Trending small sized pc games Trending small sized pc games

Are you looking for small-sized PC games that won’t slow your PC? 

This means you want a game that offers fun-time playing during your idle hours. 

You might have downloaded several games but they were so large in size that impacted your system performance. Also, you also don’t have time for an ever-lasting game, too. 

You just need small PC games for mood refreshments. 

Well, in today’s post, we are going to share with you the trending and the best small-sized PC games to download to play.

List Of 12 Trendiest Small PC Games

1. Limbo

Created by ‘PlayDead’ a game developer studio, the game is still known for its unique gameplay from its first release. The game plot is about the story of a young boy who found himself in a puzzling world of challenges. The minimalist background with white and black graphics and notable sounds creates a thrilling as well as a horror experience. If you’re looking for one of the best small-sized games that take you to another world, you want this game on your PC. 

2. Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a fun-fighting game that is developed by Blue Mammoth Games. The small-sized game is available to play on PC, Xbox, and Playstations, as well as Android and iOS. This game has a ton of characters called Legends, with all special skills different from one another. The only goal is to use such skills and defeat the opponents. Tons of game modes, from online multiplayer to single mode and local modes, give you an overall fun experience. 

3. IGI 2

When you’ve no time for the heavy shooting games, but still want a game that is filled with a thrill and action, there’s nothing compared to IGI.  This first-person shooting game gives you the top-level gaming experience that you might expect from a high-end PC game.  Indeed, this game works smoothly on a regular PC, so you can play it without any load on your computer. 

4. Broken Age

From Double Fine Productions, Broken Age is a Point and click adventure game. The gameplay involves solving challenges and puzzles, with a unique character. Divided into two worlds, the games offer players experiences from two different storylines. This small-sized action-adventure games can be played on PC, Mac, Linux also on mobile. 

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5. Terraria

Terraria takes you to the unique world of exploration, crafting, and combatting. This is an open-ended game that allows players to explore and interact creatively. Collect, craft weapons, and Armor your way to fight the new bosses. Despite being small-sized games for PC, it covers various challenges and dynamic playing experiences. It’s a colorful action-adventure game that is popular with its interactive gameplay.

6. Gunpoint

Want to play games with all mystery and action storylines, Gunpoint is the game your option. This 2D game is about a private detective who is on various missions and assignments from several agencies. While overcoming all the obstacles goal is to solve the case using skills and intelligence. The game is developed by Tom Francis and it is available to play on PC, Linux, and OS X.

7. Zumbi Blocks

This is a free-to-play online first-person shooter game. A ‘Zumbi blocks’ game is a survival game against waves of zombies. It features blocky gameplay that offers a challenging and enjoyable experience. Choose a variety of weapons from your choices of guns, and explosives to stay safe from zombies coming toward you. All in just a small size which doesn’t put a load on your PC.

8. AdVenture Capitalist

There’s nothing perfect than playing a strategic game when you feel bored during work hours. The AdVenture Capitalist is a business simulation game from Hyper Hippo gaming production house. Being a capitalist entrepreneur, your role is to manage several businesses, effectively.  Invest and utilize the available sources in different industries to gain positive returns. This strategic game is small in size and the right game to play in idle business work. 

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9. Prison Architect

This is not a typical prison-escape game that you easily found online. But, this one is the opposite where you have to build a prison. A ‘Prison Architect’ is a simulation game to develop, design and manage a prison facility. The goal is to create a prison that is safe, as well as manage the other resources. If you’re interested in a strategic game in a small size for your personal computer, download this one.

10. Trophy Fishing 2

Can’t break from work to go on fishing? Then, try it virtually. ‘Trophy Fishing 2’ is a fishing simulation game to go on fishing around the globe’s best fishing spots. The tons of gaming modes from career, tournament, and free fishing offer you a unique gaming experience. Play on your own space or take part in a fishing tournament to win, this game is fun to play anytime. 


11. Mini Motorways

A ‘Mini Motorways’ is a strategic simulation game that allows you to design and manage the roads and streets around the city. The game offers an elegant visual as well as road-building resources to create the road on the maps. When you don’t want to install high-end entire city building games, but need a strategy and builder game, Mini Motorways you can have on your PC.

12. Zombies Don’t Drive

In search of a driving game that’s just not driving, you will love ‘Zombies Don’t Drive’. This 2D physics-based driving game is to keep going while overcoming obstacles and getting rid of the zombies, obviously. So many vehicles to choose from and all with unique and upgradeable features. The game is colorful and cartoonish and offers an addictive driving experience.

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Final thoughts

Well, so you were looking for small-size PC games to play on your regular computer and here you have the list. We’ve tried our best to provide you with a game that fits the average computer size. But it’s still good if you first check the game specification carefully before you install it on your PC. Choose the games that fit your interests as well as your computer performance and capacity to handle it.

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