How not to take things personally How not to take things personally

Sometimes you just have to overlook what people say!

Why are you pressing your hands against your ears? Is it to stop yourself from hearing something? Probably, those comments, opinions, judgments, criticisms.
But those voices are in your mind! Everything does not revolve around you. Our involvement in something should be limited to the extent it does not become mistreatment for us. You need to focus, learn and practice listening rather than hearing! Following are the ways which can help you to stop taking things personally originate from the reasons behind this behavior:

Tips to stop taking things personally

1. Know Yourself

Unique person in the crowd

Everybody knows what their body is allergic to but it is also important to know what your mind and heart are allergic to. What strikes you, hurts you, bothers you are not bad questions to answer.
Know them, know yourself and know peace!

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2. Know About Your Worth

Self worth, believe in youeself

If you realize who you are and you appreciate who you are, you won’t believe what other people think about you and tell you. Understanding your self-confidence and worth is the base on which everything else is built upon: your successes, your partnerships, the ability to keep working when life and work get difficult Doing the job to have faith in yourself and self-worth is the best work you’ll bring in. The returns show up personally and professionally in every aspect of your life.

3. Stop Overthinking

 Stop over thinking and start thinking!

Don’t you love your neurons? They toil for carrying your every single thought be it stupid or stupendous.
Even if you allow some unwanted thoughts to enter your mind, why to distress your neurons as well as yourself by overthinking about those things or people who are not worthy of your attention?
Remember to put down the shutter for the clutter! Focus on your goals and never think it’s too late, it is more rewarding!
Moreover, the dog’s bark but the caravan goes on! 😛

4. Learn to Let Things Go

Let go text image

Frame unpleasant moments as examples, how to be stronger and how to handle difficult situations better. Don’t let them make you bitter or frustrated, use them to make you better and pass on. Holding on to the suffering hurts you more than it does the other individual. Stop taking things personally and learn to let go of them and make more space for happiness and joy.

5. Don’t Let Anyone Control You

Man hypnotising a woman.

If we take things personally we give more power over us to some people than they deserve or should ever be able to have. Ultimately, you encourage somebody to doubt what you feel and believe in and you are letting them control your mind and influence you.

Follow this-

  • Explain yourself you’re not going to give someone the strength to make you feel unhappy.
  • Regain your control by taking hold of what you think, and following a new way of thinking.

6. Do Not Stay With People Who Make You Feel Bad, Demotivated or Discouraged

Demotivating, discouraging

If you’re trying to stop taking things personally, maintaining your distance from people who make you feel bad about yourself is the safest. Whether they are actively trying to get you down, or not, if you don’t like the best with them, holding your distance is safest. There’s a lot of work to do about how you view these men, but meanwhile, you can agree to just pass on and not give them the chance to negatively impact your existence. And last but not least, spending time with toxic people brings nothing to your life. If you choose to hang out with people who think positively and are uplifting, you will lead a much more productive and fulfilling life.

In accordance with a research study, our closest partnerships can have a huge overall impact on our success in our lives.

Ask yourself these 2 questions:

1) While spending time with them, did they make you feel better?

2) Did you feel more positive and enthusiastic about life while spending time with them?

If you can answer yes to these issues, then it’s a clear indicator you should be spending more time on them.

if you’re spending time with volatile and negative people, then you might grow that mindset too. Those with a persistent negative mindset usually take things personally, so they feel that all that happens to them is a direct attack on themselves.

7. Enjoy Your Own Company

You don’t always have to keep on talking with everyone and rather spend some time alone and enjoy your own company, you can do some activities like reading a book, watching tv, go for a walk, explore to some new places, these things would make you feel better than before. You would find yourself some of the other things to do when getting bored. Slowly and gradually you will learn to be independent, you would not need anyone’s favor, you will start enjoying your own company and as this keeps you from people who were hurting you due to which you were taking things personally. Additionally, it would make your life more peaceful.

 8. Criticism Is Essential for Life

Sign of right tick

Criticism is important in our life because sometimes it helps us grow, help us to move ahead in life, you don’t always have to take things personally, considering the feedbacks of the critiques we get to know about the areas we need to improve upon in order to get success in life. Not everyone’s feedback is important for you, you need to identify who is your well-wisher around and who is out there to discourage or demotivate you and have to avoid their company.

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9. Be You!

Be yourself

Nobody has the power to bog you down by commenting or criticizing if you are confident in your skin.
It is good to be secure in originality than insecure in unoriginality. Let go of those insecurities and consciousness.
Only imperfections are perfect in this world, remember?
Be you. Be beautiful.

10. Have Some sense of humor

Increase your sense of humou in order to stop taking things personally.

You cannot ignore people every time you confront them, Some people do have the habit of using their sense of humor (which sometimes makes no sense) to execute personal attacks more mildly. Fireback with your sense of humor!
Whet it, people!

Beware and be happy.

Featured image credits: David Crank

  1. The list mentioned here is quite superb and I definitely think that it will help me but the specific point about “Reverse your psychology” doesn’t seem very simple although it sounds very attractive and a crucial one!! Can you suggest how can I implement that in my day-to-day life?

    1. Thanks a lot Shalini! 😀
      Regarding the magic mantra of reversing one’s psychology, I would say that it is human nature to find faults in everything and everyone irrespective of our own shortcomings. But, reversing one’s psychology will in turn mean paying attention to our own actions, words and mistakes so as to identify the real reason behind problematic circumstances which have risen due to conflicts. It deals with self-improvement and reducing our negative role in such conflicts. It can be done by:
      1) Identifying and working on our own flaws
      2) Questioning ourselves- What wrong did I do?
      3) Deciding the approach so as to do minimum damage to our relations
      Hope this will help! 🙂

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