Comments and compliments for cakes Comments and compliments for cakes

Delicious and mouthwatering cakes are, of course, a special part of our celebrations and special occasions in life. However, the process of making them is more like art in itself.

Are you looking for some good comments for cake or the perfect compliments to share with cake shops or bakers, then this is the post for you. 

Whether you are about to leave some good comments on a cake post or provide them as positive feedback to a cake shop, you’ll find the right thing to say in this list. 

Sweet Compliments for a Cake 

Sweet compliments for cakes

Whether you want to compliment a baker on his skill or want to inspire a friend who just made a cake for you, these sweetest comments are perfect for sharing.

  1. What a wonderful cake this is. I tried it and I simply loved it. 
  2. Looks like a flower, and tastes like heaven. Indeed, this cake is simply amazing. 
  3. Thank you so much for making our celebration greater indeed. 
  4. Like the way you use the different colors, they all make it look overall the perfect cake. 
  5. I have never seen such a decorating and creative cake before. 
  6. It may look easy. But there are tons of efforts and details to take care of. Good work!
  7. Can’t say anything, but this cake is delicious and I can’t wait to have it. 
  8. Are you kidding? This is a vegan cake, that’s unbelievable. 
  9. You’re such a talented baker. The cake decoration is what stuns us. 
  10. Your cake videos make me take cake classes now.
  11. I’ve never seen such a creative cake like this before. I’m sure it’s delicious, too. 
  12. Your cake-making skills are my inspiration. Sorry, I’m taking ideas from you. 

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Comments for Cakes Post on Instagram

Comments for cakes instagram post

If you found the cake post on Facebook or follow the cakeshop’s Instagram page, and you would like to leave a nice comment on such cake posts, then this is the list for you.

  1. Looking good. Hope I am able to get it here soon. 
  2. Can’t wait to order it. Such a flavorsome cake this is. 
  3. So yummy. By the way, where can I order it?
  4. I’m truly a fan of your page. All thanks to your cake-making skills
  5. I’m sure that this cake tastes way better than it looks. 
  6. We’re truly amazed at your decoration skills. This cake looks great!
  7. It must have taken at least four hours to make this amazing cake, right?
  8. Btw, when are you going to start taking online orders?
  9. Keep up the best work, you’re getting better at your cake-making.
  10. Your cake-making skills are truly admirable. Why don’t you open a cake shop in our town?
  11. It’s fixed now, whatever celebration comes, this cake is final. 
  12. Look so amazing, can’t wait until any celebration comes. I’m going to get this now.

Comments for Chocolate Cake

Comments for chocolate cakes

In this list, you will find the best way to compliment a chocolate cake. The baker deserves a lot of praise for his unique skills and this is one of the chocolatey comments you can share.  

  1. Wow, it’s my favorite one!
  2. The cake menu feels incomplete without the chocolate cake. 
  3. It was the first time we tasted the vegan chocolate cake, and it was just awesome!
  4. Who doesn’t love chocolate cake! No one, right!
  5. These chocolate-flavored cakes never fail to impress me. 
  6. Super-sweet and delicious chocolate cakes.
  7. Every layer is filled with chocolate mousse and creams. What a mouthwatering cake. 
  8. The chocolate and raspberry combination makes this cake worth tasting.
  9. What a mouthwatering oreo cake. Can’t wait to try it again. 
  10. If this will be my birthday cake then, I’m not going to share it with anyone. 
  11. What a mouthwatering cake this is! I really want this on my birthday. 
  12. Your pictures crave me for pastries if not cake, and I’m on a diet.

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Comments for Cheesecake

Comments for cheese cake

If you prefer cheesecake over chocolate cake then you will certainly love this set of comments. Because in this list we are going to share some nice and best comments and compliments that cheesecake lovers can’t resist. 

