Interesting topics to talk about with a girl Interesting topics to talk about with a girl

When you don’t know which topics to discuss with a girl, you look boring to her. If not that, then an over-smart dude who wants to impress her. 

But, with the right topic, you can keep her in the conversation as well as make her excited for your next conversation with you. 

Not sure what are the right topics to talk about with a girl? No problem, here sharing the best topics that are most suitable to discuss with a girl you just met or want to make further bonds with. 

Best topics to talk about with a girl in high school

Best topics to talk about with a girl in high school

If you’re in high school, the topic to initiate the conversation with her never has to be so challenging and deep. So here are some suitable topics to get the conversation started. 

1. Likes and dislikes

This is the most common thing you can discuss with a girl you know and develop an initial bond with. Such topics reveal much about a girl’s likeness and dislike of anything. 

2. Education

Talk about her favorite subject, what major she will choose in college, and the degree she’s aspiring to have. Talk about the emerging career or the right-field she thinks has a good scope in the future.

3. Favorite music

What kind of music does she love listening to? Find out which music genre she enjoys. You can also ask her about her favorite artist or musical band. 

4. Pets- The Most Favorite Topic To Discuss

This is surely an interesting topic to discuss with a girl. Is she more of a cat person or a dog person? Learn whether she has pets at home or which one she wishes to have?

5. Foods

Talk about her favorite food as well? What drinks does she prefer or the restaurant she usually visits? What’s her favorite dish she can make, and that’s great if you’re a good cook, too?

6. Habits

Share your habits and ask for her as well. Learn about her personality and the type of person by asking more about her daily habits. 

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Fun topics to talk about with a girl you like

Fun topics to talk about with a girl you like

You don’t just want to approach a girl; you want to know more about her, Right? Then, here are some fun topics that you can discuss with a girl to keep her attention on the talk.

7. Friendship

It’s not limited to asking who’s her best friend. Discuss her thoughts on friendship and how it is important to one’s life.

8. Best Interests

The discussion about her interests and taste can be anything from most common topics like routine activities to weekend planning and all. 

9. Childhood- An Engaging Topics To Discuss With Anyone

Ask about her hometown, where she was born, and where her parents are from. Discussing childhood always leads to interactive conversation.

10. Hilarious moments

It’s not only about the viral memes she found on the internet, but the funniest life events and experiences from her life—something she never gets out of her mind. 

11. Future goals

Discuss what her goals from the personal to the professional level are. This shows you are more interested in knowing her and willing to help her in any way you can. 

12. Challenges

After knowing her goals and expectations from life, you can further ask about the challenges she faces. Then, who knows, you might help in some way that brings you two closer together. 

Engaging topics to talk about with a girl on the phone

Engaging topics to talk about with a girl on the phone

When talking to a girl over the call, your topics have to be quite engaging and interactive indeed. Not sure, which are they? Then here are some best topics to talk about over the call with her.

13. Achievements

Indeed, this is the more interesting topic to discuss with girls and anyone you like. These are the inspiring and positive events in someone’s life that everyone enjoys talking about. 

14. Family

Share something about your family and also ask the family questions to her. Discuss her family members, parents, siblings, family traditions, and all. 

15. Styles & fashion: The Perfect Topic for a Girl

Ask which fashion brands she is a diehard fan of. Which shows or boutiques does she usually visit to buy her apparel? This will give you some hints over what to give her as a surprise present. 

16. Favorite movies

Overused topic, but effective overall. Discuss what types of movies she likes to watch at home or the upcoming movies she’s waiting to see in the theater. 

17. TV shows

Next, ask about her favorite TV series/shows she’s passionate about and knows every minor detail about. Finally, discuss what to watch this coming weekend?

18. Weekend plans

Overall, the best topics to express your interest in spending time together. Share what she’s doing this weekend and ask her together or redesign your plan to be with her. 

