Trending series on hotstar worth binge watching Trending series on hotstar worth binge watching

Hotstar series delivered some amazing content in the past few years, it started with television shows, and with time. It started broadcasting and launching new series, shows and matches too. Recently there are some trending hotstar series that are worth including in your watchlist.

Here are some Top series on Hotstar that you can watch this weekend.

24 Best and Trending Series on Hotstar

1. Ghar Wapsi – Trending on Hotstar

Ghar Waapsi is an amazing Hotstar series with an IMDb rating of 8.9, which makes it a sure binge watch. Watch a self-exploring journey of Shekhar who is out of work and has now come back home. Living with his parents again makes him think and reframe his definition of success. The show has a great star cast like Vishal Vashishtha, Anushka Kaushik, and Akanksha Thakur doing justice to every character.

2. Rudra- A must Watch Thriller

Ajay Devgan made a debut on the ott platform with a crime-based series. Ajay Devgan is playing a super cop in Mumbai, whose intelligence helps the team to catch the most wanted criminals. The show got an amazing star cast, you can see Isha Deol too in the show as Rudra’s wife. 

In every episode, Rudra solves a case, but the whole season got some common elements that have a string attached in every episode. The show is just not about cases and intriguing stories but also has a lot about the personal life of Rudra.

3. Humans: Must Watch Show on Hotstar

Humans is a different crime thriller on Hotstar, bringing the dark side of the medical system in the main light with an engaging story. The series revolves around a faulty drug trial on a huge scale and how political involvement supports it.

It is an engaging story with good starcast like Shefali Shah, Kriti Kulhari, Ram Kapoor and so on. Shefali Shah plays the role of a senior Neurosurgeon who holds a powerful position in the hospital and a reputed lady in the society but trailer isn’t enough to know more about her binge watch Human this weekend.

4. Arya Season 2

Arya is back; if you have watched season one, you know what Arya is and what she can do. In the first season, she saves her Family from Mafia and family conspiracy. Season 2 is again full of conspiracy as she returns from Australia for some court procedure; in this season, some family secrets will be unveiled, and her family will face some actual attacks. But, Arya always knows how to protect them. Again, this season won’t disappoint you as makers framed the story very well

5. City of Dreams- Hotstar Special

City of dreams is an Hotstar special that gained sudden popularity; it is a political drama starring Atul Kulkarni, Priya Bapat, Sachin Pilgaonkar, directed by Nagesh Kothare. The story revolves around Ameya Gaikwad, who has lost everything for her daughter as her popularity grows. As a result, the conspiracy against her increases, and her desperation for politics also increases. The show has two seasons with an appreciable plot.

6. Loki TV Series – Popular on Hotstar Now

Loki, known as God of mischief is a popular Marvel character. Often seen in various Marvel movies, makers released a series named Loki on Hotstar.

Watch how Loki comes out of his brother’s shadow and handles various incidents that happen after Avengers:Endgame Starring Tom Hiddleton, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson and Richard E., Loki is a must watch for Marvel fans.

7. Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is different and a must-watch hotstar series, if you like a crime thriller. It has an amazing star cast featuring Vikrant Messi, Pankaj Tripathi, and Jacky Shroff in lead roles. A twisted and well-connected murder case. How one nightstand can change so many lives, in this serious story Pankaj Tripathi’s character adds a pinch of sarcasm that makes his performance more joyful.

8. Aarya

Aarya is one of the most amazing Indian series, this is another crime thriller based but shouldn’t be taken for granted. Sushmita Sen’s marvelous acting did perfect justice with the character. A bold woman who comes out of her softshell to save her kids and family gets into the family business which she always hates. The story is filled with suspense and traps that shouldn’t be missed.

9. Hostages

Hostages is another well-scripted story presenting Ronit Roy and Tisca Chopra in lead. Two perfect artists did total justice with their character. A story of the well-planned murder of CM without leaving any clue, Tisca Chopra’s family is kept as hostages and twisted story. Hostages have two seasons, and both are worth watching, the second season adds some new characters.

