Comments on appraisal & promotion Comments on appraisal & promotion

When working hard pays off it is one of the most valuable moments in life, combined with professional achievement and emotions. An appraisal isn’t just a professional achievement but a personal moment too, at times working and giving your best at your workplace demands a lot from your personal life too. Hence, appraisals are like an asset and proof of covering another mile to achieve your ultimate goal.

When people get an appraisal they share it on several platforms, professional and personal. One should never lose a chance to appreciate what they achieved as they worked for it. Whether they are part of your personal circles like friends and family or they belong to your professional circle, a small comment of appreciation might make them feel good.

Here are some good comment suggestions that you can give on an appraisal of your best friends, cousins or your co-workers:  

Comments for Your Own Appraisal

Comments for your own appraisal

Appraisals often come with a speech to deliver while receiving, friends and family ask for a dinner party, your partner deserves an awesome gift, while your office colleagues and seniors demand your words for appraisal. Well, in this overwhelming situation, if you couldn’t find the right word, we are here to rescue you.

Here are some good suggestions on comments for self-appraisal:

  1. Did you get an appraisal? It is a great news and I am sure you totally deserved it. We often keep commenting and congratulating others’ appraisals but at times you can comment on your appraisal. At times while getting an appraisal you have to pass a comment 
  2. Done and dusted well.
  3. It’s appraisal time and I did it.
  4. Hard work never backstabs, got an appraisal!
  5. Achieved another now focusing on upcoming.
  6. Know your purpose, chase your goal, and get what you want.
  7. You might not achieve every time but your hard work would pay off someday, today is my someday.
  8. I kept trying and today I found it worth working.
  9. I never doubted my idea and skill, today I saw the result of this combination.
  10. I clearly perform best with my team and lead towards new goals.
  11. I take pride in what I do and am thankful for recognizing it.
  12. I keep polishing my skills and achieving new things every day.

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Comments for Best friends’ Appraisal and Promotion

Comments for best friends' appraisal and promotion

Your friend just achieved something good and bigger, surely it’s a call for celebration on his appraisal. Whatever platform it is Instagram, WhatsApp, or Linkedin share your wishes through comments to congratulate with comments.

Here are some comments on the friend’s appraisal:

  1. You totally deserve this, a long way to go brother.
  2. It’s time for celebration, you worked you got.
  3. Congratulating you and wishing you the best as always.
  4. New milestones are on your way.
  5. Keep rocking buddy, you are our star as always.
  6. Happy to hear that finally your boss values you.
  7. Proud of you my friend, keep growing.
  8. I can’t express how happy I am to see you succeed.
  9. You totally deserve this, congratulations on your appraisal.
  10. No one else can replace you, most deserving finally got it.
  11. Well deserved, keep setting new milestones and keep inspiring people around you.

Comments for A Colleague’s Job Promotion

Comments for a colleague's job promotion

Office colleagues are a major part of a professional network, their support at the workplace can help you to grow and achieve. When every officemate supports each other everyone gets a chance for appraisal. 

Every achievement is incomplete without the support and appreciation of your colleague, here are some good wishes for your colleague to wish on their appraisal.

  1. Keep it up, you just chased what you worked for.
  2. Congratulations, we all knew about the spark you had.
  3. I am delighted to see your growth in this company.
  4. Wish you the best (name), I hope all sides of your talent buzz and expertise stay intact!
  5. Absolutely thrilled to know about your appraisal, keep growing.
  6. So excited about what you bring to this organization, we are extremely lucky to have you.
  7. You are a humble person and an inspiring leader to work with, a big congratulations, you totally deserve it.
  8. Finally, you are receiving recognition for your constant hard work.
  9. My best wishes on this milestone, it’s just not a moment but also a journey you live and work for.
  10. I am so proud of your sheer hunger for achieving something every day and working hard for the same.
  11. Your enthusiasm for your work and adding a personal touch to every project made you win this.
  12. Feeling so happy for your achievement. You have worked so hard for it and we know you deserve this win.
  13. Every day you are concreting your foundation and making it stronger for the future.
  14. Dreaming isn’t enough, working for them without a break helps them to become a reality and today I can see the same. Congratulations on your appraisal.

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Life is all about celebrating moments, praising people around you, and motivating them on their achievements. With the above comments, you can share your happiness and wishes for people around you when they achieve something new and good.

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