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When it’s your birthday, your followers and friends on social media share their wishes. 

Some choose to wish you a birthday via messages or some by posting your picture. While some send you a personalized birthday card to express their heartfelt wishes for you. 

Because there are at least hundreds of messages and posts to engage with, it’s tough to make your comments quite unique and appreciative.  

So in this post, we are going to share with you the best comments you can share on birthday posts, pictures, or cards you received on Facebook or Instagram. 

Sweet Comments to Birthday Posts to You

Sweet comments to birthday posts to you

Want to share your love and respect for someone’s tagged birthday posts with you? Well, they must be your family, relatives, or close friends who generally wish you this way. On such posts, you can leave these sweet comments to appreciate their wishes. 

  1. I love the message you share with the wishes. Thank you so much. 
  2. My birthday would be incomplete without your wishes. 
  3. Oh, you have picked great pictures for this post. Thank you, all!
  4. Your post makes my birthday the perfect day, for sure. 
  5. What a great post this is! You truly made my day. 
  6. You write all these, just for me? How nice of you, thanks. 
  7. I wish you could be here and make my birthday even more special. 
  8. This post reminds me of the best memories we have shared along. 
  9. Such a perfect post for this perfect day. Lots of love to you. 
  10. This is the best birthday wish I ever got on Facebook. 

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Appreciative Comments for Birthday Cards

Appreciative comments for birthday cards

When someone shares birthday wishes via a personalized card that they created and wrote, they deserve some respectful comments. here are the best ‘thank you’ comments to give someone who took the time and give you personal birthday wishes like no one else. 

  1. You just know how to make someone’s birthday even more special, right? 
  2. I love the classic birthday wishes card; you know that well. 
  3. The best thing about this card is you know how to make it a perfect wish. 
  4. I genuinely appreciate that you wrote this beautiful message for me. 
  5. So impressed with your birthday wishes to me, I feel every word. 
  6. Thank you so much for your handwritten birthday wishes card. 
  7. What a beautiful message this is! You make me cry with your hearty wishes!
  8. How wonderful it is! I’m so happy with your special birthday blessing for me.
  9. The card is very beautiful and the message is even more beautiful. 
  10. I couldn’t ask enough, but this birthday wish is special to me.  
  11. Here I’m sharing my most genuine and sincere birthday wishes to you.

Funny Comments for Birthday Wishes 

Funny comments for birthday wishes 

Sometimes your best friend creates some hilarious birthday posts and shares them on Facebook. Well, that deserves more than just ‘thank you’. To appreciate their wishes in the same fun manner, here are funny comments you can leave on the birthday posts for you. 

  1. I’m so happy that you wish me on the right day.
  2. You know it’s my birthday. I thought you might have forgotten it. 
  3. I hope your birthday wishes do work and it turns into be a great day. 
  4. Dude, it just takes a minute to write something special. Fine, thank you, though. 
  5. There are some mistakes in spelling, but I’m glad to have your wishes. 
  6. I’m your one and only friend, couldn’t you try saying something new? 
  7. Simply just saying birthday wishes isn’t enough, I want you to celebrate. 
  8. I’m getting older, feeling afraid and you’re wishing me a happy birthday. 
  9. Please don’t bring the candles I’m not 15 or 16 anymore.  
  10. Thank buddy for your wishes. I know you’re here just for the cake. 

Good Comments for Birthday Cakes

Good comments for birthday cakes

Whether your friend brings a birthday cake for you or someone sends you cake pictures on your birthday, here is what to comment on. These comments you can share on social media as well as in person to appreciate their efforts for your birthday celebration. 

  1. I truly appreciate for making this cake for me. I can’t thank them enough. 
  2. Too much cake, but I can’t deny it. Thank you for all this. 
  3. Thank you for bringing my favorite cake on my great day. 
  4. I wish like this eggless cake; we also could be ageless people. 
  5. All you know is that I’m here only for the cake. 
  6. Probably the biggest cake I have ever cut in my whole life. 
  7. I don’t have friends that throw cakes on each other, they rather eat it. Is it weird?
  8. Such a perfect cake this is, just like this celebration is going to be. 
  9. My birthday would be incomplete without you and this cake. 
  10. I love the decoration on this cake. Just tell me which part is edible. 

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Final Thoughts

Well, saying ‘Thank you!’ to every birthday wishes you get in either way, is what you can do. But if when someone genuinely writes some message and created birthday cards for you, appreciate their wishes quite differently. In that case, having these comments for birthday pictures or cards could save you time. 

Pick the perfect comments from the list on the way someone shared birthday wishes for you. These are engaging ways to acknowledge birthday wishes other than just saying ‘Thanks!’.

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