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While many movie theaters have reopened, 2021’s box office sales are still 70% lower than box office sales in 2019.

And while you or your friends may not feel comfortable returning to movie theaters just yet, you’re probably getting bored of having the same Friday night movie night in your living room every week.

Hosting backyard movie nights can be a great way to put the fun and excitement back into your movie nights while helping everyone feel safer.

And even if you’ve never hosted a backyard movie night before, our guide has you covered with these top 5 tips. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Decide on Your Guest List

Before you get started with setting up your backyard, you need to decide on a guest list.

If this is your first time hosting a backyard movie night, then you’ll want to keep your guest list small.

You can start with your immediate family or a few friends. If you want to invite more people, they may have to bring their own blankets or cushions to sit on, so keep this in mind.

2. Tech and Screens

Watching movies outside requires you to set up a screen you can project the movie onto, as well as a projector and speakers.

You can either get a professional outdoor theater screen or make a DIY one with materials you can get at the hardware store.

Movie night setup also means you’ll have to make sure you have enough extension cords. You will need these to connect your laptop, projector, DVD player, speakers, and lights, depending on what equipment you’re using.

3. Pick Cozy Seating

Seating and decor are where you can get really creative with your backyard movie night ideas.

Some fun ideas for outdoor movie night seating are picnic blankets, pillows, fluffy throws, and camping chairs.

If you’re doing a backyard movie night in wintertime, make sure to supply your guests with warm throws and an outdoor heater or fire.

4. Get Delicious Snacks

Movie drinks and snacks can make or break a movie night, so make sure to get the usual crowd-pleasers like popcorn.

You can also serve juice, pop, pretzels, candy, and chocolate for more variety.

Always make sure to ask your guests if they have any food allergies before you go out and buy the snacks.

5. Choose the Right Movie

The types of movies you’ll show at your backyard movie night will depend on your guests.

Think about the interests of the guests you’re inviting, as well as their age group.

If you have kids or your guests are bringing kids, then you’ll want to play family-friendly movies like ones from Disney or Christian Christmas movies.

Ready To Host Unforgettable Backyard Movie Nights?

While the process may seem complicated at first, you’ll get the hang of setting up your outdoor theater the first few times you do it.

And once you’ve figured out the basics, you’ll be able to host backyard movie nights again and again.

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