Prefer Watching Movies Over Reading Books Prefer Watching Movies Over Reading Books

Why Does Our Generation Prefer Watching Movies Over Reading Books?

Well, there can be a separate debate over books v/s movies. It’s still common for some people to choose to read books rather than to watch the movie adaptations of it.

This present generation, which has everything, but no patience, finds watching movies more entertaining and faster than reading books.  Plus, it’s all about personal choices and preferences. But one sure thing is, the movies which are adapted from books are usually successful. Fact, indeed.

Anyways, in this article, we are going to share more reasons why our generation prefers movies over books. 

1. Movies can be completed in a couple of hours

In the first place, reading books and connecting with each character in a story takes time. Betway Casino took a look at the most successful book-to-film adaptations and observed that a person does not expect to understand the whole plot in just a few minutes of reading the book.

 To fully understand the concept plot, it is required to read the entire book. However, the whole movie can be viewed twice or thrice within a single day, when you don’t get what happened (guess, it’s one of Christopher Nolan’s movies)

2. Books are judged based on covers but movies can sell with their trailer/teaser(s)

Agreed, we should not judge a book by its cover, but who’s got time to read the entire book just to figure out whether they have to read a book or not.  On the other hand, movie trailers are made with the end promotional purposes in mind. Therefore, it has the element of entertainment that keeps the audience engaged or connected. 

Even so, two minutes of a trailer is enough to provide some information on whether the movie is worth watching for some audience or not. 

3. Movies seem more entertaining to the mass

When it comes to books, people tend to associate them with school books, education, and other aspects, making them feel bored by just looking at them. 

For them, books are simply all about pages with texts. On the flip side, movies are visual and have lots of colors, effects, and elements to present the story in a very engaging way. The fact is most people love movies, but not everyone prefers books. 

4. Books don’t have addictive music

Another great reason why people prefer movies over books is because the soundtrack adds life to the story. Whether it’s about the emotional scene or the entry of the villain of the play, music gives that vibe to feel what’s happening and how to react. 

However, this does not mean that books do not have emotions, they do, but not everyone can connect to them. 

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5. Movies are straight to the point

If you prefer to have the smallest details of the movie or play, consider reading a book. Because that’s the original source and you never miss out on anything, for sure. 

While movies that adapt to books are mostly like a summary of books. And you only get to see the most important events or storyline that the filmmaker wants to show from the books. 

6. Books want you to visualize everything by yourself

Watching the war scene in the actual movie with all the great special effects and CGI stuff is all there ready for you. And, books can somewhat succeed in creating such a scene while reading. But, what makes a movie scene more engaging is, everything is already there in front of your eyes. 

No matter how many special effects there are used, it eventually looks somewhat precise what they’re trying to explain. Books give you the freedom to imagine and think whatever you can from your perspective. Which further makes it difficult for less creative or unimaginative people. 

7. Some movies are worth watching repeatedly

Ask yourself or someone who is a bookworm, what to do with the already read books. Most probably, you give it to someone else or simply store it in the library and never read it again. Whereas to the movie that you feel so connected with, you like to watch it over and over again.  

Such entertainment elements are always there. Agree that you won’t enjoy the movie with the same thrill, but at least that’s not boring like reading a book that you already completed before. 

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Final thoughts: 

So these were some most common reasons why today’s entertainment-seeking generation prefers movies over reading books. Nevertheless, certain people prefer watching books, because movies have limitations from creative aspects to runtime. And every book genre has its fan-base who simply never gets bored with it, anyway. 

Again, it all comes down to individual choice in the end. Anyway, what do you prefer between movies vs books?

Share your thoughts and views on that in the comments section below. 

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