  1. I just can’t resist the cheesecake, it was delicious and super sweet. 
  2. It may look good. But, I’m sure it tastes great. I’m waiting for another special day. 
  3. With a cake like this, your big day becomes even bigger and better!
  4. Feeling sorry for those who haven’t tasted this cake. 
  5. I want this cake. I mean, I want it right now.
  6. I can’t believe this is a cheesecake. I’m surely going to buy it. 
  7. Such a flavorful and sweet cake. Have no other words to share, just perfect. 
  8. With cakes like these, you bring a smile to our faces. Can’t wait to try it. 
  9. Not a fan of cheesecake. But when I tasted it for the first time, it became my favorite one!

Catchy Comments For Cupcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes. After all, they are the perfect sweet for any event or celebration. If you come across some homemade or bakery cupcakes pictures on Instagram, this is what you can comment on to express your love for cupcakes. 

  1. Every moment is special when a cupcake is in your hand. 
  2. Cupcake craving is a never-ending story. 
  3. I might be on diet, but this cupcake is delicious. 
  4. This is a tiny little cupcake I like to have right now. 
  5. One cupcake is all you need. Loved it!
  6. Don’t make me fight with you just for cupcakes. 
  7. Wow, what a cute, little cupcake this is. 
  8. This picture makes me go out and just buy one of these. 
  9. Apparently, my favorite sweet is a cupcake and not cake. 
  10. You made it so nicely. The sprinklers make is look perfect.
  11. If I’m not going to this cake on my birthday, I’m not celebrating this time.
  12. I can’t wait for any birthday, I’m going to order this one right now.

Good Feedback Comments for Cake Shop

Feedback comments for cake shops

If You just celebrated an important day or had an awesome birthday celebration, then don’t forget to leave some good feedback on your cake order. You’ll find some encouraging and positive feedback that you can share with the cake shop as a customer to show your appreciation for their great services and the cake, of course. 

  1. Such an amazing cake it is. I’m going to recommend it. 
  2. The cake quality is awesome. Best services and great experience. 
  3. I’ve been ordering cakes from this store and they are the best in the business. 
  4. Highly recommended cake shop in town. They provided the cake on time. 
  5. It was a great party, thanks to you. Even my guest asked for your shop address. 
  6. They made the cake exactly what I wanted for my son’s birthday. Thanks. 
  7. 10 out of 10. I have ordered this cake for the first time. And it was the best of all time. 
  8. Bought this cake for my anniversary and it was a perfect cake for us. 
  9. They not only provide the cake on time, but they provide ‘The Best’ cakes on demand. 
  10. We have bought numerous cakes from this shop for the last six months. Such a dedicated and creative cake shop in the town. We’re happy with every experience. 
  11. This shop is our entire family’s favorite one. We frequently buy cakes from here. 
  12. Seriously, I’ve never seen such great cake varieties before.
  13. What a mouthwatering cake this is. The decoration is superb!
  14. Can’t wait for the next birthday, I want this cake right now.
  15. With such an artistic cake, you proved again that you’re the best in the cake business.

Beautiful Comments for Homemade Cakes

Well, baking a cake is not easy, at least for someone who is learning. If your friend or your connection shares their homemade cake pictures on Instagram, you can leave some beautiful comments. This way you can make them feel confident about their baking skills. Here are the best comments you can leave on homemade cakes pictures online. 

  1. Wow, such a small and sweet-looking cake this is. 
  2. I want to have it. Looking very beautiful and delicious. 
  3. You made the best cake with the home ingredients, I just love it. 
  4. Let me tell you that this is one of the best homemade cakes I have seen. 
  5. I’m not going to lie, but you made the best cake so far. 
  6. You’re such a talented baker. I love every cake you share with us. 
  7. I also love baking the cake. If you don’t mind can you please share the recipe?
  8. We can see that your baking skill have been improving so far. 

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Whether as a customer or as an Instagram follower, anytime when you see a post of delicious cake, appreciating the great efforts behind is a good gesture. With this best list of comments and compliments for cakes, you can make the cake maker feel encouraged for their talents in baking. 

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