Compliments To Give Your Cousins

36 Unique Compliments to Give Cousins Online or Personally

Your cousins are the ones you can look up to like siblings and you can party like friends. If you share a great connection with your sibling, you want to show your love to them in every possible way. 

Even while leaving comments on siblings’ social media posts, you can cherish the bond. Also, for being so supportive in your life, you could give them compliments on their caring nature. 

In this article, we are sharing you with the best comments and compliments you can give to your cousins whether in person or over Instagram or Facebook. 

Good Comments On Cousin Pic On Instagram

Good Comments On Cousin Pic On Instagram

Whenever your cousins post a selfie or family picture, you want to leave unique comments to express you enjoy their post greatly. Instead of just writing short or standard comments, you can try these good comments on your cousin’s Instagram post. 

  1. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a great cousin like I am.
  2. You’re more like my family and friends, That makes you special. 
  3. When you have friendly cousins, you won’t feel bored anymore.
  4. I don’t need any more friends. My cousins are the best in every role. 
  5. Looking awesome as always. I think you should try this style it suits you. 
  6. We planned to share some time, but we made great memories.
  7. I’m so happy for you, always follow your passion. May you achieve all you want.
  8. How come I never witnessed this side of your personality? You doing best here.
  9. We are close as friends and we share a greater bond than that.

Best Compliments For Your Cousins

Best Compliments For Your Cousins

You know their values in your life, they are the best friend and siblings you ever have. For their caring nature and attractive personality, you want to say something to your cousins to appreciate their uniqueness. Here are the best compliments to give your cousins when you get a chance.

  1. All thanks to you I have the best time and great memories to rewind in my life. 
  2. Lots of love to you my dearest cousin. Please never change. Be who you are. 
  3. I have lived the best childhood because I have the best cousins ever.
  4. You’re the fashion icon in our family. Thanks for being different. 
  5. With your presence, every family function feels alive and attainable. 
  6. Oh, I almost forgot that we are cousins, I thought we were just friends. 
  7. You made our entire family proud. So good to have a brilliant kid in the house. 
  8. Everything you do, you’re the best in it. How can anyone be so awesome?
  9. You’re my favorite cousin in the whole family, just don’t tell others. 

To make your every family post special, you can use such special captions for family posts on instagram.

Funny Comments To Leave On Cousin’s Pictures

Funny Comments To Leave On Cousin’s Pictures

With your cousin, you enjoy the best moment of your life. You might meet on a special occasion like birthdays or some, but that time fills your life with many laughing events. To express you enjoy their company and get a friendly vibe, here are funny comments to share on your cousin’s posts.

  1. You’re the most entertaining branch in our entire family tree. 
  2. Before coming to any family event, I have to make sure that I’ll find you there.
  3. You might be crazy a bit, But I’m happy because there’s someone like me in this family. 
  4. How can I forget about those golden childhoods we shared together? I could never. 
  5. When I’m not with my friends, I’m with my cousins, just so you know. 
  6. My cousins aren’t dumb they are the smartest friends anyone can have.
  7. No one can handle me but my cousins could. Because they are much more than me. 
  8. We might be cousins, but we are more like a friend forever. 
  9. Me literally every time before attending the family events, if you’re not coming, I won’t either.

Sentimental Comments To Share On Cousin’s Posts

Sentimental Comments To Share On Cousin’s Posts

Want to show your cousin that you are grateful for this great connection? So, take a look at these emotional things to say to your cousins on their posts. Whether it’s a family picture or a special event, these sentimental comments will strengthen the bond you share with your cousins.

  1. We are not just spending time together. But we are living our life together. 
  2. I have to tell you that without your confidence I won’t be this good.
  3. Thank you for being there and helping me out, when I can’t go to my friends. 
  4. When you’re with me, I need no one else because you’re enough. 
  5. Dear cousin, I might not show this much, but I have a huge respect for you. 
  6. I don’t get emotional usually, but when it’s about you, I can’t control myself. 
  7. For everything you do and every memory we create, I like to thank you. 
  8. Having you in my life makes me feel great. Dear, your presence does matter.
  9. Thanks for being someone I can look up to. You’re a friend and sibling in need.

Want to dedicate a special post to your cousin, then here are the Best Instagram captions for cousins.

With these comments and compliments for cousins, you know how to make them feel valued. If you want to say something funny and nice to your cousins, you can try these comments on their posts or give them compliments. 

They are special and you want them to stay who they are. Make them realize how special they are. For the emotional support and friendship you share within, your cousins deserve unique words like anytime.

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