19. Just gossip

Take some ideas from your initial conversation and gossip about anything she is more into. Or just any random topic that may suit a healthy discussion. 

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Interesting topics to talk about with a girl over text

Interesting topics to talk about with a girl over text

Sometimes, it’s challenging to continue a conversation with a girl when chatting and texting. And if you want to have an ongoing conversation with her, here are some nice topics to discuss when texting. 

20. Compliments

Discuss what the greatest compliments she ever received in her life are? Is this for her look, personally, or her unique talents? 

21. Day at work

Ask how her day was at work, school, or college? This shows that you care about her and want to know how to make her feel good. 

22. Books

Is she a bookworm? Then discuss which book she recommends you to read or why she thinks books are better than the movie adaptation

23. Her needs

Whether she’s your friend or girlfriend, taking care of a girl is a must, so make sure you take time to know her needs. 

24. Favorite games

From card games to other party games, check which one is her favorite. Possible that she is also a fan of Pub-G or Call of Duty. 

25. Happiness

What is the meaning of happiness to her? Ask what makes her happy and completely fulfilled in her life? Then, you get some nice things to follow after that. 

26. Puzzles- An Interactive Topics to Talk With Her

When you feel your texting is getting boring, try out some puzzles or riddles to make it more entertaining. 

Good topics to talk about with a girl on a date

Good topics to talk about with a girl on a date

Whether it’s your first date or the second or third, the right topics to discuss are all you need to bring your connection to the next level. So find some good topics to discuss at the dinner table with a girl you date. 

27. Hobbies

Discussing hobbies is the best topic to discuss with anyone. This way, you can find out her interests and what she likes to do in her free time?

28. Vacation/Travel desires

Which is her dream travel spot? Where does she want to go on a summer vacation? Better to know that in advance so you can be prepared in advance. 

29. Love

It’s not just a topic but a feeling that you share. But, before that, you better know what her thoughts are about love and romance.

30. Her expectations

This is way further than her life goals. Find out her expectations, especially regarding her relationship and dream partner. 

31. Adventures- An Exciting Topic to Discuss with a Girl

How ready is she for the adventurous activities to do together? Take her hiking if she loves mountains or any sports activity she enjoys. 

32. Career

Knowing the field and career she is working in is the best idea to start with if you don’t know much about her and want to know her personally. 

Romantic topics to talk about with a girlfriend

Romantic topics to talk about with a girlfriend

Good topics are appropriate for making the connection possible; they are equally important to keep the connection active and alive later on. When you feel like your girlfriend doesn’t want to hear anything about your favorite games, these are some best topics you can discuss that suit your relationship. 

33. Relationships

What are her thoughts on the relationship standards? Listen to her carefully because this reveals how you’re great at providing her needs she has but never talked about before. 

34. Her desires

What does she want from you? Whether it’s to take a break from the weekend or to visit her parents? Make sure you do the best you can do for her. 

35. Feelings

Be open about your feelings for her and take care of her as well. Have some good nicknames for her and check how she’s responding to them.  

36. Preferences and Priorities

When you’re growing connection with a girl, discussing each others’ preferances and priorities could help you many ways.

37. Romance

You are in love with her, and there is no need to explain this further. So instead, we want to let you know to remember all of the best memories you shared with this topic. 

38. Dream home

If you are in a relationship and about to get married, talking about her dream house is the right choice. This way you can make the right decision to make dream of her and your house or could suprise her later on.

39. Marriage – The Most Important Topic To Discuss with Her

Tell her how excited you are to welcome her into your life and get married one day. Then, find out what her expectations are for the marriage. This gives you some time to get ready for the wedding plan and all. 

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Final thoughts

Overall, talking to girls never has to be stressful or challenging anymore. 

From here, all you need is to pick the right topic from the given list and initiate a good conversation with her. 

Instead of just talking about what you know, involve her from the very first. Then, let your conversation flow naturally. 

Timely check how interested she looks throughout the conversation and changes the topic if required. 

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