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When it comes to children’s movies, there are different facts such as Ariel being related to Hercules! Also, Tarzan might be related to Elsa and Anna.

If you love watching classic children’s movies with the kids or want to introduce them to some of your favorites, you might wonder where to begin. There are so many movies to choose from that it might seem difficult.

You’re in luck! Read this article on the top classic children’s movies that you need to watch with your child today!

1. Toy Story

Start your child out with this classic that has spanned across years and is popular in films for families. Have them watch the first and then enjoy the consecutive movies after it. You can also check out other sites such as doyouremember for more fun ideas!

2. Hocus Pocus

Whether or not it’s Halloween, Hocus Pocus is loved by many. Watch these sisters and witches come back to life and try to take the life of a virgin.

3. Finding Nemo

Follow a clownfish who searches for his missing son in this movie. There are plenty of unique characters and love to enjoy throughout cinematic history.

4. The Parent Trap

Watch this classic with your children that has been redone numerous times. Lindsay Lohan plays long-lost twins in this movie who reunite and trick their families to get to know each other. It’s the ultimate camping prank!

5. Spirited Away

One of the best children’s movies is a wonderful film by Hayao Miyazaki. It has a strong female protagonist who wants to help her parents after they’re turned into pigs. There are some tough scenes for younger kids though.

6. Frozen

Enjoy the adventures and songs in Frozen from Disney. It’s about sisters instead of love, unlike the other Disney movies. Keep in mind that the songs in this movie will easily get stuck in your child’s head, and they’ll want to sing them over and over.

7. The Lion King

Enjoy this cinematic experience of The Lion King with your little ones. They’ll follow along as Simba grows from a baby into an adult where he needs to watch over the land and be king of the jungle.

You’ll even get to watch his love unfold with Nala, his childhood friend. Other popular characters are Timon and Pumbaa.

8. Home Alone

A holiday favorite is Home Alone following Kevin McCallister. His family accidentally leaves him home alone during the holidays when they head to the airport. It shows him fighting against the robbers and protecting his home while enjoying movies and all of the ice cream that he wants.

Exploring the Top Classic Children’s Movies

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the top classic children’s movies to enjoy with your kids. Take your time going through the different options and make sure to watch as many as possible!

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