they are simple. They are practical. They are thoughtful, and they brighten up everyday life. Read on to find 10 wedding gifts that you can personalize for him and him, her and her, and everyone in between, from useful kitchen items to the bridal box subscription.

Best Mrs & Mrs Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Bridal Boxes

A monthly subscription to a bride box is the trendiest gift this year. Why? Because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. These lgbt wedding gifts are friendly towards the entire community and are packed with items to help plan, celebrate, entertain, and relax. Keep in mind that this should be given well before the wedding to maximize how useful it is.

2. For The Bed

You can never underestimate the value of high-quality sheets, pillow cases, and bedspreads. These items come in all manner colors and designs, making this a perfect option for any couple. If you can’t find a ready-made set that suits their style you can easily embroider Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr onto most fabrics.

3. For The Kitchen

Many new couples spend a lot of time in the kitchen, making a personalized cutting board an excellent same sex wedding gift. You can keep it simple with etched initials or their full names. However, you can go the extra mile and burn a meaningful proverb or even a sentimental photograph onto the board.

4. For The Memories

One newer wedding trend is to keep a high quality copy of wedding vows. Give the gift of a leather bound book for the happy couple to hand write their vows in. There’s nothing gender-specific about a classy vow book, making this an same sex wedding gift idea that will keep the memory alive throughout the rest of their happy days.

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5. For Lounging

There’s nothing better than a lazy sunday morning rich with coffee and a tasty breakfast. A matchings set of embroidered bath robes are unexpectedly perfect wedding gifts for gay couples. Robes are worn a lot. Make sure to splurge for the softest fabric and sturdiest stitching you can get your hands on.

6. For The Table

Dinner parties are abundant in the lives of many newlyweds. Whether you are on the hunt for gifts for lesbian marriage, two men, or a new bride and groom, you can’t go wrong with personalized flatware and silverware. You would be surprised how nice it feels to receive a regular reminder of your happy day, even if it’s delivered by the simple act of eating a few vegetables.

7. For The Adventure

The majority of honeymoons will involve a destination. Most couples don’t invest an ounce of thought into their luggage until they reach the airport. Beat them to the punch by gifting custom travel tags. They’re simple yet highly appreciated, especially when they reach into the baggage claim and come to the sudden realization of just how real their official union is.

8. For The Morning

The hours before work are precious. Make every second more meaningful with a set of mr and mr or mrs and mrs wedding gifts emblazoned on coffee mugs. You can’t help but feel a little more loved every time you take a sip. Sometimes the small things in life are the most important.

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9. For The Party

The hours spent after work are equally as important. Etched mugs or wine glasses make for some cute mr and mrs gifts. They’ll fit in perfectly at a party as well as with a glass of wine with dinner. Make sure that you know the couple’s style and do your best to choose a font that matches their personality,

10. For The Years

Couples getting married often pay an arm and a leg for professional photography. It’s only natural that they would adore a print as opposed to keeping things digital. This means that buying a personalized photo frame could be the single best gift you can get a gay couple for their wedding. That high-quality pic will look even better in a high-quality frame.

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