10. Out of Love

What would you do if your love betrayed you? Out of love is an extramarital affair story, how the illusion of perfect marriage and the perfect family of Dr. Meera Kapoor breaks. Watch how Meera handles the situation, connects people, and decides whether to fight or forgive.

11. Special Ops

Special ops one of the finest Indian series critically praised, KK Menon in the lead role with some finest star cast make it more interesting.  The story is based on a parliament attack, it’s been 19 years and Hemant Singh is still in search of the mastermind. watch 19 year-long men hunt and action-packed scenes. A worth watch trending series on hotstar, if you love thriller-action flicks. 

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12. Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a mini HBO series praised by mass, a massive explosion in nuclear plant of Ukraine on April 26, 1986. This is a dramatized version of 1986 accident. How radioactive material spread across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

13. City of Dreams

Fight for the throne isn’t something new but the journey can be different. City of dreams is the story of the assassination of a politician and a race to get his throne soon after his death. This race is between his daughter and son. The reason to watch this Hotstar series is, it holds a good star cast and some twisted plot.

14. This is US

This is US is one of the finest American series that you can binge-watch on hotstar. Without dramatizing much it perfectly portrays the life of three siblings and the struggles they go through in their lives and craves for happiness. Kevin, Kate, and Randall are three siblings and their journey is scripted beautifully.

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15. Game of Thrones

Does this one need any introduction? Game of thrones is one of the most popular shows not just in America but in the world. A land of kings and queens and fight for thrones, where everything is uncertain. You can binge-watch all seasons on Hotstar.

16. How I Met Your Mother

How I met your mother is one of the most popular and classic American shows. This hotstar series, is totally worth a binge watch and that makes sure you couldn’t stop laughing. Ted Mosby, who is an architect, shares his story to his children, and that why it is titled “How I met your brother”.

17. The Resident

The resident is an American series premiered in 2018, this hotstar series is scripted around a bunch of young doctors. The story of how young doctors faces different situations and new cases. Senior doctors guide them and help them to adapt to reality.

18. PariWar

PariWar is a fresh series on hotstar that starring Nidhi Singh, Gajraj Rao, Ranveer Shorey and Vijay Raaz is full on comedy series. As the title states PariWar war in the family. Two brothers and a sister living in different corners come to see father and it’s worth watching how situational comedy happens.

19. Girls

Girls is a story of three friends in their 20’s living their lives in New York. All of them are confused and feel directionless at this point of life. Hannah thinks she could be a good writer and has her own wants from her relationship. I guess most of us go through this phase and watching them is worth this weekend.

20. Homeland

Homeland is an American drama series with 8 seasons, to be watch on hotstar. Story is about a prisoner who might have joined some forces in Al-Qaeda. CIA operative Carrie Mathison goes on a mission to find the roots and about the suspect.

21. Out of Love-Season 2

Out of Love is one of the finest Indian web series on Hotstar, and the second season is now airing thanks to the series’ huge popularity. In season two, Akash returns  to Coonoor after three years to take revenge on Meera and claim his son back. It would be interesting to see how Meera will save herself and her son from Akash.

22. The Big Little Lies

The big little lies is another HBO series already released two seasons so far. The first season was already a big hit in 2017. The series is based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book with a marvelous star cast of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern. A tale of three mothers, their secrets and disentangle to the point of murder.

23. Louie

A fictional version of Louie CK himself, Louie is an American comedian who made a show on himself. He cast himself, directed, and produced too. It’s a comedy genre series on hotstar with 5 successful seasons that you might love to add to your watchlist.

24. The Night Of

Ever given a lift to a stranger? This is the story of Nasir Khan who gives a lift to a woman and gets trapped in her murder case. Twists in the story make it interesting and worth watching the journey of Nasir to prove his innocence.

25. Modern Family

Modern family is another American series , a story of three families from California. This the one of the best trending series on Hotstar takes you on a roller coaster ride of their lives. This series is jam-packed with Funny situations, family drama and twist and turns.

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