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53 Best Comments for Boys To Make Them Think of You 

Instagram has become a top trending spot to post and share pictures with your loved ones and followers. We often mistake that girls are stealing all the spit light on social media but men aren’t behind. When boys post some good pictures even girls couldn’t figure out what to comment on and search for impressive comments for boys post on Instagram.

If your crush has just posted a stunning picture or it’s your male friend don’t lose a chance to stand on top of unique comments in the comment section of that post. Well, I will just let you adore those posts and make it easy to post a good comment. So, we created a list of unique and impressive comments for boys’ Instagram posts:

Top Impressive Comments for Boys Posts on Instagram

Top Impressive Comments For Boys Posts On Instagram

Boys you like always have a very impressive personality and they surely deserve some impressive comments on their posts. If you just saw some impressive post on your wall make sure you complement it with a good comment on it.

  1. What an impressive picture.
  2. You look great in this post.
  3. Well, this is your best picture.
  4. Can I like this one 1000 times??
  5. Someone killing with his looks.
  6. I love your style sense.
  7. What a picture, a perfect man with perfect background!
  8. You have got an irresistible charm, nice picture.
  9. You look so handsome, careful girls out there.
  10. I think there are countless love songs that I can dedicate to you.
  11. You’re the most sincere guy in my connection.

Unique Comments for Boys’ Posts on Instagram

Unique Comments For Boys' Posts On Instagram

Unique boys know how to stand out in a crowd of thousands and when they post their pictures on Instagram they make sure it’s unique. Looking to comment on something different than the usual one scroll below to find unique comments for boys’ posts on Instagram-

  1. How do you always manage to look so stunning??
  2. The great personality you have.
  3. Someone increasing the temperature out there!
  4. Your charm left stunned me.
  5. A gentleman every woman dreams for.
  6. You know exactly how to slay.
  7. Confident as always.
  8. Do you have permission to hack our hearts?
  9. And how you always manage to deliver the perfect look always.
  10. What is your secret to looking insane in every picture?
  11. Oh, look at that smile. Enough to make our day.

Share some Comments for Best friends to make them feel special.

Best Comments for Boys Posts on Instagram

Best Comments For Boys Posts On Instagram

Best deserves the best, for all the best pictures of your guy friends and your crush we found some best comments. At times while scrolling you find some best pictures of them on your feed and you cannot stop yourself from commenting. 

  1. You are an antidote for a bad day.
  2. People might fall for the background but I fell on your smile.
  3. Are you french? Because Eiffel for you…
  4. Your picture makes my day better.
  5. It’s a red alert on Instagram.
  6. Are you a synonym for cuteness?
  7. The world would be worthless without your existence.
  8. You are pure inside-out.
  9. It’s a treat on my feed.
  10. That devil smile is quite dangerous.
  11. You’re insanely handsome.

One-Word Comments for Boys on Instagram

One Word Comments For Boys On Instagram

At times you don’t need a para or a sentence to convey what you see, a single word can work. So when you just want to keep it short and convey what you feel, this section will surely help you out. Here are some one-word comments for boys’ posts on Instagram.

  1. Stunning
  2. Irresistible
  3. Adorable 
  4. Hey handsome 
  5. Gentlemen
  6. Hey Lucifer!
  7. Impressive 
  8. Crazy!
  9. Champion
  10. Slaying
  11. Dashing

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Must Write Comments for Boys’ Pictures

Must Write Comments For Boys' Pictures

Here are some must-write comments for boys’ pictures. You can try these options for your friend and the guy you like.

  1. Total gentleman dapper.
  2. What a great picture it is. 
  3. Now I agree you were actually hitting the gym!
  4. This devil wears a smile. 
  5. That irresistible personality, girls would die for. 
  6. Fantastic pictures, looks like you had a fun weekend. 
  7. Your smile stealing millions of hearts. 
  8. Girls, I found the one I want to spend my life with. 
  9. You are the man a girl dreams of.

These were some best, unique, and trending comment suggestions for boys’ posts on Instagram. At times it’s just not about commenting but also about also praising them, for those times you can check out our article compliments for boys

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