Whether you are at school, working at an office, freelancing, or whatever it is you are doing, it is important to be productive. This means using you time efficiently to complete the task at hand. However, being productive in this digital era seems elusive for many. It is now easier to get distracted by technology, which makes it harder to accomplish tasks at hand. However, being productive means being able to manage yourself. Here are some hacks you can use to be productive.

1) Set realistic goals

One of the pitfalls many of us fall into are as a result of trying to squeeze a lot of tasks into a short amount of time. We often fall into the fallacy of thinking that the more we do, the more successful and productive we will be. In fact, what we should be really thinking about is simplifying how we work, and getting tasks done faster, better, and efficiently. Setting realistic goals also ensures we have enough time for sleep, play, and socializing, thus reducing the risk of burning out and feeling unproductive.

2) Plan ahead

Even though you may be feeling tired after a long and hectic day, planning ahead for the next day will put you on a path of success. Planning for the next day means you can identify which tasks to prioritise. When planning ahead, you may assign the time you are most alert for the mentally involved work, while other mundane tasks may be assigned when you are low on energy.

3) Be flexible

Even after you have meticulously planned on what to do, there are situations that may disrupt your plans. Therefore, you will need to decide what to do when such situations arise. This means that you should be willing to be flexible by continually evaluating what to prioritise. This types of situations are especially common in a fast-paced workplace, where what was a priority on a certain day, may not be the most important thing to be accomplished when that day arrives.

4) Be focused

One of the ways to be productive is by staying focused on the task at hand. This is to ensure that all your attention is on that task for the predetermined time. Being focused also means avoiding task hoping. By having a lot of tasks at hand to accomplish, you may feel overwhelmed and find yourself jumping from one task to another without actually finishing it. This issue may be further compounded by the lure of checking emails, social media, and text messages among other distractions. This is why it is important to identify a single task and give it your undivided attention.

5) Stay inspired

Even if you love what you do, there will be those days when you feel low on energy. It is important to continuously re-energize your mind and find that dose of motivation to keep you going. Whether it is by walking around, doing yoga, listening to podcasts, or reading motivations quotes such as click here, engage in them to fuel your brain’s energy for a productive day.

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