44 comments for good acting to appreciate their performance 44 comments for good acting to appreciate their performance

Acting isn’t for everyone. The actors use their body and soul to the character they’re portraying. If you come across the actor in real life or online, you want to share your word of appreciation for the work they deliver. 

Indeed, they deserve unique sets of compliments for their acting skills, as well as you need the best comments to show your respect for their work. 

Whether you’re about to give compliments on a live acting performance or want to comment online, in this post we are sharing the genuine ways to appreciate an actor. 

Great Comments For Good Acting

Great comments for good acting

You’re so amazed by such a level of acting. It leave I deep impression on you and all because the actor played that character so lively. If you get a chance to meet them or it’s your friend, here are some great compliments to give on acting skills. 

  1. It’s hard to recognize you, I can’t see you as an actor but that character still. 
  2. Your character and your real-life personality y so different. But you played it so well. 
  3. For the moment I forget that I’m watching a movie, the acting was so good. 
  4. You were so into that character and we can feel it. 
  5. I don’t feel like it was acting, it was you playing that character like you own it. 
  6. You’re such a versatile actor. It’s always good to see you on screen. 
  7. Every time you come on screen, we can feel your powerful presence. 
  8. That was such a terrific performance. I’m happy to see such a movie. 
  9. This is probably the best drama I have ever seen live. 
  10. I like to thank you for playing that character, we enjoyed watching you. 
  11. I have to appreciate a casting person to give you the perfect role. 

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Best Compliments To Give A Good Actor

Best compliments to give a good actor

You can’t ignore that acting is a unique skill and the actor give his everything to give justice to that role. If you want to admire an actor’s performance or their acting latent, you can mention what you like the most about that particular role. Here you will find the compliments that actors deserve to get. 

  1. Your dedication to the role you play is truly appreciated. Keep doing the best work. 
  2. We can’t take our eyes off you while you playing this character. 
  3. Such an excellent performance from a great actor. A great movie with a perfect cast. 
  4. Your acting looks so real that it touched my heart and It makes me emotional. 
  5. I didn’t get easily emotional, but your acting made me the first time. 
  6. We are so thankful that we get to see you act and watch your best movies. 
  7. You didn’t play that character, but you live it. 
  8. How come you fit in every role that’s given to you? 
  9. What an outstanding performance. I can’t thank you enough for this. 
  10. Your screen presence is amazing. You deliver top-class performance. 
  11. I hate you as the villain, you plated the character so greatly. 
  12. No wonder but you’re the perfect cast for this role. No one else could do it so well.

Nice Comments For A Drama Performance

Nice comments for a drama performance

If your friend or someone close is in the acting field and you’ve just watched their performance, your appreciation matters. with such nice words, you make them feel appreciated and show your respect for their work. Check out these nice comments you can give on the drama performance that kept you thinking about the play. 

  1. Not sure if I love that character or if I love you more because of playing that character. 
  2. This is my favorite drama and your acting is what makes it a great one. 
  3. Just because of your amazing acting, I like to watch this movie over again. 
  4. Your dialogue delivery for this character is so great. You did great work. 
  5. Loved everything about this play. Especially your performance was so good. 
  6. I never saw an actor who is so perfect in the character they’re given. 
  7. Any character you play, you leave your good mark behind. 
  8. It was a great drama and your performance was excellent.
  9. Thank you for all the great work you’ve been delivering to entertain us. 
  10. You never failed to entertain us. Always like to thank you for the best work you gave. 
  11. No other person can play this role as beautifully as you did. 

Appreciative Comments For Actors And Their Acting

Appreciative comments for actors and their acting

Whether you’re about to leave comments on a movie trailer or write a review of the movie, you want to mention the star cast and their acting. They did great work and play that role beautifully. You might be so excited about the movie or impressed with the performance, this is what you can say to appreciate an actor and their performance.

  1. You’re like a chameleon, you just relate with the character so well. 
  2. This role is just for you and you played it so beautifully. 
  3. You’re the only reason I’m so excited for this movie. The trailer looks so promising. 
  4. Such a well-written and well-acted drama. Loved it, truly. 
  5. I’m in love with your acting skills. You’re such a legendary actor. 
  6. The character was very complex to play, but you did the full justice to it. 
  7. I like to see you more in such roles. You look so natural with these types of characters. 
  8. What a fine acting, I almost forget that I’m watching a drama here. 
  9. Very few actors can do such amazing work and you’re one of them. 
  10. Can’t wait to see you in this awesome movie. We’re waiting for you. 
  11. So much love for you to play this character very well.

Good Compliments to Give Your Favourite Actor

We all have our favorite actors and no matter how many times we watch them on screen, we want to see them more. Whether it’s their acting that made you crazy about them or it’s their larger-than-life personality, when this is a post about your favorite actor, you need some unique comments. Of course, you want to praise them for their acting skills, but special compliments like these show your love and respect for their performance. 

  1. I’ve never seen such a great actor like him. He’s like a chameleon in acting. 
  2. I still can’t get over with your acting in the last movie. 
  3. Your performance was outstanding, it’s like that role is just for you. 
  4. You lived that character and we can’t imagine any other actor than you in that place. 
  5. No matter how many actors come and go, this is an evergreen actor. 
  6. I usually don’t ask for an autograph. But If I get to see him, I’ll ask for an autograph. 
  7. I know you might heard it thousands of times. But it’s me, I’m your biggest fan, sir.
  8. Your acting is an inspiration to me. I want to be a great actor like you. 
  9. I love your performance in every role you played. You’re the greatest actor of this generation. 
  10. You’re such a versatile actor that you own every role you play. 
  11. I love your acting in the last movie, you nailed that character. 
  12. It’s hard to believe that it’s you who played the villain character.

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Final Thoughts

An actor doesn’t just play a character as he/she gets it. But they have to understand and learn about that character before playing it so perfectly. So, they put so much effort into relating with that character and studying it very closely. 

The result, they play characters so well that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate from that role. It’s all because of their acting and behind the scene efforts. And for that, you should compliment an actor genuinely. 

If you get a chance to meet an actor or your friend in a drama, your words of appreciation make them encouraged. Don’t hesitate to show your respect for their acting skills, and share comments that they don’t normally get. 

Mostly you want to compliment an actor for good acting when it leaves a deep impression on you and you almost forget that it’s just a movie. 

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