Understand-what-others-feel- benefits to how Understand-what-others-feel- benefits to how

We all are connected but unfortunately not by our hearts! Sometimes, I wonder that if we start feeling as frequently as we use the emoticons while texting, then probably we all would have a fairer emotional quotient. Internet should be accredited with making our brains more logical (a safer assumption) and our hearts emptier. Yes, you read it right! “EMPTIER”.When was the last time you felt like smiling at a stranger? Or when was the last time when you sat with your parents or your real friends to know how their life was going? Imagining all of these things might have innocently lit up your face because it has struck a chord with your heart.

Let’s reason out as to why we should understand what others feel:

1. Approachability leads to advancement:

Approachable approachability

Sociability and approachability are tenets of humanity. A genuine attempt to understand what others feel makes you more approachable as well as gives you an edge in your professional career over others.

2. No fights, all right! :

Group of friends understand what others feel

Don’t you remember how that agreement of everyone to be the ‘it’ in the game of hiding and seek help in easy avoidance of conflicts?

3. Kindness is the best gift:

I understand understand what others feel

Hallmark Ideas

Nothing can be kinder than to say I understand on seeing others in distress. Understand first to get understood later.

4. Self-conscious to Self-confidence!

Self conscious

Science says that to understand what others feel can help us become more conscious of our feelings and emotions. When you feel good, you perform better.

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5. Emotional Quotient-Your real scorecard:

It enables us to live a fuller life and to laugh a little louder too which improves your EQ.

6. Assist people effectively

Helping a old man understand what others feel

Help people depending on their perception of their feelings and desires.

7. Listen well to what people are saying

Two girls smiling at each other understand what others feel

Listening is one of the best ways to understand what others feel. If people are talking, listen thoroughly. Many people don’t listen.

Many people don’t listen with the expectation of understanding; they listen with the intention of responding.


Once we start valuing feelings, we start valuing people.

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    1. Intense, concise and mindful read!
      EQ in todays world definitely helps in connecting with others and thus push one’s own boundaries for subsequent success.
      Keep up the good work!!

    2. I can understand your query but since this article focusses on the reasons behind understanding what others feel, the subsequent actions to help others have not been considered. Maybe, we can bring up some related topics to cover up the same in the forthcoming articles 🙂

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